Changes to Earning Free Points in Barclaycard Travel Community

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A easy and free (and maybe even sort of fun) way to earn some points is via the Barclaycard Travel Community.  You write up very short stories about your travels (including a picture), and earn easy points.  If you also have the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® then those points you earn could be used essentially as cash toward travel just like the points earned via that card.  If you don’t have the card, you are earning at a much lower rate toward Amazon certificates. 

Previously you earned 200 miles for telling a travel story of 50 words or more (including at least one photo), and there were no written limits on the number of stories you could tell about any particular trip or city.  Effective April 11th, you earn 150 miles for telling a travel story, and can tell a limit of five travel stories for an individual city.  However, you can earn 10 bonus points per “detail” shared in the story.  A detail requires locating and rating a place such as attraction, restaurant, or hotel thanks to their google maps database.  Thanks to this additional way to earn points, you can still earn 200 points per story (if not more), but it will take a little extra time to do so.

Barclay Travel Community

You can still get 10 points for each kudo (aka like) the story is given, but I still don’t see many folks taking the time to hand those out.  I’ve received and given a few kudos, but not anywhere near enough to mount up to a substantial number.  This is probably because it is simply more time efficient to write more stories than hand out kudos at 10 points a pop.

I’m not surprised they needed to reign in earning a bit as I’m sure a smallish number of dedicated folks with a little free time were cranking out stories about their home town or any given city in large numbers.  I always wanted to devote a whole afternoon to just writing stories to see how many points I could rack up, but life has never allowed that to happen.  I do hope they revisit their lifetime limit of 5 stories on one city as folks do visit the same cities on multiple trips, and might have new tips to share.  Perhaps a certain number of stories per city per year might make more sense if they are in this for the long-haul with the Travel Community.

For now there are still some pretty easy points to be made here, but not quite as easily as there were before.  Thanks to Mommy Points reader Dave for alerting me to these changes!


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  1. I only learned about the Travel Community thanks to your posts here and it has hitherto been a quite lucrative source of points for me. I never realised that you could post multiple stories about the same place – all my contributions have been from different cities – so this warning actually allows me to go back and add some stories to cities that I have already written about! 🙂 Thanks again for letting your readers know about this hidden gem of earnings!

  2. I have written a few stories but I need to take some time to write some more. This is easy points if you have some down time. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Well now Summer, if you want to get your fill of kudos, you should post a link to your stories. It took a bit of work to find them. But once did, I enjoyed reading them, and giving a kudo to each one.

    For everyone who appreciates this blog, and would like to give something back, you can go to the link at the top of this post. It only takes a minute to sign up. Then in the search box, click on “community members”, and search for lypht1223.
    You can read each story in a few seconds; remember to click on the heart symbol to grant it a kudo. The whole thing only takes a few minutes total. Currently there seem to be 9 stories, so I just gave MP 90 points.
    If everyone reading this blog did that…. 🙂

  4. Sean, so glad this will help you actually earn more points! Hurray!
    Kathy, it really is, but that time part sure is tricky. 😉
    Robert, aw, how sweet. That really wasn’t the point at all of me saying kudos don’t seem to be handed out freely (just didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up that kudos flow in like water), but thanks so much for your thoughtfulness…now I have to find your posts!
    Andy, will kudo you as well. 😉

  5. There were some people on there doing repeated pictures that were of the same or very similar thing one at a time with a meaningless 50 word “story” to pile up points fast without any regard for quality of the material. Will this really be a deterrent? Maybe somewhat for that specific pattern, but people who are out to abuse the system will find a way. I find it nice to have the chance to do some work with my travel memories and pictures and get a little back for it and maybe give others some travel ideas. I usually do it while doing something else on the computer when I have a little time.

  6. Thanks for sharing this. I just did three stories last night and got an email saying I earned 600 points. I’ll have to remember do this when I have some down time.

  7. Great Post! I’ve been following this closely and just gotten involved with the Barclay’s Travel Community. It’s actually my goal to earn enough points from the signup, spending and writing bonus to get a 100% free cruise by next winter. Ambitious I know, but the Barclays card is perfect to wipe out onboard travel expenses on the ship. I really enjoyed your update

  8. Thanks for the tips, MP! Just handed out lots of kudos to everyone above (@Andy, @lypht1223, @Steven). Feel free to send some back. @conwaytravels. 😉 Even if it takes a bit more attention, I enjoy getting points for reflecting on my travels.

  9. Please feel free to give me Kudos to my stories. I will definitely reciprocate if you give me your username so I can find you! Mine is robotmirror

  10. Please feel free to also give me kudos. I try not to abuse this sight and I post nice details on my stories. I hopefully can continue to get points as well as good information from this site.

    terihalsey is my profile name

  11. I’m actually quite interested to see what likeminded points-using travelers think are useful tips and fun spots on their travels. Will check out your posts–feel free to leave some kudos for mine as well. Thanks! elf618

  12. Such a cool idea! I’m definitely giving out kudos. Comment and kudos my stories! I will return the favor if you comment. Thanks! SN is scjordan1

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