Three Days Left For Increased Sign-Up Bonuses Worth $700+!

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Credit card sign-up bonuses are the fastest and easiest way to get a big injection of valuable miles and points in a hurry (without even having to travel!).  One credit card sign-up bonus can sometimes be worth $500 – $1,000+.  For many of us the impact on our credit scores for getting a new card is small and temporary (though always take good care of your credit score), and the rewards for getting the card can literally take you around the world…or simply off to grandma’s house.

The sign-up bonuses go up and down at various times, and some of the time there is even more than one version of a sign-up bonus for the same card at the same time.  For those new to this hobby, that can be pretty surprising, and confusing!  It makes me sad when I hear about someone applying for a rewards credit card without getting the very best offer available, so I try and talk about when sign-up offers go up (such as the Amex Business Gold Rewards and Citi HHonors Visa Signature cards yesterday), and I especially want to give a head’s up when I know that a sign-up bonus is about to go down.  In fact, some of my very favorite sign-up bonuses right now will be decreasing in just three days on June 1st!

Both the Ink Bold® Business Charge Card and Ink Plus® Business Credit Card have increased their sign-up bonuses from 50,000 to 60,000 valuable Ultimate Reward points for the month of May after you spend $5,000 in the first three months. It is not common for these sign-up bonuses to be this high, and we had to wait a full year between increased sign-up bonuses for these cards last time, so I have no reason to think the 60,000 point offer will be back anytime soon.  Missing out on 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points likely means missing out on $150 – $200 in value from this bonus, depending on how you use your points.

Even if you just used the 60,000 points at a fixed value of 1.25 cents for travel, they would be worth $750, so that is the minimum value anyone should get from this one sign-up bonus.  If you use them as I do to transfer to hotel and airlines partners they are likely going to be worth between $900 – $1,200 in travel! 

I also would not overlook the Ink Cash® Business Credit Card that has no annual fee, but has increased its sign-up bonus to a $300 bonus after you spend $3,000 in the first three months.

Grand Hyatt Kauai

Transfer Ultimate Rewards to Hyatt for the Grand Hyatt Kauai

Why are these cards so great?

I absolutely love the Ink Bold and Plus cards as they pay out 5x per $1 on the first $50,000 spent annually at office supply stores, and on cellular phone, landline, internet, and cable TV services.  The cards earn 2x on hotel charges paid directly to the hotel and gas stations.   I earn a large percentage of my points using these cards thanks to the bonus categories.  The Ultimate Reward points that these cards earn can transfer to some of my favorite programs such as United, Hyatt, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Southwest, Marriott, IHG Rewards, and many more.  60,000 points is a really substantial sign-up bonus and here is a post on a few of the things you can do with 60,000 points.  You may be surprised at how far they can take you and your family!

Who can get a business card?

These are all business cards, but that really shouldn’t scare many of us off.  You don’t have to have a huge operation or brick and mortar store to qualify as a business.  If you sell something (products, stuff on etsy, reselling on Amazon or eBay), provide a service for money (photography, nanny/childcare, handyman), etc. you may be running a small business that could benefit from a small business credit card to keep expenses organized.  I know so many “stay at home” parents who run small business on the side!  Both my husband and my dad were approved for their first ever small business cards this spring, and both of them got the Ink Plus for their first small business card.  I used this blog to get my first Chase small business card several years ago when the site was barely more than a hobby, so don’t just assume your business isn’t big enough or formal enough.  Obviously there are no guarantees, but it might be worth a shot.

Can you have an Ink Plus and Ink Bold?

I have both an Ink Plus and Ink Bold and received the sign-up bonuses for both cards.  Some people may use these cards differently and for different types of business purchases since the Ink Bold is a charge card that has to be paid off each month, and the Ink Plus is a credit card card that can have a revolving balance if needed.  So, if you got one in the past but now have need for the other you can apply and potentially take advantage of this increased sign-up offer as the two cards are considered different products.

Transfer Ultimate Rewards points to United to fly in BusinessFirst!

I probably sound a bit like a broken record on these offers, but they were one of the most popular and more rewarding sign-up offers last year, and I expect that to hold true for this year as well.  Best of all for folks like me who don’t apply for tons of credit cards, they are not just great for the big sign-up bonuses, but they are strong everyday work horses in my own miles and points line-up thanks to the generous category bonuses.

I’d love to hear if you were able to get in on these increased bonuses and congrats in advance if you did!


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  1. I really like reading your blog a lot. You have a great writing style. Always excited to see your blog linked from the boarding area twitter notifications. Keep it up! Thanks for the information. I will be sure to use your affiliate link next time I apply for a card (already approved for Ink Plus from another blog). Thank you!

  2. great blog…nice reading and great info….
    thanks much for providing insights.

    i just got my chase sapphire card….
    i’m debating whether to get ink or hyatt or other hotel cards…

    would it be worth applying ink and transfer points to other hotels or its better just get hotel cards…
    i’m debating hyatt or other hotel cards…whats ur suggestions like….

    thanks much.

    • Peter, congrats on the Sapphire! It all depends on your travel goals, though the credit card fan in me says get the Ink and eventually a Hyatt and other hotel cards, too. However, for now if you just want one then look at how you want to spend your points. A top tier Hyatt is 30k points per night, so either the Hyatt card which gives 2 free nights or the Ink Plus or Ink Bold that is at 60k points will cover that. In that case it’s basically a tie. However, if you want to use your points at anything other than a Cat 7 Hyatt then the points from the Ink will actually go further than the two free nights via the Hyatt card. So, I say go for the Ink because this bonus is higher than normal, and then get the Hyatt card later as that sign-up bonus hasn’t changed dramatically in a long time.

      • thanks for ur suggestions…
        if i accumulate ink as well then i’d be abt 100k points already as a starting point but from second year i’ll be hitting for $200/yr fee….
        but my monthly expense currently can add only about $3k on the cards…
        would i split into two cards according to the points they offer would it best for me…or my monthly expense is low???
        or should i start with one card and use that for now..
        i’ll be travelling only end of nxt yr ownwards…i did already finish for this year without any mileage as i’m completely new to this and never thought for it…
        after all ur blogs its helping me….

        besides, for hotel cards…do you still recommend hyatt versus others????

        whats ur suggestions like…
        thanks so much…

        • Peter, I would start with an Ink now and then get the Hyatt after you hit the spending requirement on the Inks. You will be able to start making bookings for the end of 2014 at the end of 2013, so you should have your points nice and ready by then if you act soon. For hotel cards I like the Hyatt, Club Carlson, and Starwood Preferred Guest Amex the best. Hope that helps!

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