Earning 1,200+ Points in 30 Minutes of “Work”

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I’ve written several times about earning points via the Barclaycard Travel Community as it is a pretty cool, unique, and (best of all) free way to earn points you can use as cash toward travel.  You write up very short stories about your travels, including a picture, and then earn easy points.  Simple as that.  If you also have the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® then those points you earn could be used essentially as cash toward travel just like the points earned via that card.  If you don’t have the card, you are earning at a much lower rate toward Amazon certificates…and frankly that wouldn’t be worth the time. 

You can earn 150 points for telling a travel story of 50 words or more, and you can write up to five stories per city.  You can earn 10 bonus points per “detail” shared in the story.  A detail requires locating and rating a place such as attraction, restaurant, or hotel thanks to their Google Maps database.

Barclay Travel Community

You also get 10 points for each Kudo (like) that your story receives.  My experience shows that the normal number of kudos you receive is pretty low, but this community is doing a good job sharing kudos with each other so don’t be shy about sharing your screen name in the Travel Community in the comments section here.  I have more to hand out soon based on the comments in this post

So far there is no limit on the number of stories you can write per day or in total, so I wanted to maximize this a bit.  For a while now I’ve been meaning to see how many stories I could write in an hour.  Well, the day still hasn’t come when I’ve had an hour straight to work on writing stories for the Travel Community, but I did spend 30 minutes yesterday, and I was able to write a total of 7 short stories in that time.  Finding and uploading the photos was the slowest part for me.  Each story earns 150 points + 10 points for each “detail” I mapped on their database.  All in all this came to about 1,200 points I earned in 30 minutes of work.  Any kudos the stories might earn will be on top of that.  Recently my (well technically my husband’s) stories have been getting about 10 kudos each (thanks guys!), so that might come to a total of around 100 extra points per post if that happens again.  His screen name is lypht1223.

Even at just 1,200 points without kudos, that comes to $13.20 (including the 10% bonus you get back when you redeem toward travel) to use toward travel expenses charged on the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard®.  If I held that pace, it would be over $26 an hour toward travel, which is pretty good if you had nothing else to do that hour, and needed the points.  It isn’t life altering, but it was pretty fun to see how many I could do.  Obviously you might be a bit faster or a bit slower than my pace.  I was writing about 100 words instead of the required 50, and as I mentioned slowed down a bit each time I had to upload a photo.

Have you done a similar experiment to see how many stories you could write in an hour or so?  Are you still using this as a way to earn points?


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  1. “If I held that pace, it would be over $26 an hour toward travel, which is pretty good if you had nothing else to do that hour, and needed the points”

    Nothing else to do with that hour?! Umm… what about enjoy life, spend time with your children, read a book, go for a walk, do something creative??? 🙂

    Unfortunately the most important thing in life is severely limited… and that is time!

    • Cogswell, that’s kinda why I haven’t yet found an hour but I know others that have been able to squeeze in a little more travel community time so they have more points for their next trip. 😉

  2. I’ve written maybe a dozen stories on iceland. Best if you start with the photos and keep a word doc open. Write down the photo number, write the story and once you have several upload at once to community. Amysadventures

  3. Okay, everyone, we all say how grateful we are for this wonderful blog, and all the work MP puts into it. Here is a quick and easy way to give back. Even if you don’t intend to post a story of your own, the sign up is quick and easy. Then search for the MP stories: screen name is:


    It only takes a few seconds to give a Kudo to each of the MP family stories. A little longer if you actually read them. 😉 And yes, they are pretty cool, so you probably will want to read them as well.

    What time is it? It’s MP’s Kudo Time !

  4. You do an amazing job. People don’t seem to understand how much time it takes to get stories and posts published. Thank you for all you do.

  5. @Jim – why would she? If I had a popular blog I’d pump the crap out of those affiliate links too (see MileValue for example). If you knew how much they paid you would too. Don’t hate the player…

  6. Jim, of course there are plenty of posts as well as links that aren’t mine. As you know, there are also many times when there is an affiliate link for a product I mention. That keeps the site running and hopefully gives you guys the chance to earns lots of pretty easy miles and points in the meantime.
    Robert, you are too nice. I need your screen name for the Travel Community – I couldn’t figure it out the other day!
    Ruy, thanks for your support. Wouldn’t be here if you guys didn’t want to read it.
    Brian, there is a wide spectrum of payouts the links can fall in, but I’ll say that most folks aren’t going to retire off blogging. Luckily I am able to devote to it full time at this point and that wouldn’t be possible without sources of revenue. Thanks for reading!

  7. Hi – thanks for this website. My husband in particular uses it for advice a lot. His screen name is tgere79. We would love some kudos! 🙂

  8. It’s annoying that you are limited to 5 stories per city. I’d rather read stories from people who are locals to a particular city than 500 reviews of the same main attraction.

  9. I’ve earned about 3,700 points this month. To my surprise my stories were featured in the recent Barclaycard email about foodie stories and my tweet with photo was featured in their second recent email promoting the community. Go figure. I write helpful pieces so they are longer than 50 words. There are some pretty useless posts out there, just to grab points. I enjoy seeing the interesting places and hearing the real comments so I have tried to offer my own. It’s nerdy fun. Oh. It’s Mkrhoades and @Mkrhoades on twitter.

  10. Good test and good earn rate! For me, when there’s free time, $26/hour is worth it!
    I started doing it heavily last Fall when it was 200 points per story and with some friends accounts giving kudos, my earn rate was generally around $40/hour. I used some down Sunday afternoon/evenings and went to town on it! Once I’d get a few stories in, I would get on a roll! Haven’t tried the new system yet.
    Here’s my profile: http://www.barclaycardtravel.com/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/19139
    username: x712xdamx

    Have given kudos 🙂

  11. @Jennine and Michelle I would be far more likely to go out of my way to give your posts kudos if you had said you had given kudos to the MP stories. Rather than just asking for kudos for yourselves.;)

    @Ruy Saying Thank You is nice, but not as nice as showing it by kudoing MP. 🙂

  12. @MP Sorry you wasted time trying to find my stories. So far, I haven’t posted any. Maybe eventually I will. I had no idea that could amount to @26 an hour; tax free, too.

    I did in fact only sign up in order to kudo the posts your family had posted. Basically my way of giving back a tiny amount for all of the value I get from this blog. Of course, it turned out to be fun reading them too, so that was nice for me as well.

  13. How do I search for your stories to add kudos? I just started posting on there and haven’t quite figured it out. Thanks!

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