First Two Weeks of Daily Getaways Out!

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More details on this very soon, but wanted to share that the list of deals for the first two weeks of Daily Getaway Deals are out!  The sale begins on Monday May 19th and will run each weekday for five weeks. If you use an Amex card to pay you get 10% off the listed price.  Remember that just because you want a deal, doesn’t mean you will be able to buy it as the quantities are limited.

Daily Getaway Deals

In the first two weeks we will see:

  • Wyndham Rewards Points
  • Hertz points
  • Choice Privileges points
  • Alamo gift certificates
  • Hilton HHonors points
  • IHG Reward points
  • Caesar’s packages
  • CityPASS deals for various cities
  • Five night Diamond Resorts stay
  • Seaworld and Busch Gardens discount tickets

Stay tuned for a breakdown of all of these “deals”, as you will find some are pretty good deals, and some aren’t quite as exciting for most of us.

Thanks to Tiara on Facebook for the head’s up that the list was out!

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  1. Very excited!!! Last year I purchased Hilton points (with AmEx discount of course) to get 3 nights at the Hilton Waikoloa village Dolphin Suite. 125k points per night but would have been $2000 per night. My son loved the dolphins and the hot tub and 2 floor living space.
    we want to go back to the same room but can’t possible collect 500k HH points.. so I think I’m going to buy some to supplement. Looking for some Hyatt points too!

  2. Bought the Hertz one two years ago and seems about the same to me. Bought 15000 points for about $700. Considering that 15000 points got me three 1-week minivan rentals that would have been $500-$700 each week with 3000 points left over – thought it was a great deal. Slight increase in cost but also increase in points you’re getting. For me would be a great deal to get!

  3. Although the pricing is weird on the Hertz deals with the middle offer being significantly better price wise (13200 points for only $428 vs. 16500 for $698 – assuming you use Amex).

  4. @ David — I must have guessed the number of points per package incorrectly. I couldn’t open the T&C, so I went by the points redemption prices on Hertz website. What are the points per package?

  5. These all are weak offers & I will be passing on all of them, hopefully there are some better offers later in the promo.

  6. Here’s how this works:

    1. Hotel sets the price of a room at an absurdly high price, say $800/night (which no one actually ever pays)

    2. Hotel gives you the opportunity to convert your highly liquid asset (cash) into a highly illiquid one (hotel points)

    3. Hotels says thanks for your cash and invests it, making a nice return, while at the same time regularly devaluing your points – so you are effectively losing out twice

    4. Ultimately when you use the points for a room, say $300 worth of points for the $800 room, you believe that you “saved” $500/night, when in fact you have been convinced into paying $300/night for a room which costs the hotel around $30.

    Who exactly do you think is coming out ahead here? LOL!

  7. @ Cogswell It’s really worse than that. I just checked the Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria for this June. You can get 2 nights for as little as $800. Or pay $825 for 150K points. At 80K points per night, you are paying an additional $25, and are still 10K points short.

    As for the one night at a Super 8 for $84, assuming you are “lucky” enough to be able to get that deal in the lottery….. 😉

  8. With the Hertz deal: Is $280 a reasonable savings for rentals on Hawaiian Islands? I’m planning a week in Maui…

  9. @Jacki T: if you are a Costco member take a look at their deals for car rentals. I just booked a standard SUV for 1 week in Kauai for $370 including taxes with Alamo by booking with Costco. It is way cheaper than any other place I could find. A full size car for the same period costs $186 which is around $26/day including taxes. An amazing deal in my opinion.

  10. @Gene: The thing with the Hertz points is as you hinted in your initial dislike. Not a great deal to use it for how it’s advertised. But depending on how you use them, it’s great. With 4-year old twins I really need to rent mini-vans and those rental prices are outrageous! Often quoted $700+ for a week from Hertz in Florida (although could get elsewhere for about $450). But at 4400 points I can get 3 weeks in one with a few thousand points left over for $700. But I can see how for many types of rentals it’ll be a wash. Those points deals are very hit and miss – the Hilton one for me is pretty lousy based on where I travel.

  11. While I am not going to hop on any of these deals, one thing that no one has discussed above is taxes. Using points lets you avoid all of the % taxes on hotel rooms. In places like SF where the tax is 15.5%, that can be a significant savings. You have to factor in that savings into the cost benefit equation.

  12. Where is the exclamation mark valid for? None of these are deals at all. I’ll completely skip it this year.

  13. I have some rental car certificates from last year that is expiring on May 31 this year. Wondering if you could help me get rid of them. Valid for Avis in US and Canada. Ideally, I want to recover the cost (35 a day for premium cars)but i know it is last minute…

  14. I like the Choice Hotels points for travel in Europe–I’ve been able to get some great deals with them the past couple of years!

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