First Daily Getaways Deal Tomorrow: Wyndham Rewards

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Tomorrow (Monday May 19th) starts this year’s Daily Getaway Deals!  I did a summary of the first week of deals here, and while I don’t plan to post a reminder before every single deal the way I have in years past, I do plan to post reminders the night before (or sometimes morning of) some of the deals that might be of more interest to the miles and points community than others.

In case you are new to the Daily Getaways, they are daily deals for the next five weeks on discounted hotel stays, discounted points purchases, car rental deals, and more.  Some of the deals are better than others, and since you are shelling out real money make sure you have plans for the deals your purchase.  The travel packages are provided by U.S. Travel Association, in cooperation American Express. To get an additional 10% off savings you must pay with an American Express card.  Daily Getaways are only open to those who are US residents ages 18 and up (though some packages are for 21+).  Here is a link to some tips for successfully purchasing these limited quantity deals.
The deals go on sale at 1PM Eastern and are limited quantity, so be at your computer and ready a couple minutes before 1PM.  Hit refresh on the specific deal you want until it says “buy” and then you are off to the races (click on the different deals on the far right to pick a different points package.  Have your award program numbers ready if you are purchasing points, and good luck!

Wyndham Reward Points:

This deal is marketed as nights in certain types of Wyndham hotels such as Days Inn or Super 8, but in reality it is just bundles of points that you can use however you wish.

  • 14,000 Wyndham Rewards points – $84 (500 available) .54 cents each with 10% Amex discount
  • 32,000 Wyndham Rewards points – $192 (450 available) .54 cents each with 10% Amex discount
  • 40,000 Wyndham Rewards points – $240 (440 available) .54 cents each with 10% Amex discount
  • 60,000 Wyndham Rewards points – $360 (100 available) .54 cents each with 10% Amex discount
  • 75,000 Wyndham Rewards points – $450 (200 available) .54 cents each with 10% Amex discount

Key terms:

Wyndham Reward points expire 4 years from date of deposit, unless forfeited or canceled earlier due to membership inactivity for eighteen (18) months.  Max. Quantity per Purchase: 1. No more than 1 set of points purchased through this offer are allowed per Wyndham Rewards number.

Wyndham points

Buy or no buy:

All of the offers are at a rate of .6 cents per point without an Amex, and .54 cents with an Amex and the 10% discount.  This is the same price they were last year, but double the price from two years ago.  Perhaps more importantly is that in that time many of the more popular hotel redemption rates have increased, and the transfer rate to airlines has gotten worse (with no advance notice given).  Some liked to use this to buy points and transfer to Southwest to count toward the Companion Pass.  Now for Southwest and other airlines like United or US Airways you would be paying 2.7 cents per mile (with an Amex discount).  That is not a good price for airline miles at all.

The only real reason to consider buying Wyndham Rewards is if you want to redeem for Wyndham hotel stays.  Here are a few examples of hotels and the price per night at .54 cents per point with the 10% Amex discount:

Days Inn London Hyde Park (has some 4 person occupancy rooms!) – 20,000 points – $108

Ramada Encore London West – 25,000 points – $135

Super 8 Dillon/Breckenridge Area (near many ski options) – 14,000 points – $75.60

Ramada Vancouver Downtown – 16,000 points – $86.40

Days Inn San Diego Downtown – 20,000 points – $108

A family of four in London for $108 is great, as is a place to sleep at night for $75 during ski season.  These hotels are not your five star-diamond-platinum-titanium style hotels, but plenty of them seem to have solid enough reviews to totally meet the basic needs of a safe and clean place to sleep at night.

I will not be purchasing Wyndham points as I simply don’t trust the program enough.  That said, I have gotten some good value out of Wyndham points in the past, but I don’t have any immediate needs, and don’t feel comfortable enough stocking up for later.  I don’t expect it to be that difficult to purchase these points given the availability and lack of cut-throat competition for these points.

General Daily Getaway Purchase Tips:

  • Start refreshing the Daily Getaways page obsessively starting 1-2 minutes before “go-time”.
  • Recruit a friend or partner to do the same on another computer.
  • If applicable, have your rewards program number nearby (for points purchases).
  • Have your credit card nearby (preferably an Amex card for the 10% discount).
  • Select different packages by clicking on the images on the right of the screen.
  • Don’t get greedy – maybe go for a lesser package and don’t try to do tons at once (unless you are okay being left on the sideline if it doesn’t work).
  • If it doesn’t work at first, keep trying as those who don’t check out with the package in their cart will have that package re-released for sale.  Until it actually says “sold out”, it isn’t.
  • Be patient – just consider this a game of sorts.  You will probably not get everything you want.
  • Cross your fingers!

Will you be going for Wyndham Reward points tomorrow?

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  1. Nope. Wyndham pi###d me off when they devalued the airline miles with no warning.

    If anyone needs a stay in Northern Colorado, the Super 8 Fort Collins is only 10K. It is near all the restaurants on College Ave and it is a “pride of super 8” hotel, for what that is worth (I don’t know).

  2. I have a feeling it’s going to be incredibly easy for me to scoop up 32k points in 10 min. That’s 2 nights @ the Days Inn Silverthorne for $86.40/night. That’ll come in handy for ski season. And it’s infinitely better in both breakfast, quality of beds, and even has a hot tub…as compared to the Super 8 Dillon across I-70.

  3. Yup, cakewalk. 32k is fine for me. Bought 128k last year, used 80k for hotels…had 48k leftover and I’ll be using these as a “top up”. You never know when another 14k/night deal for NYC might come up, right??? 😉

    • Gabriel, yeah this one had tons of stock and not that much interest. Good for those who wanted some points though. 😉

  4. Hi, Can you help with Hertz points tomorrow. I am trying to find out how many points for a week rental of 4WD/AWD Prem Extra Capacity SUV, PFAR in SLC would be during the winter. It will not show me on Hertz. Trying to figure out if I should get Hertz points. Thanks…

  5. I picked up some points and they hit my account this morning. Days Inn – Hyde Park, London booked!! Thank you for the idea!

    • Glenn, thankfully looks like folks got the word out that Wyndham isn’t the most trustworthy program out there!

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