Now Easier to Track Chase Freedom 5x Earning!

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The Chase Freedom® credit card is one of my absolute favorite rewards credit cards as it has no annual fee but still earns 5x points in rotating categories that most families can easily take advantage of such as restaurants, gas stations, and more.  The only things I didn’t love about the card was that the 5x earning is capped at $1,500 per quarter, and it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to track.

You can use the BluePrint feature to have a good idea of your spending in the bonus categories, but it does require some manual addition, and of course the time to check it out.  Of course any busy parent knows that time is the absolute most precious commodity.

While there still isn’t a tracker that gives you an easy visual to see how close you are to the $1,500 cap, there is now the next best thing, almost real-time points earning information.   Much like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card has had for a few months, the Chase Freedom now shows you how many points you will earn on a given transaction as it posts to your online account.

By simply clicking on the blue box next to the date of the transaction in my online Chase account, I can see that this dining charge for $57.65 in early June on my Freedom card earned the regular 57.65 points, plus an additional 4x of 230.60 since it occurred during the second quarter 5x bonus for restaurants.  Being able to log on and see if a transaction coded the way you expected, and also see if you are still earning 5x (thus not over the $1,500 limit), is super handy for busy point-a-holics.

Chase Freedom Dining

I actually thought I had hit the $1,500 second quarter max by the time July 1 rolled around, but looking back at my online activity I see that even my 6/30 dine earned 5x, so I never went over the max even though my rough estimates in my head calculated I had.  I don’t know when they added this feature to Freedom accounts, but I’m happy to have it as it makes tracking the 5x bonus points you earn much easier.  I will certainly be using it to track the third quarter 5x bonuses of gas stations and Kohl’s!

Thanks to PointsCentric for tweeting me about this new development!  Will this help you with your 5x points tracking?


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  1. @mommypoints – Chase’s application of bonus points may not quite be working like you are expecting. I have already made more than $1500 in bonused purchases for this 3rd Quarter. In looking at the details as you described, I found that the later purchase was marked with the full 5x bonus, but the earlier one is the one that was not fully bonused. So on July 1, a purchase for $504.90 recieved bonus of 1960.16 (= 4 x 490.04). and on July 6th, a purchase for 1009.96 received full 4x bonus of 4039.84. So the bonus is applied to later transaction first. you may want to check your earlier purchases in 2Q to see if they got the full bonus, since you expected to be over the 1500 limit.

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