100,000 Mile Offer Still Around…

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Last week there were rumors that the Citi AAdvantage Executive offer that awards 100,000 miles after spending $10,000 was going to end, and in fact the website with the details about the offer did go away as rumored.  I didn’t have time to apply the night the rumors started swirling that it might end, but the next morning I dug around to see if it might still be available.  If you haven’t ever heard of a “zombie link” it is when a credit card offer seemingly ends, but either on purpose, or just due IT quirks that accidentally leave the offer up, there is actually still an active application out there. 

According to this trusty Flyertalk thread the offer was a bit zombie-fied, but not totally dead, so I took a chance and applied via a link in that thread.  I didn’t get instant approval, but instead got a screen pop up with an application number and a phone number to call.  I had to do the same when I got my first one of these cards (I love them so much I wanted a matching pair), and they basically just verified some personal identity and income type things.  A couple minutes later I was approved the first time around.  This time I got busy with my kid right after applying, and never got back around to calling in.  I don’t recommend that anyone apply for cards while in the middle of taking care of kids, but such is life.

Now 48 hours later I have been approved for the 100,000 mile offer without having to lift a finger.  The paperwork they sent via UPS Express confirms the 100,000 mile offer for my account.  Now I just get the privilege of getting the spending requirement met, which does take some strategy for us.  However, when all is said and done I will have at least 110,000 AA miles from the sign-up bonus and the miles earned via hitting the spending requirement on this one card.  If you are feeling fancy that is enough for a business class round trip ticket to Europe.  Or, if you are feeling the itch for a memorable family vacation that doesn’t involve driving hours in a car, you can redeem for four 25,000 mile round trip saver flights in the lower 48, Alaska, or Canada.  Heck, it’s also enough miles to get three people to Hawaii and back during the off-peak periods of January 12 – March 13 and August 22 – December 15.  That’s mighty family friendly in my book.

If you are looking to still get in on this offer, hopefully luck will be on your side as well.  You never know how long zombies will walk around handing out 100k miles, but I sure am glad we caught one in time.


In case it wasn’t clear based on the talk of zombie links, this offer is in no way an affiliate offer – just a really good deal in my book. 

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  1. Are you talking about the card with a $450 annual fee? That’s a deal-breaker for us – how do you get around it?

    • Sadie, it does have the $450 annual fee, AA lounge access, and a $200 credit with the first $200 you spend. That means it is really $250 for a years worth of AA lounge access and (more importantly) 100,000 miles. I’ll get 100k miles for $250 all day long and twice on Tuesday…or at the pace at which we can spend $10k on the card.

  2. I applied a few days ago and was instantly approved. I thought about applying for one for my husband but thought it may be hard to meet the minimum spend for both cards in such a short amount of time. I am not crazy about the annual fee either but I guess I will do it for this one card.

  3. “Now 48 hours later I have been approved for the 10,000 mile offer without having to lift a finger.”
    I think you mean 100,000 mile offer 🙂

  4. Matching pair? Are you applying for the second under your name again? I thought they would only approve one per legal name, wrong?

  5. Thanks for the tip. Thought I had missed the boat, but decided to jump on board the band wagon. Instantly approved!

  6. At what point does American Airlines say there are just too many people flying on our planes for free? We got 1 card for our fam, hit the min spend via normal spend, and are happy. I don’t begrudge folks who have gotten 3+ but what are the consequences of so many AA points out there?

    Is there a precedent that can help is understand what we have gotten ourselves into? What are the consequences? Claw backs? Massive devaluation? Severance of citi and AA relationship?

    Or is this just a blip on the earnings report?

    • I think we are a blip for the most part, but the AA award chart will be changing regardless I am sure by the time all the merger dust has settled.

  7. I received the “application pending” notification. Tried to do the chat, but received a message that no one was available. I keep trying to check the status online and do a chat… but no luck connecting with a person. It’s frustrating.

    Does anyone else constantly receive the following message:

    “We value your business.

    Unfortunately none of our Representatives are available at this time due to high traffic levels OR you have reached us outside our normal hours of business (holidays excepted).

    Please continue to browse our site and feel free to use our self-serve options.

    Thank you!”

    I’m contacting them at normal business hours… just never any luck connecting with a person. Thanks in advance.

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