Caesars Las Vegas Hotel and Spa Review

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I’ve been to Vegas well over a dozen times, but since there are so many great hotels I had somehow managed to never actually stay at Caesars before last weekend.  It is in a great location in the middle of the Strip with a huge attached upscale shopping area called the Forum Shops.  I have been through the property many times, but here is a recap of our very first staythanks to the new partnership between Caesars Total Rewards and Starwood.

Lobby and Check-in:

Like most Vegas hotels, the lobby at Caesars was pretty huge and with multiple check-in desks available.  There was a fountain and even some themed Roman characters you could take a picture with!  I mean, it is Vegas after all!



When we checked in, our wait to see an agent was only a couple of minutes, but I could imagine it gets pretty busy during peak times.  While it wasn’t an issue for us, I am not sure how organized the check-in area would stay if it were busy since there was no designated line or waiting area the way there is at some other similar casinos.  There is typically a resort fee of $25 per day at Caesar’s that gets you local phone calls, fitness center access for two, and internet access for one device, however it was not charged as part of this weekend package.  Internet for just one device?!

Room in the Augustus Tower:

Caesars has many different towers that popped up as development was done to expand over the years.  Our room was a king room assigned in the Augustus Tower.  The elevators to this tower were a very short walk from the check-in area.  We did not have to walk through the casino to get from the check-in desk to the room, which was a bit different than most casino hotels we have stayed in.  This isn’t the newest tower at Caesars, but the view of the strip was fantastic.  It was also very convenient not only from the front entrance, but to the pool area as well.


It was also the largest non-suite room I have ever had in Las Vegas.  Being just the two of us on this short trip, we didn’t get a lot of good use out of the extra room, but it was still nice to have.



My favorite part of the room was actually the view.  I love Strip views in Vegas, and this was a good one.  My favorite Strip views are ones that include the Bellagio Fountain (which would have been in the opposite direction), but this was still pretty nie.  If you looked to the far left from the windows you could see the pool complex.


Another highlight of the room was the large bathroom.  It had a shower, large tub, two sinks, and a separate room for the toilet.  Plus, since it is Vegas, there is also a TV you could watch from the bathtub.



It’s also worth noting that housekeeping brought two fresh waters each evening for turndown service.  You can never get enough water in Vegas, so this was appreciated.

Caesars Casino and Restaurants:

We didn’t actually spend a ton of time in Caesars since we were there as part of a SPG weekend package that kept us pretty busy.  However, we did walk around a bit and there are a ton of restaurants in Caesars ranging from upscale Nobu to the casual Beijing Noodle #9 and from Munch Bar to Restaurant Guy Savoy.  The only thing we got to eat was breakfast from Starbucks which was right next to the elevators for our tower, however there is something for everyone here.  For what it’s worth, I saw many families eating in most of the restaurants we walked by, including Nobu.  If you are into buffets, I have heard good things about the massive Bacchanal Buffet that is located at Caesars.

The casino also appeared pretty nice and was just simply ginormous.  Honestly it was so big it was easy to get a bit lost if you aren’t used to the layout.  It wasn’t any more or less smokey than others when we visited, and we won a free t-shirt for joining Total Rewards.  That was our biggest win of the weekend, though honestly we barely had time to do any gambling at all.  At least we didn’t lose!

We did get to see the pools at night thanks to one of our events, and they looked great in some ways for a family as many of the pools were quite shallow.  I would still prefer a more exciting pool complex like Mandalay Bay, but this could work with a younger crew.


Diamond Lounge at Caesars:

Thanks to participating in the SPG event, we had VIP badges that gave us access to the Diamond Lounge that is on the property.  Typically the Diamond lounges are only open to high value gamblers at the Diamond or Seven Stars level in the Total Rewards program.  We will likely never get the chance to step foot in the lounge again, but it was cool to see “behind the curtain” this one time.  The lounge was pretty nice and had a full bar including mixed drinks and daiquiris as well as a small buffet.




The food offerings looked totally edible, but not something to save your appetite up for.  If you can afford to gamble enough to be in these top tiers you can likely afford better food (or get comped better food), but it is a good way to get an afternoon snack without cracking open your wallet.  The service in the lounge was very prompt and polite, the lighting was dim, and the people were spread out.  I’m glad we got to see it, but it’s okay that we don’t have regular access.

Qua Baths and Spa:

I saved the best for last as my very favorite part of our stay at Caesars was the on-site Qua Baths and Spa.  You can get day access to the spa for around $50 I think, but instead I booked the Classic Massage for $160 as that gets you the massage and access to the facilities for the day.  I have been to several Vegas spas, and this is my favorite I have visited so far.

