Rocketmiles Getting More Useful For My Family

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When Rocketmiles first came out I was of course excited to see another way to earn potentially thousands of airline miles via booking hotels on their site, but I had three main issues with the program.

1.  The prices seemed kinda high some of the time compared to what I could find elsewhere.

2.  They only had a limited number of hotel options in select (major) cities.

3.  You had to assume you wouldn’t earn hotel points/elite status credit since you were booking via a third party.

It was still potentially a good option in some cases, but those cases were relatively limited for me personally.  However, things seem to be improving at least on the first two points based on some of my own searches.  My mom has to attend a wedding in the near future in Longview, Texas.  Never heard of Longview, Texas?  That’s okay, and I assumed that RocketMiles probably hadn’t heard of it either since they were historically pretty useless when searching for hotels in small cities.  However, RocketMiles not only had some hotel options in Longview, but it had the one that my mom wanted to book anyway as she has stayed there before and had a good experience.  Color me pleasantly surprised.

The next barrier naturally was price, and I have been watching the price for her like a (semi-distracted) hawk.  The lowest price that RocketMiles offered was basically the same as the lowest price you could get anywhere without using an AARP or AAA type code.  Since my mom can use those codes, she would be paying about $6 more to book via RocketMiles, but in the process she would be earning the standard 1,000 miles for staying that one night plus 3,000 bonus miles since this is her first booking with RocketMiles and was eligible for a promotion.  I don’t know if the 1,000 bonus mile new customer offer she could get by being referred by me would end up stacking with all of that or not, but assuming that she earns “just” 4,000 United miles for her roughly $107 pre-tax reservation, that is pretty huge.


Those United miles are worth somewhere between $60 – $80 for most people in the miles and points world, and they are way more valuable than the few Hilton HHonors points she may be forgoing by booking via RocketMiles.  My mom isn’t chasing elite status with anyone, and is certainly going to come out ahead by paying a about $6 extra to book with Rocketmiles and earn at least 4,000 United miles in the process.  If you or a family member is in a similar position, it might be worth a second look at RocketMiles the next time you need to make a hotel reservation – especially if you are still eligible for some of their new customer bonuses!


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  1. I have used Rocketmiles about 5 times for non-chain hotels. Every time the price was the same or better than I could find elsewhere. What really stands out to me, though, is the awesome customer service. Twice I had to reschedule work trips that were booked as “non-refundable” rates, and in both cases they were super helpful and able to move the stays to the new date with no fees/charges. I have to use a company credit card for work hotel stays, so I don’t get points. Rocketmiles is a way for me to earn some points on these trips!

  2. I just wanted to say that even though I am not a mom your blog is one of the first ones that I read every morning. It always has very practical miles/points advice. Also, I had to laugh since this East Texas girl definitely knows where Longview is located.

  3. Conifer1, everyone who loves travel and wants to find more affordable ways to do it is of course welcome here, so thanks for reading each morning. Love that you are from East Texas, too!

  4. I know that you won’t get points through your chain loyalty program if you book through Rocketmiles but do you at least get the stays or nights? Have you heard of anyone giving their loyalty number to the hotel anyway to see if they will give you the nights towards elite status?

    • Rene, you have to book assuming it won’t work, but still give your number to the hotel anyway just in case. Sometimes you might be surprised, and sometimes you will get a goose egg. 😉

  5. I got the 1000 points for being referred by a friend and assigned them to United. Do you know how long it takes for them to post? It’s been a while.

  6. I used Rocketmiles last summer for a non chain hotel stay and it worked well economically with the signup bonus. In the last few months, the amount of miles for the price to be paid has not won out versus a better price at a chain with points. However, as a lark I check on two night in Bath (UK) for this summer that I knew that I did not have enough points for and ended up spending about $15 more a night through Rocketmiles (versus Hilton site), but am ending up with 10K AA miles, which is a nice trade-off for $30. And it is a standard Hilton room, so I was rather surprised at the number of miles offered for it.

  7. I booked 5 nights in San Juan Puerto Rico for my parents for their anniversary. And I was able to get 11,000 US Airways miles. I was very happy about that! I got 7,000 for the hotel booking and 3,000 for my 1st booking.

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