Six Tips to Begin Your Miles and Points Journey

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Recently I wrote a few articles for a website called WiseBread (a play on the term smart money).  This site has the tagline of “living large on a small budget”.  There is no doubt that the goal of “traveling large on a small budget” translates perfectly for many miles and points collectors, so I thought it was a good fit to share some pretty basic miles and points advice with Wisebread to perhaps help out a few folks who didn’t know how valuable miles and points can be.

The first in the series of posts I wrote for them launched yesterday, and I wanted to mention it here in case you have a spouse, friend, cousin, etc. that you are trying to get involved in the miles and points game.  The advice in this specific article is very basic – as in geared toward those who have yet really to begin their miles and points collecting.

It is titled “A Beginners Guide to Miles and Points” and it breaks down getting started to six steps.

The six steps include:

1.  Think about your travel goals

2.  Research your dream destination(s)

3.  Check your credit reports/credit scores

4.  Apply for a good rewards credit card (or two)

5.  Shift your everyday spending to your rewards cards

6.  Redeem your points!

….then repeat.

The article goes into more depth about each of the steps, but it really is just about the mechanics of getting started.  I get many emails from folks who have no clue where to start, and the advice I give usually boils down to identifying the first one to two trips you want to take on miles and points and then going from there.  If you know where you want to go and what type of miles/points you can use to get and stay there, then it is so much easier to know where to focus your earning.  If you are interested in another good resource for those getting started you can check out the “Getting Started” tab on my homepage.


One of my own travel goals is beach time!

Getting started doesn’t have to be overly challenging if you break it down into small steps.  Let me know if I can help you (or someone you know) get going on their miles and points journey!

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  1. Some more tips: never pay cash for anything, charge everything to your credit card, and pay your bills off every month. If you can handle that, you just need to substitute your current credit card for a miles/points credit card. Add in some new credit cards with sign up bonuses, and you will be good to go. People over estimate the amount of time and work involved.

  2. Grant, indeed. That would presumably all come under #5 “shift your everyday spending to rewards cards”. I think this hobby can take as much or as little time as you want. It certainly doesn’t have to too very much time if you just keep it pretty simple, and simple can still be very rewarding!

  3. Grant, that would be nice. Clicked on your guide and saw it takes 10 steps and clicked back off to go start laundry. Ha ha! One day though!

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