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Update: We have a winner!  Thanks to Narayana S for entering and responding quickly with a mailing address!  Thanks to everyone for sharing their favorite moments of the day.  I love reading them!  Good reminders to saver the everyday stuff.  Promise to have more goodies to share soon.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you have probably been seeing some pics from the American Express EveryDay Moments event I am currently attending in New York City.  This event was designed as an “Epic Getaway” for 50 winners of their EveryDay Moments contest plus the winners’ guests.  Moms entered that contest by tweeting a picture of everyday life.  The idea is to celebrate the special everyday moments that all of us have, but often over look.

They used a photo of my daughter and I just making each other laugh when promoting the giveaway, and I helped get the word out as one of the Everyday Card Ambassadors.  As a result, I lucked into being able to attend even though I wasn’t actually one of the winners.


This has meant being a part of what truly has been an epic experience for these moms – including some who have never traveled before!  Talking with them has been a blast and Amex really has gone out of their way to make the moms feel super special.  We have seen Rock of Ages (which was so fun!), had a Soul Cycle Spin Class in Grand Central Terminal, met Kristen Bell (sweaty after Spin Class), watched the Today Show broadcast, and still have a couple things on the agenda. 20140620-120525-43525589.jpg



As is usual at these events, there are goodies they hand out along the way.  I wish I could bring all of you on these events, but the very least I can do is share the swag.  So, here it is. I had to wear the shirt to an event, so assuming no one wants anymore, but the free pair of shoes, the movie cash, Frozen DVD, travel bag, etc. is yours.


I need to ship it today from New York as my carry-on bag is beyond stuffed so this is a very fast giveaway that begins now and ends at 3:30 PM Eastern.  If you want my Amex swag, just leave a comment sharing the favorite everyday moment of your day and it’s yours.  I’ll pick a winner at random, and I will have to be able to get your shipping address from you today, so stay tuned to your email if you win.


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  1. My favorite everyday moment is walking my dog before work. Gives us both a chance to exercise and think before our day starts. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. When my husband walks through the door at the end of his long workday in direct sales driving 100+ miles a day – always so wonderful to have him home safe and sound!!

  3. My favorite everyday moment is when quitting time rolls around and there is no road construction for the trip home!

  4. My favorite everyday moment is snuggling with my kiddo every night before bedtime. No matter what goes on during the day that’s our time. I know our snuggling days are probably numbered (he’s 7), so I’m thankful for every one of them.

  5. My favorite everyday moment my evening routine. My husband is in school at night so its just me and my 3 yr old son. I love cuddling in his bed every evening before he goes to sleep and reading books together. After that though, I have quiet time to catch up on all my blogs while I sip on a glass of wine!

  6. You didn’t luck into attending, they picked you because you have an influential blog and they knew they would get cheap publicity from you.

  7. Favorite everyday moment watching the kids come home from school and telling me all about their day!!! Hope you are having fun! The trip sounds like fun!

  8. Walked in to the office this morning to find that the AC conked out and the water is off in the building. My everyday moment is the spontaneous round of applause when in the office when we got the email that both were up and functioning again. Ahh the joys of life in a cubicle farm!

  9. I love my morning chats with my boyfriend. We’re in a long distance relationship so I cherish every moment we share, even if it is just a quick phone conversation.

  10. Waking up and just happy I have another day on earth to make more memories.

    Btw – if I win, I live in NYC and I work right there where your Today show pictures were taken! Haha, I can come and meet you! Save on shipping fees =P And if I don’t win, there is a huge post office downstairs in the concourse.

  11. Cominng home from work after a long day and being greeted at the door by the 2 most adorable weiner dogs (mini dachshunds) in the world! Lulu and Dory make my day no matter how bad it was!!!

  12. My favorite everyday moment is sharing a snack with my 2 girls after school or after camp; not only do we get to be together & talk about our day, but it’s a great time to just SIT, with nothing to do & no where to go.

  13. Getting away from the office at lunch and listening for a few minutes to my Ipod in the car. Music, audio books, and podcasts are usually what I listen to.

  14. My favorite everyday moment is when I walk into my 3 month-old son’s room and seeing his big smile when he wakes up in the morning.

  15. Having my morning coffee while watering my roofdeck garden. A few serene moments with my plants (which should start fruiting soon!) sets the tone for my day.

  16. My favorite everyday moment is in the morning when my kids excitedly charge through our bedroom door to wake us up and cuddle before the craziness of the day starts. They’re getting older, so I know that this moment isn’t going to last much longer.

  17. Seeing my 2 1/2 year old son’s eyes light up when I walk into his daycare classroom after a long day of work.

  18. Update: We have a winner! Thanks to Narayana S for entering and responding quickly with a mailing address! Thanks so much to everyone for sharing their favorite moments of the day. I loved reading them! Good reminders to saver the everyday stuff for sure. Promise to have more goodies to share soon.

  19. My favorite everyday moment is sharing dinner conversation with my daughter. It is a time just for us to talk about our day and catch up

  20. My favorite everyday moment is getting up first and seeing my angels/girls blissfully still sleeping! Thanks for the chance to win!

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