Ten SPG Hotels to Book Today Before They Cost More Tomorrow

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The Starwood Preferred guest annual category adjustments kick in tomorrow (March 4th), so today is your last chance to lock in the hotels going up in category before they cost more tomorrow.  You can check out this post for full details on the category adjustments, but to save you a little time (and get your brain thinking about vacations on this start of the work week), here are ten hotels to consider locking in today before they cost more points tomorrow.  Check the cancellation policies, but you can usually cancel with no penalty until fairly close to the start date of the reservation, so it is often a risk free way to protect yourself for a while from the increased prices.

Sheraton Garden Grove – Anaheim South Hotel (2 to 3)
Going from 3,000/4,000 points per night to 7,000 points per night (Category 2 to 3).  This hotel was built pretty recently and is located 1.5 miles away from Disneyland in Garden Grove, California.  There is a shuttle to Disney available for $3 per day (children 9 and under free).
Sheraton Grove
Sheraton Anchorage Hotel & Spa (3 to 4)
This hotel is going from 7,000 to 10,000 points per night (Category 3 to 4).  This hotel is located in downtown Anchorage and is close to many attractions in Anchorage.  It is also home to what they call the “Ice Spa”.  We booked a night for 7k points for our Alaska trip this summer.  The going rate was about $250 that night, so a very good value on points.
Sheraton ANC
Westin Hilton Head Island Resort and Spa (4 to 5)
This beach-front resort will be going from 10,000 to 12,000/16,000 points per night.  I haven’t yet visited, but it looks like a very family friendly destination with the beach, pools, and Kids Club all on site.  Going from a Category 4 to a 5 will mean it is priced out of Nights and Flights, which is one of the best uses of SPG points.
Westin Hilton Head
Sheraton Mountain Vista Villas, Avon / Vail Valley (4 to 5)
This hotel is going from 10,000 points per night to 12,000/16,000 per night (depending on the season) for a one-bedroom villa with a small kitchenette.  It is on the free bus route for the Beaver Creek Ski Resort, and I believe is walking distance to one of the gondolas (but not the one for ski school).  The going rate is sometimes around $400 for peak ski season nights.    It is currently what I think to be the very best points value hotel for a ski destination in the Western United States.  As a Category 4 (until tomorrow) you can take advantage of Nights and Flights and get 50,000 airline miles + 5 nights of hotel for just 70,000 points.  That is an amazing way to piece together a family ski trip!
Sheraton Vail
The Westin Riverfront Mountain Villas, Beaver Creek Mountain (5 to 6)
This property has bounced between a 5 and 6 the last few years, and will bounce back from 12,000/16,000 points per night to a staggering 20,000/25,000 points per night starting tomorrow.  Do take note that this is for the villas not for the adjacent hotel.  I have stayed in both and from a quality standpoint don’t think the villas rank above the hotel, but the rates must be higher for the villas.  That said, it is a nice property that is adjacent to one of the gondolas for Beaver Creek (though again not the one for ski school).  It is also on the free shuttle route.
Westin Villas Beaver Creek

Sheraton Waikiki (5 to 6)

This hotel will be going from 12,000/16,000 points per night to 20,000/25,000 points per night, so clearly that is a very big jump.  SPG properties in Hawaii are almost all pretty expensive on points and that trend is just continuing with some of the increases this year.  I would highly recommend locking in one of the Hawaii properties today if they have been on your wish list.  Waikiki is not my favorite destination within Hawaii, but you can’t argue with the beautiful water!

Sheraton Waikiki

Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa (5 to 6)

This Hawaiian hotel is also going from 12,000/16,000 – 20,000/25,000 points per night starting tomorrow.  I haven’t stayed here, but have walked right by on Kaanapali Beach from the nearby Hyatt Regency Maui as I went to snorkel at Black Rock which is literally right in front of this hotel.  The grounds seemed nice when I walked through, and the beach in front of the hotel was great.

Sheraton Maui

The Westin Maui Resort & Spa, Ka’anapa (5 to 6)

In keeping with the Hawaii trend this hotel is also going from 12,000/16,000 points per night to 20,000/25,000 points.  I have also walked right by this ocean-front hotel and remember it having what looked to be a very nice pool complex complete with slides and other kid-friendly additions.

