Maximizing Current Chase Freedom 5x Bonus Categories

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Update: This was for the bonus categories from April 1- June 30, 2014.

April 1st marked the start of a new quarter and a new set of 5x bonus categories via the Chase Freedom® .  This quarter the 5x bonus categories include restaurants and Lowe’s Home Improvement stores (you know, spring time projects and all).  This post is not just a reminder about the two new bonus categories (make sure you activate them), but also about how to make sure you are getting the most out of those bonus categories.

5x at Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores:

If you or your partner is anything like my husband, then there are a never ending list of home improvement projects that make Lowe’s a pretty nice bonus category.  If that applies to you, then remember that not only is Lowe’s 5x when you use the Freedom, but it is also currently 5x via the Ultimate Rewards Shopping Portal.  That should make a total of 10x Ultimate Reward points for online Lowe’s purchases you need to make via that route with the Freedom.


In case you need a little gift to go along with your seasonal plant, remember that Lowe’s also has a decent selection of gift cards to many restaurants, clothing retailers, and some hotels and airlines like Southwest.  I’m sure the gift card selection varies some from store to store, but in general I found it to be pretty varied.  The gift card options are for the most part duplicates of the type of cards you could get at many grocery stores or office supply stores, but just in case you don’t have access to a good bonus payout at those stores, this is an easy 5x option.




Sadly, I did not see an Visa or MasterCard type gift cards at Lowe’s.

5x at Restaurants:

One category that I’m sure we will all use some this quarter is restaurants.  Whether you are going out to a nice dinner, picking up fast food via a drive-thru, grabbing a coffee, or having some drinks at happy hour, I would pull this card out for your dining expenses until you hit the $1,500 combined max for the quarter.  Of course you could also grab a gift card if you won’t otherwise hit the $1,500 limit, and you know you have a dining expense coming up at a particular restaurant after the quarter ends.

Be sure you register your Freedom with a dining rewards program like MileagePlus Dining just in case a restaurant you visit participates in that program.  If you are new to the dining program, you can get a 1,500 mile bonus for your first dine.

If you have any other tips for maximizing these bonus categories, please feel free to share!


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  1. Got denied at Office Depot yesterday when I tried to buy a $500 Amazon Kindle Fire giftcard with my Ink. I have been doing this for over a year but was told a new company policy prohibits sale of ANY kind of variable amount gift card by credit card. The clerk offered me ten $50 Amazon gift cards instead. What a pain entering ten codes! Have you heard of anyone else encountering this?

  2. JakePB – Yes it stacks! I just ordered a $100 Lowes gift card from the UR mall. The only unfortunate thing is that Lowes won’t let you use the gift card in store to purchase any other cards, such as a gas card, or else I’d go all in for the full $1500. I have plenty of gardening supplies to pick up though, so I maight order more just to use in store.

  3. @JakePB – to continue what you said. Once I order/buy Lowe’s GC from UR mall, can I use this GC and buy any items from Lowe’s thru UR mall?

  4. Chad, I would try again. Possible just was a clerk who interpreted it wrong. I’ve hit that before with the variable home improvement card but then it went through.
    Jake, it should.
    Geoff, I wish!
    Thanks for helping each other out!

  5. Tiara,

    I haven’t tried, but the Frequent Miler site reports that you can use the gift card through the UR portal to pay for merchandise (not other gift cards) so it should work. That would be 15x points! Lets us know if you do and it works!

  6. MP – you might want to mention the Disney gift cards since this might work for some of your readers. You can buy these at Lowes and use them to pay your hotel (except for the one night prepaid at booking time), park passes, most in park expenses (excluding some carts) and so forth. Can make up some of your spend.

  7. I called Lowes toll free number and asked if I can purchase Starbucks cards and the like with a Lowes gift card. She said yes. Am I to understand that she was wrong and I could get stuck with a big gift card that I cant use (I don’t need anything in the store).
    Thanks for your input.

  8. My wife and I have been looking to update some of our appliances for a while now . Lowes had some good sales on what we were looking for, so we decided to pull the trigger. Spent around $2,200. Between Freedom 5x, UR shopping 5x, and gift cards bought with ink at staples, figure points to be around 23,000 – nice!

  9. No double dip or stacking offers for buying Lowes E-Gift Cards through Chase UR Portal.
    It was a No go for me getting 5X for purchasing Lowes E-Gift Cards thru Chase UR portal. I purchased $500 Lowes E-gift card on Sunday 4/6 and after checking online using Blueprint, it shows up on Blueprint category as “Other Retail” and not “Home Improvement” Looks like I just will not be getting 5X for the purchase of the E-gift card but hopefully the 5X for purchasing through the UR portal will.

    From Blueprint:
    Spending for
    Transaction Date Description Amount
    4/6/2014 ARROWEYE-LOWES $500.00

  10. Alan
    can you explain in a little more detail how you made your appliance purchases at Lowe’s and maximizing Freedom 5x, UR shopping 5x and GC from staples? I am new at this but will be purchasing appliances at Lowes and would like to make the most points possible.

  11. I bought washer and dryer using Chase Ultimate reward potal on 4/10/2014 clicing “shop” button located right next to 10 X Lowe’s advetisement. So far at this time 6/30/2014 I have only received regular rotating category 5x points. Chase customer service said there were no such promotion and I have to prove this promo was actually there at Ultimate Reward portal. Does anybody have screen shot or something I can have and send to Chase customer service ?

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