The Best US Airways Credit Card Sign-Up Offer

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US Airways miles have gotten lots of buzz in the frequent flyer world in the last 24 hours or so thanks to not collecting fuel surcharges (hundreds of dollars per award ticket) on British Airways operated flights since US Airways joined OneWorld about a month ago.  This may not last much longer with all the increased publicity, but it is a great opportunity for those who want to book an award on British Airways operated flights using US Airways miles.  You can read about this from The Points Guy, View From the Wing, or virtually any other miles and points blogger that hasn’t been in the air without internet for the last day.

Remember that the lack of fuel surcharge on British Airways operated flights when booking via US Airways bonus may not last much longer.  That said, I have seen this revelation bring up more talk about the US Airways credit card, so I took a look into what is the best current offer out for that card.  For a long time the best offer available for that card was one you were typically only going to find on a Flyertalk thread (such as this one or this one).  Myself and many other bloggers included a link to one of those threads when talking about the card, but overall it was one of the ‘harder’ cards to find the best sign-up offer for if you didn’t know where to look.

For the many months the best offer was for 35,000 miles upon first use with the $89 annual fee waived the first year.  That card also came with a 10,000 mile bonus at the anniversary.  However, it looks like that link is no longer working.  In fact, I went through many different links that once worked for a variety of iterations of the sign-up bonus and I couldn’t get a single one of them to work outside of the official sign-up offer.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that the official sign-up offer isn’t bad, and it does still work.

This offer gives you 40,000 US Airways miles after the first purchase on the card (and payment of the annual fee).  Getting miles after making just one purchase used to be pretty common, but now this is a rare thing that makes this card pretty unique.  The card has an $89 annual fee that is not waived the first year.  It also comes with some of the perks.

I also really like that it gives you a 5,000 mile discount when booking awards on US Airways operated flights.  If you are familiar with some of the old offers, be aware that this offer does not give 10,000 bonus anniversary miles.

I’m sad to see that there isn’t a sign-up offer that waives the annual fee the first year (or at least I can’t find one – please share if you find one), but $89 for 40,000 miles is really pretty good.  This is also a card that will not be around forever thanks to the merger with American Airlines, so it makes sense to get it at some point this year.


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  1. Oh…I hit submit too soon. “…starting…for existing card holders” for the version with waive annual fee. Is it effective immediately? (I got it a few months ago.) Anyone know?

  2. Hi – Flew last Thursday on USAirways, and again on Monday with no check bag fee for myself and wife. We do not have status with US, so they’ve implemented the free bag policy already.

  3. On the 5,000 discount on redemption: does the discount apply if the redemption uses my husband’s USAir account and his USAir card, for an ticket for which I am the pax?

  4. What are the chances the 10k EQMs for this are stackable with the Citi AA 10K EQMs for 2015 status? That would be my main reason to get this card to have an easier shot of requalifying for EXP on AA.

  5. Interesting NEW addition to the T&Cs:

    “The 10,000 Preferred-qualifying miles will count toward elite status within the US Airways Dividend Miles program. At this time, US Airways Preferred-qualifying miles do not count toward elite status within the American AAdvantage® program.”

    “At this time” is hard to interpret. Might be worth the gamble that this changes at “another time.”

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