Choice Hotel Points for Sale: Under $100/night for Atlantis, Zurich, Paris, and More!

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Today (Wednesday May 21st) the Daily Getaway Deals brings us Choice Privileges points up for sale, and this is a deal I have enjoyed in the past. I did a summary of the first week of deals here, and while I don’t plan to post a reminder before every single deal the way I have in years past, I do plan to post reminders the night before (or sometimes morning of) some of the deals that might be of more interest to the miles and points community than others.

In case you are new to the Daily Getaways, they are daily deals for the next five weeks on discounted hotel stays, discounted points purchases, car rental deals, and more.  Some of the deals are better than others, and since you are shelling out real money make sure you have plans for the deals your purchase.  The travel packages are provided by U.S. Travel Association, in cooperation American Express. To get an additional 10% off savings you must pay with an American Express card.  Daily Getaways are only open to those who are US residents ages 18 and up (though some packages are for 21+).  Here is a link to some tips for successfully purchasing these limited quantity deals.

The deals go on sale at 1PM Eastern and are limited quantity, so be at your computer and ready a couple minutes before 1PM.  Hit refresh on the specific deal you want until it says “buy” and then you are off to the races (click on the different deals on the far right to pick a different points package.  Have your award program numbers ready if you are purchasing points, and good luck!

Choice Privileges Points:

These offers are bundles of points you can use however you wish marketed as a certain number of nights at hotels.

  • 40,000 Choice Privileges points – $165 (325 available) .37 cents each with 10% Amex discount
  • 36,000 Choice Privileges points – $175 (785 available) .44 cents each with 10% Amex discount
  • 32,000 Choice Privileges points – $132 (655 available) .37 cents each with 10% Amex discount
  • 20,000 Choice Privileges points – $108 (216 available) .49 cents each with 10% Amex discount

Choice Hotels Daiy Getaway

Key Terms:

Points are valid through December 31, 2016 at which time they expire.  There is a max purchase of 2 sets of points purchased through this offer are allowed per loyalty number. A maximum of 8 sets of points is allowed per loyalty number across all Choice Hotels offers.  You can only book award stays 30 days prior to your planned arrival for the United States or Canada, or 60 days on international trips. Elite members have a somewhat higher booking window, and I did match to get elite status when I booked a trip last year.

Buy or No Buy:

I purchased these points in 2012 to take my family to the Comfort Suites Paradise Island next to Atlantis (staying there gives you included access to Atlantis).  At these point prices, that is under $100 per night to take a family of four to Atlantis – including lodging.  I say that is a great deal, but obviously that type of vacation isn’t for everyone.


Comfort Suites Paradise Island

Here are some examples of various redemptions options and the dollar equivalent you are paying if you buy points at $0.0038 cents each.

GEM Hotel Soho – 30,000 points ($111)

Comfort Inn Midtown West (Manhattan) – 25,000/30,000 points ($92.50/$111)

Clarion Collection Hotel Opera Pavillion Paris – 25,000 points ($92.50)

Comfort Inn Buckingham Palace Road – 25,000 points ($92.50)

Comfort Hotel Royal Zurich – 25,000 points ($92.50)

Comfort Suites Paradise Island – 25,000 points ($92.50)

Roadway Inn University Downtown Austin – 12,000 points ($44.40)

The Equus, An Ascend Hotel Collection in Honolulu, HI – 30,000 points ($111)

Comfort Suites Summit County (near Breckenridge) – 20,000 points (16k in off-season) ($76)

There have also sometimes been redemptions in Europe for as low as 8,000 points per night during certain times per year, though I haven’t seen that appear as much this year as in previous years.  Some also like to get these points to transfer to Southwest as they have historically counted toward Companion Pass qualification.  If you just need a few more points to get to the 110,000 point Companion Pass threshold, 6,000 Choice points transfers to 1,800 Rapid Rewards points.  If you bought 40,000 Choice points for $148.50 with the Amex discount, you could transfer that to 10,800 Southwest points at a cost of 1.375 cents per Rapid Reward point.  If you wanted a different type of airline mile like United or American, then 5,000 points =  1,000 airline miles.

These are a good buy for Choice Hotel stays as well as topping up to the Companion Pass.  I’ve been a buyer before, and now that I have successfully used the points I bought two years ago, I think I’ll be a buyer again.  Given the number of packages available, I don’t think it will be too hard to get some points right when they go on sale at 1PM Eastern today, but I do expect these points to sell out at some point as there are many good uses for them.

Will you be purchasing some Choice points?

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    • Eric, there were none on our stay though I can’t guarantee it will always work that way. I expected some but there were none!

