Good Britax Car Seat Sale at – “Free” $50 Gift Amazon Card!

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Update: Looks like the $50 Amazon gift card sale on Britax car seats has ended – congrats on those who were able to place an order in time!

I hope you all had a relaxing Memorial Day!  We had a wonderful weekend at home and on the lake with friends, which can be a great change of pace from travel from time to time.  And who says you can’t surf in the middle of Texas?!

Memorial Day

One of the many things on my to-do list on this long weekend was to look at getting some new car seats for our daughter as she is starting to outgrow the forward facing seats we have, not to mention the seats are aging and some advancements have been made in the 4-5 years since we bought hers.  And oh my gosh kids now have to be in some sort of seat or booster basically forever!

We are partial to Britax car seats for use in our cars (though we often travel with a lighter and cheaper Cosco Scenera seat), so it was perfect timing that Amazon is having a Britax Car Seat Sale where you get a $50 Amazon gift card with the purchase of select Britax car seats (make sure to also add the $50 gift card to your cart).  We were able to get a seat we wanted for our traveling kid at a good price, so I thought it was worth sharing.

Amazon Car Seat Sale

If you need a new Britax car seat so your kid is comfortable and safe on road trips, flights, and just for errands around town, I recommend checking this sale out as it can be tough to get good prices on Britax seats.  And of course if you do plan to place an order on, you can first load up on an Amazon gift card at an office supply store, grocery store, etc. to earn category bonus points on your rewards earning credit cards!

Do you have a specific type of car seat you like to use for your kiddos at home or on the road?  Anyone else in shock over how many years kids are in car seats these days (though of course I’m glad seats keep them safe and comfy)?


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  1. Thanks for the heads up…been looking for one since my daughter is approaching 1 year and soon to outgrow the “infant” car seat. I joke with my parents and say that they did such a poor job since they only used one type of car seat and I was out of my car seat by the time I was 13

  2. We use a Britax Advocate g4 for both our boys. They are huge and are not travel friendly. We utilize cosco ones for travel purposes. We purchased both from Amazon, when they were having a great sale. I think we got them for about $225 (MSRP $379) each. And I absolutely agree about the fact that they stay in carseats longer, but they do keep them safe. Thats the funny thing about carseats…we spent a ton on these carseats hoping we never actually have to see how “good” they actually are.

  3. You know what I’ve heard rescue professionals call a rear-facing infant seat? The “orphan seat”, because often enough they find the kids in them perfectly fine while everyone else in the car is dead. Death by car accidents per capita is way down since 1970 because of better safety devices. Ignore all that idiotic stuff people spout about “well in my day we just put a playpen in the back seat and WE are all fine!”. Those people just didn’t personally know or remember the kids who didn’t survive such lax protocols.

    Britax advocate is a good seat. Also useful for airline is the GoGoBabyz Travelmate to roll it around the airport. One time sleeping son on airplane arrived. I unbuckled the seat with him in it, attached the Travelmate, rolled off the airplane, into a cab, and into the hotel without ever waking him up. A good long nap leaves everyone less cranky.

  4. I have been looking for a sale on Britax car seats, so this is perfect! I just can’t seem to find the deal on Amazon even through the link. The link shows only 4 different carseats and without the gift card. I hope the seal is still going on!

  5. Brendan, car seats sure have come a long way!
    Nancy, we do the same type of thing. One for use at home and one we use more often for travel (Though we have brought our Britax a couple of times). I totally agree I never want to find out how good the safety features are on our car seats.
    Vicente, agree car seats keep the kids so much safer than if they weren’t there. Love rolling the kid off the plane while they’re still sleeping!
    Emily, I just checked and it looks like it must have ended last night. I updated the post now but so sorry you weren’t able to get in on time. I’ll try to keep my eyes open for good car seats sales in the future and share again.

  6. Both of our girls used Britax seats from the day they came home — they loved the comfort, we loved the quality! Our youngest DD turned 10yo in March and she still sits on one of those booster “risers” in our van so that the seatbelt lays in the correct position over her shoulder. Without it, the shoulder strap rests against her neck. I shudder to think what that strap could do to her neck/carotid artery in a collision. 🙁 Socially, it is not ideal that she uses this riser, she loathes having to use it. But, since she is not yet tall enough, it is what it is to keep her as safe as possible. I know many parents cave to the pressure and forego any type of booster when their child really still needs one…..just take a look where the shoulder strap should fall and where it actually does fall. Hopefully our girl will sprout up a bit more this year and we will be finished with all boosters before she turns 11!!!

    • Carrie, good for you for making the choice to keep her safe regardless of social pressures. Fingers crossed for a growth spurt! 😉

  7. I have a Britax Frontier for my 5.5 year old in my car – I love it. It harnesses to 85 pounds and then is a high back belt-positioning booster up to 100 pounds. He’s in an HB belt-positioning booster in DH’s car, but I love the extra security of the harness. BONUS – he got really proficient at buckling himself in over the last month, and this week figured out how to unbuckle the chest strap (when we are ready to get out, not en route) so it’s making it that much easier to keep him harnessed.

    We have a Scenera for travel too and since my youngest is a string bean he’ll probably outgrow it by height before weight!

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