Get the Most out of Amex Platinum Lounge Benefits

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The American Express Platinum cards are pretty strong when it comes to travel benefits and helping make the travel experience more comfortable for international travelers.  One of the ways it does that it is via lounge access privileges in many airports around the world.  You may already have heard plenty about the built-in lounge perks that include the Centurion Lounges, Delta Sky Clubs, and Airspace Lounges.  Those are all accessible just by showing your Platinum Card, ID, and same day boarding pass, but there are hundreds of additional lounges you can access by taking one extra step to get the most out of your American Express Platinum card’s lounge benefits.


Register for Priority Pass Select:

Make sure you register for Priority Pass Select when you get your card, both for yourself and your authorized users.  If you are just registering yourself you can do it online here.  However, if you want to also register authorized users then you just need to call 1-800-525-3355 for the Platinum Card or 1-800-492-8468 for the Business Platinum Card to get that task completed.

What Cards are Eligible:

The The Platinum Card® from American Express, the Platinum Card by Mercedes Benz, and The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN are all eligible for membership in Priority Pass Select.

Lounges Available via Priority Pass Select:

There are hundreds of lounges available (many of which I bet you have never heard of), but some of which could be quite helpful, depending on your travel patterns.  There are some lounges in the US/Canada that are in the Priority Pass Select network such as the Alaska Airlines Board Room in Seattle, the KLM Crown Lounge in Houston, the IASS Hawaii Lounge in Honolulu, the Plaza Premium Lounge in Vancouver, and the Korean Air Lounge or Virgin America Loft in LAX.  Do keep in mind that if you see the United Clubs listed as available lounges that they are just for those who have Priority Pass, and not Priority Pass Select.

Recently my daughter and I were transiting through London’s Heathrow airport and we made sure to brush up on which lounges we could access with the Priority Pass Select in case we ended up with a few hours between flights.  In our case, we were specifically pretty interested in the No. 1 Traveller Lounge as it listed the following amenities:

  • Complimentary food and drink
  • Fully-tended bar
  • Free Wi-Fi plus newspapers and magazines
  • Games Rooms and Cinema
  • Family Room
  • Runway views
  • No.1 Travel Spa, offering massages and nail treatments (extra cost)
  • Showers
  • Single and twin bedrooms (extra cost)

Lounges that have dedicated family space rank highly in my book as you can let your kids just be a kids a little bit more than in most areas of the airport.  Being able to grab some snacks and drinks never hurts either.  Ultimately we were hurrying through Heathrow for our next flight (and weren’t in the right terminal for the lounge anyway).  Still, it was a good exercise to brush up on the potential value of the Priority Pass Select membership.

What Does it Cost:

The cost of Priority Pass Select is included in your annual membership fee and the fee to add authorized users, so there is no reason not to go ahead and take advantage of this benefit.  Admission to the lounges is then free to the holder of Priority Pass Select and $27 for guests.  Of course, if your spouse is an authorized user on your Amex Platinum and has their own Priority Pass Select membership to get in the lounge, they could just show that and neither of you would be charged $27.  Lounges may charge $27 per child for admission, but I’ve found the process of charging for children (especially young children) to vary somewhat from lounge to lounge.

Even if you aren’t sure if/when you will use the Priority Pass Select membership, it is better to get it and not need it than need it and not have it.  It took a little over a week to get our membership cards after they were requested, so keep that in mind when planning for upcoming trips!

Have you been able to make use of some Priority Pass Select lounges?


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  1. Traveling a lot internationally, the Priority Pass lounges are the ones I mostly end up in as a benefit from the card. The others in the program are only occasionally available to me. Priority Pass is the choice at Amman, Delhi, Vienna, Doha, and quite a few other airports I’ve been since I got the card. This will be especially true now that American lounges won’t be available. I’m going to drop the card when it comes due. The fee is too much for the reduced lounge access.

  2. DaveS, I just renewed my Platinum card after calling AMEX to not renew. Why? Because they offered me a $450 credit for renewing plus an additional $100 airline credit in addition to the $200 annual airline credit.

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