BOA Hawaiian Card Accounts Converting to Barclays Accounts

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This isn’t necessarily surprising news, but I still found it to be interesting news when I read a letter I got today about my Bank of America Hawaiian Airlines credit card (that I haven’t had in months).  The letter I got in the mail indicated that my BOA Hawaiian Airlines credit card will be converting to a Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard issued by Barclaycard.  The letter indicated I should receive the new card by mid-April and that I will be credited back for any foreign transaction fees or checked bag fees from January 1, 2014 – April 28, 2014 via a statement credit.

Hawaiian Airlines CardThe letter described the benefits of the Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard that include:

    • Complimentary Checked Bag for the primary cardholder when you use your card to purchase tickets directly from Hawaiian Airlines

No foreign transaction fees

  • When you spend at least $10,000 in Net Purchases within each anniversary year, 5,000 bonus Miles will be credited to your HawaiianMiles Account.
  • And more….

It didn’t specifically call out the annual fee and certainly didn’t make mention of the sign-up offer for the Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard of 35,000 bonus miles when you spend $1,000 on purchases in the first 90 days, since you wouldn’t be applying for a new card, and a result would not get the sign-up bonus.  You can view the same information that is shared on the letter online at

If you have the old Bank of America Hawaiian card I’m sure you will be getting the same letter, but you now can make a decision on what is best for your situation given that the cards will be converting to Barclaycard in the very near future.  If you want more info about the new cards and the sign-up bonus you can head to this post.

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  1. I’ve had trouble in the past cancelling a BofA card in order to preserve the bonus. In this case it was the BofA Virgin Atlantic Amex that became a MasterCard. I cancelled the card, but later received the MasterCard in the mail, which I then had to cancel AGAIN. Don’t know if this prevents me from getting the bonus again, but I’d cancel AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you’re worried about not qualifying for the bonus again. And keep good records.

  2. its too late the fine print in my letter said anyone with an open account feb 27 would be getting a new Barclaycard mailed to them…I cancelled mine on the 26th and have a letter mailed to me stating so,,,I also have a application under review for the new card…hopefully Barclaycard will give me the new card and miles without any real hassle.

  3. canceled the BofA card a while (months) ago, and despite their normal reluctance to actually issue credit cards just convinced Barclay’s to issue me a new one by having them move credit from my Lufthansa card…

  4. Glenn, agree.
    wise2u, yeah. If I still had my card and didn’t want it to convert I would cancel ASAP and then apply relatively quickly for the Barclaycard issued one. Worst case you might end up with two, hopefully.
    Rob, awesome. Congrats!

  5. @Glenn You can get multiples of B of A ccs. In fact I just got another Alaska card last week, and I still had one open from an app a few months ago. So no problem there at all….

    @Rob Actually, Barclays isn’t that hard to get approved for subsequent ccs, as long as you have made significant use of the ones you’ve gotten already.

    I got a second US Air cc 6 months after canceling the first. Was approved for a Miles and More card during that 6 months, and put a lot of MS spend on it. Then they gave me an instant approval for a Arrival card last week.
    The secret to getting more Barclays ccs is to USE the ones you’ve already gotten. 😉

  6. I was very surprised when we received the letter regarding the conversion. The letter did not even
    indicate that it was referring to the Bank of America card. My concern is how will this affect the original
    interest rate and existing terms of the current card.

  7. I currently have the Hawn Airlines Visa card with Bank of America. Received the conversion letter to Bof HI Master Card. I never had a Bank of Hawaii Visa card. So does that make me a new subscriber to the Bof HI Hawn Airlns Master card?
    Do I get the new sign up bonuses?
    Can I continue to use the Bank of Amer. Hawn VISA card and get Hawn miles? I am paid up on my annual fee. Also have miles in the account.

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