  1. @Eric I just redeemed my points for 4 night stay in March and was not charged any extra fees. I then booked a 1 night stay a few weeks ago to get free passes for a day stop on a cruise, and was also not charged any fees.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! We have a wedding in Chicago on June 21st, and a stay at the Hotel Blake for roughly $115 seems like a phenomenal deal. However, when I go to the website it says Not Available and, the following error comes up:

    “This rate program cannot be made more than 30 days in advance.”

    A lot of other hotels in the surrounding area show “Not Enough Points” and still have the 30 day restriction.

    Is it safe to assume that the Hotel Blake is not a viable option even within the 30 day window? That greatly impacts my decision to purchase points, and I am not nearly as excited about staying at the Inn of Chicago.

    • Greg, yeah I have that in the post but you cannot make award reservations in the US/Canada more than 30 days in advance. 60 days for international properties other than Canada. My limited experience has shown decent availability in that window, but obviously there will be times when there isn’t any. That is the downside of Choice.

  3. Summer, you should point out that you can’t reserve points stays with Choice more than 60 days in advance (a little more if you are an elite member.) In other words, you can’t book the hotel with points until 60 days before you travel. With airfare for a big trip usually purchased more than 2 months ahead of time, that is cutting it a little close. I don’t think Choice is the best option for family travel at all, due to the uncertainty.

    Also, the points expire after 2 years regardless of activity on the account. Not worth stocking up on IMO.

    • MomTime, that is in the post….and sadly it is just 30 days within the US and Canada. It is the downside of Choice for sure.

  4. Considering that I can MS a stay at a top of the line Club Carlson property for $77 a night on a two night stay, and do that whenever I choose, I am unimpressed with this offer. Without even considering that Choice could at any point do a Wyndham unannounced devaluation a day or two from now.
    Only exception would be if one wanted to stay at Paradise Island, but that’s not on my bucket list. Not happy about the 60 day booking window either, as I usually book my European trips much earlier than that. And good hotels in major cities will often book up the “standard” rooms well before 60 days on desirable dates.

  5. I wanted the 40,000 but wasn’t quick enough. I managed to snag one of the 32,000 packages. It states they will be in your account within 10 days, does it usually take the full 10 days to post?

    I have gotten a lot of good value out of Choice hotels, but the limited booking window is a PITA for sure.

  6. I failed to get in on the $165 or $132 packages, but did get a couple of the $108 packages (all prices pre-AMEX discount). I’m making a trip to the French Alps later this year, and there’s some properties in and around Grenoble.

    FYI I did receive the discount when I paid with my Bluebird card. I know others have reported they did not.

  7. Argh! Got through to the purchase page for the 40k package 4 different times (click Buy Now, click Try Again, click Buy Now, click Try Again…) and got an error message after submitting personal and CC info each time! “Looks like something’s gone wrong, Please try again.”

    Packages finally said they were sold out after about 30 minutes so I stopped.

  8. Hi Summer, Thanks for the reminder. I was able to purchase the two packages that we wanted. Do you recall how long it took the points to post to your account last year?

  9. I was lucky enough to get 2x32k and 2x36k, so I’m pretty happy. The first time I went through, I got the same “Looks like something’s gone wrong, Please try again.” while checking out, which was pretty annoying, but luckily I was able to get other packages later on. I actually even had a 2x40k early on (which is the package I really wanted), but I had so many failures before it that I accidentally hit the ESC key too quickly and closed the window 🙂 Last year, it took about 10 business days for my points to post (bought on June 27, posted July 11).

    • I’m surprised these sold out quite as fast as they did, but at least it sounds like most people who wanted something were able to get something! We got some – couldn’t get the $165 packages we wanted, but made it work.

  10. Bought 2x32k. Originally planned on going for the 2x40k, but having failed the first few times I had a parallel window running to get the lower deal (at the same buy rate). Pretty happy with the outcome – This will pay for 5+ nights at hotels in the Great Plains – as I roam and use low occupancy hotels this shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks for your breakdown of the value proposition – got me thinking about the early offer.

  11. Snagged 2*40K & 2*32 K Packages. Got initially “try again” messages on 40K, but got onto the 32K Package pretty quickly. When i was done confirming the 32K Package..checked and saw the 40 K package not completely sold out. Tried refreshing and try later couple of times and viola got the dialog box “Enter your Choice Rewards #”… . All in all 144,000 points which when translates to SW Rapid Rewards results in 43K + points. On a side note, I will be attending an Indian wedding on Friday. Imagine one dude sitting in the parking lot of the church at 11.00 AM Mountain Time trying to snag Hilton points. 😛

  12. Got 2*36 and 2*32 packages with no problem and no errors. I figure that, if I don’t use them for Choice stays, I can get fair value transferring them to Southwest, even if I don’t need them for CP. (Of course there is always devaluation risk….)

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