Southwest 50,000 Point Offer Likely to Expire Next Week

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One more post to round out the week and let you know that a little bird told me that the Southwest 50,000 point sign-up offer is likely to expire next week.  While I say this to encourage you to pull the trigger in the next couple days if this was a card you were about to get anyway, this isn’t a panic situation if now is a bad time for you.  This offer seems to vacillate back and forth from 25,000 to 50,000 points with some regularity, though of course there are never any guarantees about when an offer may return.  Also sometimes the offer lives on even after the stated expiration date.

Application Link: Southwest Airlines® Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card

Offer expired. Please go here for current offer.

That being said, this is a very good offer that awards 50,000 points after you spend $2,000 on the card in the first 3 months of card membership.  It does come with a $99 annual fee and awards 6,000 points on each anniversary.  There are three other versions of this card available including the business version of the Premier card and a business and personal version of the Plus card.  If you are new to Southwest cards, the Plus cards are likely the best starting point due to slightly lower annual fees.  This FT thread has links to the Plus cards.

Rapid Reward points are currently worth at least 1.67 cents each toward Wanna Get Away fares, though that will be decreasing by 15% on March 31st.  Even after the 15% devaluation occurs, 50,000 points will be worth over $710 toward “Wanna Get Away” fares, which is why this is a very highly rated sign-up offer for family travelers.

Use the Southwest Credit Cards to Obtain Companion Pass:

As you may have heard me say before, the best deal in family travel (for those who can fly Southwest conveniently) is the Southwest Companion Pass.  You need 110,000 qualifying points in a calendar year to earn the Companion Pass so that your designated companion can fly free with you on any Southwest operated flight whether your ticket was purchased with cash or points (you do still have to pay taxes/9-11 fees).  The 50,000 credit card sign-up bonus have been counting for years toward the Companion Pass, so this can give you a quick jolt toward getting to 110k.  This is a pretty good time of the year to get the credit card and work toward the pass as quickly as possible as it is good the year you earn it, and the following year.

Keep in mind that Southwest will begin operating to destinations such as Aruba, Nassau, and Montego Bay this summer so your Southwest points and Companion Pass will be even more useful than before.


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  1. How many times has the SWA CC gone from 50k to 25k back to 50k? I’ve lost track.

    SWA if you are listening: raise the annual 6,000 SWA miles 15% to 7,000 SWA miles because you are decreasing the value by 15%. Thank you.

  2. I’d been meaning to get that card. Thanks for the heads up, MP! I just got approved. I’m not going for the companion pass; MS is just really difficult in my neck of the woods.

  3. Struggling with the a decision here. I’ve applied for 3 of the southwest cards over the last 2-3 years (Plus, Plus Business, Premier)and wondering if I need to pull the trigger on the Premiere Business. I’m only a couple days shy of my 65 days. Any advice?

  4. Grant, seems to have happened every 3-4 months from memory.
    DB, hey nothing wrong with $700+ almost free flights!
    Rob, if you need it to keep your spending separate and value the 50k worth of points might be worth a shot, but only you have a good feel for the timing based on your situation. Odds are it will be back around in a few months, but who knows for sure. Good luck!

  5. Can you explain the 65 day rule?

    If I earn the companion pass in 2014, it is good through 2015. At what point can I repeat the process, if ever?


    • Tim, it is good the year you earn it and all of the next year. So if you get it now it would be valid through the end of 2015.

  6. I have an offer from Southwest for the Plus Credit Card. You will get 50000 bonus points. The annual fee is $69.00. There is no blackout dates and you can use the points for other peoples flights if you want. This offer is good till Sept 30, 2014. Please email me at and I will email you the offer. 50k is good for two round trip tickets to most places.

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