Proof that Kids Understand Airline Miles

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I think a parent’s number one job in life is to teach their kids.  Whether it is teaching them about nature, religion, manners, history, geography, the importance of the original Star Wars trilogy, or airline miles, it is all important…in my book, at least.  At four years old, my daughter is a travel pro in her own right.  She will very likely obtain airline elite status of her own this year, she knows the travel routine, she can sleep on red-eyes, and can tell you the rules when flying (rule #1 – no crying on airplanes).  She can even parrot back to you a little about airline miles, but I don’t think she truly gets that whole part of the deal quite yet.  However, I’m sure she will soon, and one of my readers has documented proof that their kid totally understands airline miles.

A Mommy Points reader named Matt recently shared with me something his eight year old daughter made for him at school for Father’s Day, and it was so cool I have to share it with you guys, too.  Here is what he shared with me.

As part of her Father’s Day gift made at school she created a book of things she thought/admired about me as her father. Page two had the lead “I know my dad is smart because he…” and the piece she added on is priceless to me, and I am sure you will enjoy.  As a father, passing a love for travel onto the next generation is something I think is vital and for me it would not have been as easy without points. As a family we have traveled to Alaska, Europe, Japan, and much of the US in the past few years almost entirely on points.  Apparently my daughter really does appreciate it, and this is the best Father’s Day gift I could receive and it didn’t cost a dime or any points.



I gotta agree with this eight year old, that does totally prove that her dad is smart.  It also proves she is pretty smart herself for figuring that part of the travel equation out so early.  What we do for our families with this little miles and points hobby does matter and it is noticed by our kids and spouses.  This dad even has written proof!

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  1. My kids, ages 14, 11, 9, totally get it. This past year we took trips to Niagara Falls, Costa Rica, Atlantis, Cedar Point, Beaver Creek, Yellowstone, Disneyland and Mall of America (my youngest’s choice!) They know there is no way we would be able to afford this, and understand that Dad’s credit cards have stickers on them so we can earn the “right” points for our trips!

  2. Love it! My 5 year old isn’t quite there on understanding points yet, but it totally cracked me up when she started reciting flight attendant announcements during her independent play last year. Proof you may travel too much when…. 😉

  3. Hmm the #1 rule for my kids is no talking / joking about a bomb at the airport.

    Last time we flew, they were obsessed with the Harry Potter Puppet Pals Youtube video

    where the punch line is “I found the source of the ticking… it’s a pipe bomb” and I was terrified that someone was going to start singing that in the airport and we were all going to get TSA patdowns.

    I tried to change the lyrics to “I found the source of the ticking… it’s Voldemort’s clock” but to no avail… 😛

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