Water is a big part of this spa, and even the entry way to the spa area makes you feel more peaceful do the the sound of the water features all around.


There were multiple “baths” (whirlpools) at different temperatures.  Some were hot, some were warm, and one was cold.  I don’t understand the cold pool thing, but it is available.  The chairs you can lay in around the pools are heated and remind me of the chairs they had at the spa at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek.  As you can likely tell by the photos below, the spa was empty when I visited early on a Saturday morning, but it got much busier as the day went on.  It is clothing optional, so I wasn’t able to snap any pictures as it got busier.  I recommend going during an off-peak time sucj as early in the morning if you the most relaxing experience possible.



In addition to the pools, they have several rooms such as a steam room, sauna, and a very unique Artic Room with a starry sky and “snowflakes” that reportedly fall from the sky.  I didn’t notice any snowflakes, but I did love the cool and dark room.



There are lots of teas and other drinks available in the spa to help you rehydrate from Vegas, and the massage I received was excellent.  I would be sad if I stayed at Caesars in the future and missed out on visiting this spa.  In fact, it is worth a visit to the hotel just to experience the spa.

Overall Impressions:

We really liked Caesars, and would not hesitate to stay here again.  I think that the Hyatt and MLife relationship is stronger and more valuable than the Total Rewards and SPG relationship, so I will still be pulled to the MLife properties in the future.  I would not recommend using SPG points to stay at Caesars as the return for your points is just not very good.  However, if you stay at Caesars you can still earn two SPG points per dollar if you have linked your SPG and Total Rewards accounts, so that is a positive for points junkies

This was an adult trip to Vegas for us, but if you are looking for family friendly activities in Vegas, then check out this post.

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  1. No offense, but I’m inclined to believe that bloggers like you and The Points Guy make a decent living of of referrals and ad revenue… So I don’t see why you guys would use photos from your iPhone. I know that trip reports aren’t really your specialty, but it would be nice if some higher quality photos were used. Maybe take a quick photography class? Maybe FTU could run a course on photography. Just trying to give some constructive feedback as a loyal reader.

    • Brent, I don’t disagree. I used to use a much better camera and take somewhat better pictures. I hope to shift back that way some, but I think the trade off will be fewer photos as if it isn’t in my pocket and handy it may be missed. It’s also much easier to look inconspicuous w an iPhone, but I would like to have some be a bit better at some point. Until then hopefully they are good enough to give an idea of what it looks like.

  2. Great trip report! I’m like you, we have been to Vegas so many times and it is hard to imagine not staying at ALL the beautiful hotels atleast once. We tend to have our favorites. I have stayed at Caesars twice in the Augustus tower. I agree that the spa is probably one of my favorites. I always have a massage when I go to Vegas so I have checked out many of the Strip Spas. I loved the hotel but it is so huge that it is easy to get turned around. Also, we always rent a car when we come to Vegas. The self parking is much easier at some of the other hotels. We like to visit many places during our trips. Ofcourse, there is always valet parking when visiting the big hotels. Just stayed at the Bellagio in December and it was incredible. I would definitely visit Caesars again. I am looking at another trip in a couple of months. I just can’t stay away.

  3. @Kathy- If you rent a car in vegas, you should head to the M resort and visit Spa Mio. The “my mio time” package includes a facial and massage for less than 200 dollars. The facilities are excellent. I go everytime I am in Vegas.

  4. Should have tipped the $20 to get a fountain view room.

    Vegas rooms are so cheap I could never see using points. Last time I was at Caesars in a fountain view I paid $82 and last time I was at Planet Hollywood with a fountain view I paid $45. Both huge near top floor rooms.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a beautiful hotel. In my trips to Las Vegas I have stayed at Excalibur, Luxor, and New York New York. For future Las Vegas trips, Caesars, Paris, Mirage, Venitian, and Bellagio are on my list.

  6. If you ever get a chance try the spa at the Wynn. I’m telling you that it is the best I’ve been to in Vegas and just about anywhere else. The setup is out of this world. Even the hallways are fabulous. Thanks for the 4111 on Caesars, as I’ve walked thru many times, but never stayed there.

  7. Growing up in the shadow of Vegas, I watched it grow and change all my life. I’m only almost 39. Caesar’s was chic way back when and it has surprisingly still managed to be a desirable destination despite the constant and always more decadent new builds there. Personally, I’ve experienced very little “Vegas” though. It’s not a destination for me.

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