Use Uber for Convenient Rides: $45 Credit Available

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I was in Chicago yesterday, and upon landing at the airport I tried to use Uber to get a car into town only to realize the app wasn’t on my phone.  Though I swear it used to be – I blame the four year old for some accidental deletion!  I wanted to limit walking with my bum knee, so settled for catching a cab into the city.  However, all the Chicago locals at the Hyatt event that night insisted that Uber is actually cheaper than cabs in Chicago, so getting my Uber account set back up became a priority.

Gary from View From the Wing was heading to the airport at the same time as me this morning, so I was able to share his Uber ride.  The ease of being able to summon a car (even in the morning rush hour rain like today) put getting my Uber account set back up as soon as I got home a priority.  If you have never done it, trust me that it is so handy being able to summon a car, track its progress to you in real time, and complete a cashless transaction in multiple cities all around the world from your smart phone.

I consider it a happy coincidence that there are several good Uber promos out there right now for new members.  If you have yet to use Uber, I very much recommend getting it set up ahead of time so that you aren’t left wanting to use it on the road like I was.

1.  Sign up with my referral link to get $20 credit toward your first ride (feel free to share your $20 link in the comments section).

2.  Enter the code HIPMUNK in the promo code section to save an additional $25 off your first ride if it is taken before May 1.  However, I would not add this code if you aren’t going to use it by May 1 as you may be eligible for another new user code later on.

Uber Promo

3.  Enjoy the ridiculous convenience of Uber when you need a lift for you or your family!

I seriously love things that are both affordable and convenient, so Uber meets both of those criteria, and I’m glad I got it set back up on my phone before our upcoming trips to New York, Paris, Amsterdam, and beyond (click here for a full list of cities).  I’m also going to make sure my mom and aunt get it set up so they can use it if needed in London, Zurich, and Rome.

If you love Uber and have a $20 referral link then feel free to share it in the comments section!

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  1. Jonathan, congrats on finishing college!
    David, but still good to have that option in case cabs are scarce. 😉

  2. @MommyPoints
    I have one question,
    Trying to use $Uber credit in Europe, but the uber credit does not apply to your ride if the currency is different than Us $.What do you have to do in order to be able to use the US uber credit overseas.A friend of mine used his in Sydney Australia only after they converted his $ uber credit in australian dollars.I wrote to uber paris and they said that they can’t convert it.
    Any experience with this?

  3. Thanks David for the NYC tip. I was thinking FREE ride in NYC with Uber credits out there! I would have been ILL!- I’d like to see a list of cities where Uber would be nearly free than taxi with credits.

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