Free Global WiFi Plan via American Express Platinum Card

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One of the new perks of the American Express Platinum (and Mercedes Benz Platinum) cards that was added effective June 1 was a complimentary Boingo global WiFi plan that includes access at over 1 million hot spots.  If you travel and like internet access (and presumably you do if you read this blog and have that card), this is a pretty decent added benefit.  It may not take the sting out of losing access to US Airways and American Airlines lounges earlier this year, but it is saving me some cash per month since I was already paying for a lower tier Boingo plan, so I’m pretty happy.

Boingo Platinum Benefit

Each Platinum card you have will qualify for one Boingo American Express Preferred Plan that works for up to four devices.  Each authorized user card should be able to get its own complimentary Boingo Preferred Plan membership as well.  As a point of reference, the somewhat similar Global Boingo plan sells for $59/month each, so this isn’t a cheapo plan.

You can set-up your account here Note that if you already have a Boingo account as I did, you need to cancel that subscription separately and set up a new account.  You can call  1-800-426-6917 to cancel your old plan.

You will then get the following benefits on your new plan:

  • One complimentary membership per card
  • Access to 1 million hotspots worldwide
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi access at global hotspots
  • Access on up to four devices
  • No Wi-Fi roaming fees

I still regularly fly out of an airport (Houston) that doesn’t have free WiFi in every terminal, so this is a must for me.  On some of my recent trips to Europe I ended up paying for WiFi in airports more than once when this plan would have solved my problems, so it is absolutely worth setting up before your next trip so you can stay as connected as you want to be while on the go.  There are also tons of hotspots available outside of just airports.

Thumbs up to Amex for adding another useful benefit for travelers to the Platinum card, let’s hope they keep up this trend!



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  1. The Boingo app doesn’t work that well internationally. When it is not connected to Wifi or using cellular data, the Boingo app won’t tell you where the nearest Boingo hotspot is. When you can view Wifi networks on an iPhone/iPad, under the network name, it will tell you if it is a Boingo hotspot and auto log you into that network. It also gives you the option to install a VPN profile to encrypt your web traffic, but the VPN profile wouldn’t load on Safari or Chrome. Come on Boingo!

  2. I installed this app on my iPhone and iPad. I turned off all the battery-sucking options, yet this app halved my battery life on both devices. No thanks, American Express. This is one lousy app.

  3. You don’t need their app to use their hotspots. The app just supposedly makes it easier (clearly its utility is questionable), but there is no requirement to use the app.

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