Hilton Points at Less Than 1/2 Cent Each Today via Daily Getaways

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Today (Friday May 23rd) the Daily Getaway Deals brings us Hilton HHonors points up for sale. I did a summary of the first week of deals here, and while I don’t plan to post a reminder before every single deal the way I have in years past, I do plan to post reminders the night before (or sometimes morning of) some of the deals that might be of more interest to the miles and points community than others.  Even though HHonors points aren’t what they once were, I still thought the deal was worth looking at.

In case you are new to the Daily Getaways, they are daily deals for the next five weeks on discounted hotel stays, discounted points purchases, car rental deals, and more.  Some of the deals are better than others, and since you are shelling out real money make sure you have plans for the deals your purchase.  The travel packages are provided by U.S. Travel Association, in cooperation American Express. To get an additional 10% off savings you must pay with an American Express card.  Daily Getaways are only open to those who are US residents ages 18 and up (though some packages are for 21+).  Here is a link to some tips for successfully purchasing these limited quantity deals.

The deals go on sale at 1PM Eastern and are limited quantity, so be at your computer and ready a couple minutes before 1PM.  Hit refresh on the specific deal you want until it says “buy” and then you are off to the races (click on the different deals on the far right to pick a different points package.  Have your award program numbers ready if you are purchasing points, and good luck!

Hilton HHonors Points:

100,000 Hilton HHonors points – $550 (160 available) .495 cents per points with the 10% Amex discount
150,000 Hilton HHonors points – $825 (200 available) .495 cents per points with the 10% Amex discount
250,000 Hilton HHonors points – $1,375 (200 available) .495 cents per points with the 10% Amex discount

Key terms:

Only 1 set of points may be purchased for each offer. Up to 3 sets of points may be purchased in total (one per offer) per HHonors member for all Hilton HHonors offers in this promotion. Open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia and must be a Hilton HHonors member to participate.

Hilton points

Buy or No Buy:

These are the same prices HHonors points have been available for via Daily Getaways for several years, but the award chart has gone from topping out at 50k points per night, to 95k points per night in that time. So, if you want to use these points for top tier 95k points per night Hilton hotels such as Conrad Maldives, it will essentially cost you $470.25 per night based on the price per point with the Amex 10% discount.  Here are a few other examples based on the lowest starting points price – note that some times of year will require more points.

For example, you can stay at the Hilton Orlando, Hilton Anaheim, London Hyde Park, London – Ealing Hotel, or Hilton San Antonio Hill Country Resort certain times of the year for 30,000 points per night.  At this rate, this is the equivalent of paying $148.50 per night which can be lower than the going rate.  The popular Grand Wailea in Hawaii ranges from 70,000 – 95,000 points per night, which is the equivalent of  $346.50 – $470.25 with these purchased points.  That can be well below the going rate of that hotel, but you just need to do your homework and be aware that availability can be tough to grab at the lowest levels.  Also note that if you have elite status with Hilton and book using points for five consecutive nights, the fifth night will be free. – See more at: http://mommypoints.boardingarea.com/2013/07/09/hilton-hhonors-points-for-less-than-12-cent-each/#comments

Hilton Hill Country Resort and Spa: From 30,000 points per night ($148.50 at .495 cents per point)

Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort: From 60,000 points per night ($297)

Hilton Orlando: From 30,000 points per night ($148.50)

Hilton Manhattan East: From 60,000 points per night ($297)

Waldorf Hilton London: From 60,000 points per night ($297)

These prices can be lower than paying the hotel cost + taxes and such each night, so this isn’t across the board a bad deal, but there are also lots of other ways to earn Hilton points such as via their many credit cards.  You also really need to do the math to see if you are coming out ahead buying points vs. paying the best rate you can get for the room.  Remember to factor in the 5th night free if you have elite status with Hilton (that you can get via a c0-branded credit card very easily) if you are planning a trip of five nights or longer.

However, given how easy it can be to get Hilton points via credit cards, and the relatively high number of points required at some Hilton properties I might want to visit, this is a no buy for me.  There are some good uses for these points for family vacations, but you just need to be very sure you are coming out on the upside of the deal before spending $500+ buying HHonors points.

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  1. I am going to be buying HIlton points today. I think people need to start thinking for themselves instead of buying into what is plastered over the internet of these points being useless. Somehow everyone seems to have been brain washed into believing if you are not redeeming at inspirational properties well points are not worth having. People need to focus on where they want to go and not base their travel decisions on what a blogger says.

    For example I can use 32k to stay at the DT Amsterdam or pay 199 euros. I know what I will be doing. 40k for the Hilton Waikiki over Christmas when the room retails for $250+ and we all know how the taxes raise that cost.

    I’m a SPG Platinum and have to say we have been staying at Hilton more than ever this year. Reason being we base our stays purely on cost. We don’t worry about upgrades because with the money we save by buying on cost when we require a larger room or a suite we purchase it.

    • Vicky, I don’t know exactly what sites you are referring to, but I certainly don’t think HHonors points are useless and gave examples in this post where they would probably be better than the cash rates at these prices. I totally agree with you that folks should do the math for themselves based on their own travel plans and the selling costs of the rooms. That’s what the post encourages people to do, and I’m glad you found a way to save your family some money on your travels using Hilton!

      • Apologies if anyone thought I was implying that you were bleating about Hilton points being useless. Probably that was more aimed at the bloggers I don’t actually bothering commenting on. Jake there is always way to use points if you are creative. Everything does not have to be an aspirational property. The way I look at if if you use points on the ordinary then you have cash to pay the extraordinary.

        • Vicky, no worries. Just wanted to make sure to be clear I think there are some good uses – just not the same ones there used to be. I guess at least a few hundred folks agree as the points are all showing as sold out!

  2. Great post MP and thanks for the heads up. Sadly, I think I’m in the category of folks Vicky mentions in her post. I don’t find Hilton points useless, but as a HH Diamond that earns his pts/status the old fashioned way (many, many nights at Hiltons) even 1 yr+ later the deval still stings. Additionally, aspirational properties for me are a reward for the 45+ weeks/yr my wife and I spend apart. Anyway, at half a cent a point the HH pts likely work out to a wash at best in most cases. Once purchased, make certain to use them quickly…who know when the next devaluation will occur! 😉

  3. Looks like the points sold much faster this year than last. Last year, I was able to buy 150,000 points days after the offer opened (and used 120,000 of them to pay for a stay that would have cost me $1100 cash – a clear savings of $500). This year, all packages were sold out by 8PM EDT.

    • UAPhil, yeah when I checked about 2 hours after it started it was already sold out. Much faster than last year.

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