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Just two days ago Daily Getaways sold Wyndham Reward points, and I highlighted I would not be buying in large part because I do not trust Wyndham Rewards to act in a way that benefits me as the consumer.  There are actually some pretty good values to be had in their program, but not good enough for me to take the risk.  Now, just two days later, here they go with hotel category changes that kick in tomorrow and aren’t going to be announced in advance.

As was shared on Flyertalk, Wyndham reportedly sent out an email yesterday evening (that I did not get even though I belong to Wyndham Rewards and have points in my account) that said:

Wyndham Rewards Free Night stay tier levels for some Wyndham Hotel Group properties will be adjusted to reflect current market conditions on or around May 22, 2014.6 This means the point levels for individual hotels may decrease or increase. If you have any questions please call member services at 1- 866-996-7937.

They have a track record of making changes to some property award prices on the fly, changing the airline transfer rate without notice, etc.  In fairness, they also have at times given advance notice of changes such as when the award chart changed last year.  They have also promised better communication about upcoming changes to members, though this doesn’t really seem to qualify…

I called Wyndham Rewards this morning at the number given above with a simple question…what properties will be going up in points price tomorrow?  I was told by a customer service rep “this change impacts all properties, so there is no advance list”.  He then went on to read the statement from the email listed above.  I don’t know that I really believe that this impacts all properties, but I certainly got nowhere getting a list of the hotels that would be changing tomorrow.  So, my best advice is make any reward bookings you can today as who knows exactly what will happen tomorrow.  There may be minor adjustments or lots of hotels could get pricier.  There is no way to know for sure.

And in an effort of pure insanity that will inevitably impact nothing, here is a letter straight from the heart to Wyndham Rewards.

Wyndham Rewards,

Please share a list of hotels that are changing categories in advance.  That is what the major hotel loyalty programs like Starwood, Hyatt, and more do on an annual basis.  Even if the notice you give is short, at least give folks a head’s up on the specifics.  People save up points to take family vacations, and unannounced changes can ruin their plans.  I would also ask that the email that goes out with this sort of information please go out to all members, and the subject line of the email is clear as most people get 100’s of emails per day.  I would use something like “Wyndham Rewards Hotel Categories Changing May 22nd” or “Upcoming Adjustments to Wyndham Rewards” or the ever-popular “Enhancements Coming to Wyndham Rewards”.  Additionally, the info about upcoming changes should be on your website in an easy to find spot.  Every program devalues and changes hotel categories, we get it.  Just don’t make it a dark and spooky process.  Make it clear and transparent so folks trust your program instead of staying away for fear of being burned again. I want to love you, I really do, but I need your help.


Summer Hull – a member who still has 25k points and needs to use them ASAP


Thanks to View From the Wing for the head’s up on this upcoming change.

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  1. Wow, thanks for the warning about this! I received the email from Wyndham, but completely ignored it because it just seemed like typical marketing stuff. Talk about burying the lead 🙂

    I was amazed to see though that the 40k Wyndham points that I bought yesterday have already been deposited in my account, so I’m ready to immediately redeem them. There are still occasional bright spots with Wyndham points, for example: HoJo Anaheim is across the street and easy walking distance to Disneyland, and a 2 Queen Superior Room with views of the Matterhorn ($187 rack) is available for 14000 points. At least available for 14k for now — I wonder what it will be in a couple of days!

  2. Do you think there is any recourse for those of us who bought points at the daily getaway and they still haven’t posted. I have a specific use for the points that guided my purchase. Is there a VP whose email address is online?

  3. I’m not surprised-they sold all those points the other day so they want to hurry and make it more expensive for people to use them. Their customer service is really poor also. They have one department that can only book reservations that are paid and another that can only do award reservations and then another if you need to make changes and another if you need to cancel. I had the pleasure of going though all of them last week just to fix one award reservation that had errors with it.

  4. Keith, glad you have your points and can use them and I agree there are good awards in their system. They just need to make some process and decision making changes.
    Charles, keep checking and maybe your points will post today. Also possible what you want to redeem for won’t change. I have also had luck going through the Wyndham Rewards rep on FT for a one-time exception to an award change.
    Buddy, that sounds like a bucket of fun!

  5. Glad I didn’t buy up WR points.

    This is a relatively bad time to hold on or buy large numbers of points in airline or hotel programs in anticipation of some speculative future use.

    The Daily Getaway deals are way less interesting to me now than they were even last year. And that includes even the Choice hotel points about to be sold.

  6. I bought 60k points Monday and they have yet to post so I called in to the member service number. They weren’t able to tell me when my points would post, and they also said they did not have a list of those changing tiers. However, I did know what hotel I wanted to use my points on, so they contacted that hotel directly and asked them if they were changing tiers. Luckily, mine is not changing, so it shouldn’t matter if it takes a few days for mine to post. Might be worth a call if your points haven’t posted yet and you know where you want to use them.

  7. Agreed with GU Wonder. I would only considering buying gift cards at a discount (dat Marriott $1K gift card looks really tempting).

  8. Wow.. I just bought some through the dailygetaways to book a room at the Parc 55 in SFO. The points hit my account today…. so I better get on it tonight!

  9. Just a data point–I bought 4 sets for 4 different family members on Monday with a specific redemption in mind, and all of them posted just now, so I was able to make a reservation at the current rates. I would check periodically throughout the day to see if they’ve posted.

  10. My points posted this afternoon, and I booked my hotel immediately. I don’t exactly trust them that it won’t be changing tiers tomorrow even though they told me it wouldn’t be.

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