Good Deal on Hertz Points in Daily Getaways Today

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Today (Tuesday May 20th) the Daily Getaway Deals brings us Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points up for sale, and this one has some real savings potential!  I did a summary of the first week of deals here, and while I don’t plan to post a reminder before every single deal the way I have in years past, I do plan to post reminders the night before (or sometimes morning of) some of the deals that might be of more interest to the miles and points community than others.
In case you are new to the Daily Getaways, they are daily deals for the next five weeks on discounted hotel stays, discounted points purchases, car rental deals, and more.  Some of the deals are better than others, and since you are shelling out real money make sure you have plans for the deals your purchase.  The travel packages are provided by U.S. Travel Association, in cooperation American Express. To get an additional 10% off savings you must pay with an American Express card.  Daily Getaways are only open to those who are US residents ages 18 and up (though some packages are for 21+).  Here is a link to some tips for successfully purchasing these limited quantity deals.

The deals go on sale at 1PM Eastern and are limited quantity, so be at your computer and ready a couple minutes before 1PM.  Hit refresh on the specific deal you want until it says “buy” and then you are off to the races (click on the different deals on the far right to pick a different points package.  Have your award program numbers ready if you are purchasing points, and good luck!

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points:
Just like with the Wyndham points from yesterday, this deal is marketed as things like a one week rental, when in reality it is just a bundle of points that you can use however you wish for Hertz rentals.

  • 5,500 points deposited to your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account – $280 (45 available) 4.6 cents per point with 10% discount
  • 13,200 points deposited to your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account – $475 (35 available) 3.2 cents per point with 10% discount
  • 16,500 points deposited to your Herts Gold Plus Rewards account – $775 (50 available) 4.2 cents per point with 10% discount

Hertz Daily GetawaysKey terms:

No more than one set of points purchased through this offer are allowed per Hertz member number. A maximum of three sets of points is allowed per Hertz member number across all Hertz offers. (I think that means you can buy one of each package, though given the quantities available that probably would be impossible).  Points do not expire as long as member has any Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® program activity in the prior 24 months.  Minimum age for this offer is twenty-five (25) (exceptions apply).

Buy or no buy:

The prices for these sets of points are similar to last year, though the Hertz award chart has devalued some since then (though with lots of advance notice).  It is worth noting that the 13,200 point package is a fair bit lower in terms of price per point than the other two, but with only 35 available on that one (and 130 all-in) this one really is a lottery as much as anything.

Hertz has AnyDay Rewards are not subject to any blackout periods and may be used during the most busy travel periods, and  Standard Rewards that are in theory available during all but the most busy travel periods and require less points to redeem than AnyDay Rewards.  Free weekend days start at 550 points.  A free weekday rental day on a standard award is 675 points, and on an AnyDay reward it is double at 1,300 points.  A specialty vehicle (like an SUV) weekend day rental is 850 points for standard rate and 1,650 points on an AnyDay rate.  You can view the full rate sheet here.

Also note that Hertz points can be transferred to a spouse or domestic partner, which is good for families.  I have gotten big value out of Hertz points (here and here), and am currently trying to use them for a trip to Alaska where car rental rates are $150+ per night for our dates.  Sadly, those are also only AnyDay rates with Hertz, but even at 1,100 points for a weekend rental per day that is the equivalent of about $40ish bucks per day when buying points at these rates, depending on exactly which package you get.

I’m a buyer at these prices, but that’s only in theory since the number of packages is so low (plus I now have an obligation at lunch that may make buying impossible – argh!).  I have had very good success with Hertz points, and buying these points would result in real savings for my family when car rental prices are just too high.  This will be one where there is more demand than available packages, so try not to be too disappointed if you try for a package and aren’t able to actually get one.  To give yourself a fighting chance, check out the purchase tips below.

