Club Carlson Points for Less Than 1/2 Cent Each Today via Daily Getaways

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Today (Tuesday June 17th) the Daily Getaway Deals brings us packages of Club Carlson 50,000 or 100,000 points. This week is the last of five weeks of Daily Getaway Deals, and I have been highlighting what I think to be some of the more interesting deals, and for those who need an infusion of Club Carlson points this deal could be a good solution. 

50,000 Club Carlson Points for $247 ($222.30 with 10% Amex discount) – 100 available, $0.0044 per point

100,000 Club Carlson Points for $495 ($445.50 with 10% Amex discount) – 50 available, $0.0044 per point

Club Carlson Points

Key Terms:

  • Max purchase of two sets of points per deal. No more than 2 sets of points purchased through this offer are allowed per loyalty number. A maximum of 4 sets of points is allowed per loyalty number across both Club Carlson offers.
  • Must be a member of Club Carlson to participate. If you are not a member, click here to join Club Carlson today at

Buy or No Buy:

Club Carlson points can be very useful for certain trips, for example if you are looking for a hotel in a city such as London or Paris you would often need between 44,000 – 70,000 Club Carlson points for a standard room for one night.  At these prices, that is $193 – $308 worth of points per night which isn’t bad, but isn’t necessarily a tremendous value either.  However, if you also have the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature® Card, then the last award night is free so, you are looking at $193 – $308 worth of points for a two night stay.  That is very good for those expensive cities.

Those who are still sitting on a nice stash of Club Carlson points from previous promotions and those who like to “manufacture” their Club Carlson points, probably are best served skipping this deal.  However, if you have a use for the points, need more all at once, and can make them stretch in value with the co-branded credit card than this deal isn’t half bad.

You can learn more about the Club Carlson program in this post or check out the reviews of some Club Carlson properties I have visited here.

May Fair London

Radisson Blu Champs Elysees Paris

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Dublin

Radisson Blu Airport Hotel – Gardermoen Airport

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel – Oslo

Radisson Blu Trysil Ski Resort

I still have some Club Carlson points at the moment, so will be passing on the sale, but it my account was at zero I would certainly try and buy a package to use if I needed it.  The biggest downside to this sale is that there are a pretty limited quantity of packages, so there is no guarantee you will be able to buy one even if you wanted to.  In case you miss out, I saw on the Club Carlson Facebook page that they will be offering some “flash sales” of discounted packages of points very soon, so stay tuned for that if you are in the market for Club Carlson points and good luck with the Daily Getaways sale today!

Remember the points go on sale right at 1PM on the Daily Getaways page.  Will you be trying to purchase a package or two?


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    • People manufacture points many ways, one of which is buying gift cards or similar with the co-branded card and then liquidating the money they put on those gift cards through a variety of ways. They then ultimately are just buying the points via the fee to buy the gift card, but sometimes even that can be mitigated via different deals. It’s not really my area, but there is an entire forum on Flyertalk to get you started.

  1. re: Manufactured spend. Best to google it (or search boardingarea), but it goes something like this:

    Buy 2x$500 OneVanilla Visa prepaid Debit cards at CVS
    using your Club Carlson Card. Cost: 1009.90. CC Points: 5050 or so.

    Load your BlueBird card at Walmart with the $1000 from the 2 cards (sometimes this can be tricky, but I’ve got the right sequences down now). Pay bills or even the credit card bill with the BB card. You’re out about $10.

    So, for $10 outlay and some time, you get 5000 CC points. 50,000 CC points is $100 plus some time and aggrevation.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Oh, and while I wasn’t sure I wanted to up until the last minute, I also landed a 50k package. Was sold out first try (right at 1pm!), BUT I retried a few times and someone else must have not committed.

    With 3 new CC’s in the house, Spending goes to these for awhile, which made the point package more attractive. Used my wife’s new SPG card to save 10%!

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