Star Alliance Miles for 1.5 Cents Each via LifeMiles Promo

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LifeMiles is a Star Alliance frequent flyer program that I have a love/hate relationship with, as they have some good redemption options (award chart here), but they are an absolute nightmare to work with when you have any issues or changes required to a ticket.  Their website also seems to strongly dislike me and not cooperate with making the bookings I want when I need them.  All that said, they have brought back a 2 for 1 mileage purchase bonus through May 30th that is worth mentioning.

lifemiles promo

This promo means that you are buying miles you can use to book awards through LifeMiles on their Star Alliance partners for 1.5 cents a piece.  If you bought the max of 75,000 miles it would cost you $2,250.00 and you would end up with 150,000 miles.  You can of course purchase less than that.  That is not a price at which everyone should absolutely be a buyer by any stretch.  However, it is a price at which some people will come out ahead buying and using miles instead of buying airline tickets.  Just be sure to redeem them before they change the award chart on you.

To give you an idea of how these miles can be useful, here is a ‘real life’ example.  I am currently in The Maldives and the weather has turned pretty bad.  Monsoon season bad.  Everything will probably/hopefully go just fine for our upcoming departure from the island on a boat to a small local airport to a prop plane and back to Male in time to catch the rest of our flights home.  However, it might not.  As a back-up I started looking at other options to get home if we don’t make our upcoming flights due to not being able to get off this island by boat.  If I booked from Male – Singapore – Tokyo – Houston in business class on a mix of Singapore- and United-operated flights it would cost 65,000 LifeMiles per person.  At 1.5 cents each that is a per-person cost of $975 for the miles (plus some taxes/fees).

That is a bunch of money, but I can guarantee a business class ticket home from Male to Houston is going to cost you quite a bit more than $975.  Heck, the least expensive one-way coach ticket I see is going for more than that.  That’s just one of many examples, but basically you will often be able to book a premium cabin via buying miles with this promo for around the price of buying a coach ticket (or even a bit less).

I recently had to deal with changing an award flight I had booked for some friends using LifeMiles, and it was a very miserable experience.  You can read about some of the issues here and here, but just as many issues arose after the miles were finally refunded and I needed to book new tickets.  The website failed every time I tried to book the tickets (on a mix of Lufthansa and United).  It seems that these website issues haven’t gotten any better in the few weeks since then, which makes me not as interested in this as I might otherwise be.  I did finally get everything resolved and re-ticketed by emailing back and forth with LifeMiles, but it was a very arduous and slow process that I am not interested in repeating in the near future.
Here are some key terms to be aware of:

  • Minimum of miles to buy per transaction: LM1,000
  • Maximum miles to buy per transaction: LM75,000
  • Maximum miles to buy during a calendar year: LM150,000 (including the bonus for promotional mile purchase)
  • Miles must be purchased in multiples of 1,000
  • Maximum number of transactions: 1 transaction
  • At, the purchase can only be done through Earn/Buy LifeMiles. Does not apply to the Flexible Redemption (miles + money) during the payment process of air ticket redemption
  • Each package of 1,000 miles  costs USD 35.40 , including all taxes applicable to each country*
  • For residents in Colombia, each pack of 1,000 miles has a costo of USD 30. The values are settled in Colombian pesos at the TRM rate of the date of the transaction
  • For residents in Peru, each pack of 1,000 miles has a cost of USD 35.4 or S/.99.1 including taxes. Reference exchange rate to April 1 2014: S/.2.80 per 1 USD
  • For residents in Costa Rica, each pack of 1,000 miles has a cost of USD 30. The values are settled in Colombian pesos at exchange rate of the date of the transaction
  • Form of payment through Call Center and International credit or debit card. Cash payments are only allowed at Avianca Information Centers
  • Applies only to members enrolled in the program prior to May 5th, 2014

If you have not yet joined LifeMiles, I recommend that you do that so you can be positioned to participate in future promotions as they seem to have several per year.

Thanks to One Mile at a Time for sharing the news about this offer!

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  1. Lifemiles also has had a technical problem for over a month now in which it can’t find availability if your order consists of only UAL or ACA flights. I’ve been wanting to book tickets to Hawaii using Lifemiles and I currently can’t! Hopefully they do end up fixing it.

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