General Daily Getaway Purchase Tips:

  • Start refreshing the Daily Getaways page obsessively starting 1-2 minutes before “go-time” at 1PM Eastern.
  • Recruit a friend or partner to do the same on another computer.
  • If applicable, have your rewards program number nearby (for points purchases).
  • Have your credit card nearby (preferably an Amex card for the 10% discount).
  • Select different packages by clicking on the images on the right of the screen.
  • Don’t get greedy – maybe go for a lesser package and don’t try to do tons at once (unless you are okay being left on the sideline if it doesn’t work).
  • If it doesn’t work at first, keep trying as those who don’t check out with the package in their cart will have that package re-released for sale.  Until it actually says “sold out”, it isn’t.
  • Be patient – just consider this a game of sorts.  You will probably not get everything you want.
  • Cross your fingers!

Will you be trying for Hertz points?  If so, good luck!

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  1. I don’t see how this is a good deal. “Estimated value for 1 week Standard Vehicle is $1,100”??? They’ve got to be kidding, right? I just booked 1 week of Standard size SUV in Hawaii for $280 with all taxes and fees included. You can get a Standard Vehicle for way less than $280/week if you spend some time on the internet.

    • Santastico, the example they give is bad. Check out some of the examples in the post such as being able to redeem “anytime” for a rental that comes to $40 a day given the points rates. That can be good when rates are really high. A standard award would be 1/2 that price per day. I could go on, but it is actually a much better deal than they advertize…though quantities are really low so it’s okay if folks think it is a bad deal. 😉

  2. It’s still not a good deal. Unless you have a imminent booking you need to make where prices are sky high and they have redeemable awards. Except they control awards.
    They are basically dumping excess inventory for a profit.

  3. Got the 16500 one about 1 second after it activated. Had 4 windows open and the 13,200 was sold out about 1.5 seconds after and didn’t get in on that. But glad I chose the 16,500 to start – not as good a deal $ per point but with a few more available figured a slightly better chance. And for Nick – it can be a great deal. I have twins and need a mini-van for my rentals which routinely run $700/week with Hertz (can get for about $500 with other agencies) where and when I’ve needed to rent. But at 4400 points for the week, I can get 3 weeks in a mini-van with enough points left over for a couple regular sedan rentals. For $700 that’s a great deal! I’m conservatively getting more than twice the value that I paid.

  4. Woo hoo! Got the 16,500 point package.

    @ Nick — I have ALWAYS been able to rent at the lower “Standard” level. Through this promotion, you can get a premium car for a week for $116.25. That is an amazing deal at even generic places like CLT, where a weekly economy rental would have set me back nearly $400 last week. Instead, I used points from last year’s Daily Getaway deal and got a Mercedes SUV for about $40 in airport fees.

    • Jealous of you successful with the Hertz deals! Ha ha – very cool! I blame the slow WiFi at lunch for our failure. Ha! 😉

  5. @Gene – Same here on the lower rates. I’ve rented in Florida over Easter/Passover and that wasn’t even the higher rates. Seems that for one a company is telling the truth when it says the higher rates are really just for the most popular times! I only rent a few times a year so got 3 mini-van weeks from the 16000 package from 2-years ago. Really happy to get in this year – wasn’t optimistic with the limited packages.

  6. I just bit the bullet and snagged a $695 package. I travel a lot and like to rent from Hertz. I figure to make it worth it my rentals need to be more than $50 per day and that accounts for a redemption at the any day price point. @ Santastico as soon as I know i am renting a car in hawaii, I book as pay later. I have seen prices sky rocket depending on how close to your trip you book.

  7. Impressive that we have 3 out of only 50 of the 16K package postingon here (plus 1 on the middle package!). @mommypoints – so after reading your blog a while finally clicked on your “about me” page! My 4-year old daughter may give yours a run for her money in taking over the world . . . she’s pretty much taken over everything else so far (luckily her twin brother is perfectly happy letting her take over . . .). And that’s a gorgeous picture of you!

  8. Thanks for the notice on this one! Snagged a 13,200 package – I think it was the super fast internet at work 😀

  9. This was a good deal and I was tempted…I actually got in on it and then at the last minute I decided to save the $250. and not click purchase. So somebody else got mine…oh well, trying to cut back on my “habit.”

    • Nick, ah! Someone got lucky getting “your” package, but I do understand keeping spending on this habit in check!

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