Westin MauiW Austin (5 to 6)

Hotels in downtown Austin can be pretty expensive, and this one is no exception.  It is in an ideal location for things like SXSW or for enjoying the lively downtown music, bar, and restaurant scene.  It will be jumping from 12,000/16,000 points per night to 20,000/25,000 points per night.  Probably too hip of a joint for me, but perfect for those looking for the cool downtown Austin experience.

W Austin

The St. Regis Rome (6 to 7)

This is a beautiful luxurious historic hotel in Rome that will be going from an already high 20,000/25,000 points per night to an insanely high top tier 30,000/35,000 points per night.  This hotel is in a good location for much of what you would likely want to do in Rome, and I would book now if you want to avoid paying 10k more points per night tomorrow.

St. Regis Rome

SPG points are hard to earn with most people getting them either through hotel stays or at one point per dollar spent on the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express or Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express.  Since they are so hard to earn, getting the most for them is even more important than with some other types of points that are easier to come across.  Don’t accidentally have to pay more valuable SPG points tomorrow because you didn’t get around to booking today.  Are there any other properties you are looking to lock in before the category adjustment happens tomorrow?


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  1. The Westin in Hilton Head, SC is a beautiful place to stay and we wanted to go there sometime in the next few months. We went last September and it was very nice. It is only about 3 hour from our home. We have other vacation plans pending, therefore, I am not ready to nail down dates for Hilton Head yet. Decisions, decisions….

  2. Mmm makes me think I need to value SPG points around 1 cents per point. You can almost always find a BRG for Hawaii or just Priceline it for less than $200 a night. You need to spend $10k as a regular member at SPG properties to get 20k points, not good value at all.

  3. Sheraton Mountain Vista Villas, Avon / Vail Valley (4 to 5) – is impossible to book adter jan 13, 2015. 0 availability for even the cash rate

  4. I don’t have an SPG card and really haven’t participated in that program. I know a while back I read some of the benefits of the SPG card and why it’s supposed to be one of the better earning points cards, but I can’t remember it now. Can you do an overview of the card sometime if it still has those good benefits?

  5. Got us 2 rooms at the Westin Maui over New Years for a week. Wouldn’t have enough points at the new rate. Can’t wait to go!

  6. Kathy, glad to hear you liked it. If it was me, I would lock in something with your best guess on dates and then change it later at the new points rate if you had to.
    Nick, Priceline is a very good option for some and not to be discounted. Of course, if you can stay on points and not spend cash at all that can be a very good option. 😉
    Al, eek. I hit that same issue to a degree with Park Hyatt Beaver Creek before that deval.
    Lyssa, sure. Basically the best thing about the SPG card in my view is the sign-up bonus, the 5 nights/2 stays toward elite status, and the ability to earn SPG points on everyday spending.
    Jennifer, glad you were able to lock it in. Enjoy!!

  7. If Sheraton keeps increasing awards I’m going to have to switch over to another hotel program. They’ve always been affordable, but apparently aren’t going to be for much longer 🙁

  8. To save your readers some time, the hotel’s revenue manager has not released rates for 2015 yet past Jan 13. That said, it doesn’t make sense for anyone to make bookings for Sheraton Mountain Vista Villas, Avon / Vail Valley unless they want to go during non-ski season.

    Spent 30 minutes otp with the property and SPG plat concierge to find this info out. This deval is unavoidable.

  9. My plans are not firm but can I book the Maui property with the stay 4 nts and get 5th free and change the date later? Any fee to move the dates? Thanks!

    • The changes don’t directly impact nights and flights…they just impact a handful of hotels that now either will or will not be eligible due to being a Cat 3 or 4.

      For those asking about moving dates, if you change the date then you will be charged at the new points rate. No cash fee to change exactly, but you will owe more points.

  10. Thanks for the reminder. It prompted me to go ahead and book a two night stay I have planned at the Sheraton Anchorage. Otherwise, I would have forgot about the increase. You saved me 6,000 SPG points!

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