8,000 Free Miles for Hating on an Airline

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Even though air travel is simply amazing if you think about it, we all have airline gripes and horror stories these days about too many fees, delayed or cancelled flights, rude service, long lines, etc.  Now the airline everyone loves to hate, Spirit Airlines, is rewarding our gripes by handing out 8,000 Spirit miles to anyone who wants to fuss about them or any other airline in 140 characters or less.  Yes, really.  Free miles for fussing online.  They are calling it “hate thousand miles”.

Spirit Hate miles

I know that 85% of you will say (or think) “I wouldn’t fly Spirit if they paid me so who wants Spirit miles”, but for the other 15% that are open to the idea of free-ish travel thanks to the Spirit Airlines program, 8,000 miles is a big deal.  8,000 miles is enough for three one-way Spirit flights at the low level in some markets, such as Houston – Las Vegas if you have the Spirit Airlines credit card.  If you don’t have the card you need 10,000 miles for a low level one-way ticket (which is likely why they can hand out 8,000 miles to anyone who wants!).   You can buy the additional miles you want, though check and make sure the ticket you want isn’t cheaper than buying the miles.  You can get miles from their dining program.

My parents use the 2,500 mile Spirit deal a bunch, and they love it.  Yes Spirit miles expire quickly if you don’t use them, but if you have and use the co-branded credit card each month like they do that isn’t a problem.  I even flew Spirit and survived and would do it again if the price was right.  If you do fly Spirit, here are some tips to avoid their fees.

So who’s up for sharing some “hate” and getting free miles?!


Terms and conditions:

Miles will be posted to your FREE SPIRIT account within 10 days of submission. Each participant may receive one (1) offer. Except where prohibited, participation in the Promotion constitutes recipient’s consent to Sponsor’s and its agents’ use of recipient’s name, likeness, opinions and/or hometown and state for promotional purposes in any media, worldwide, without further payment or consideration. Submitting your hate feedback is not a means to submit correspondence to our Customer Support team. For assistance, visit customersupport.spirit.com.

Spirit will award up to one (1) billion miles for the Promotion and may modify or cancel the offer at any time. All award travel is subject to availability. The minimum miles required for one-way flight purchased with a Spirit World MasterCard credit card is 2,500 miles. The minimum miles required for a one-way flight purchased with any other credit or debit card is 10,000 miles. Miles may be used in combination with already accrued miles that are available in the member’s FREE SPIRIT account balance. FREE SPIRIT program terms and conditions apply. Visit spirit.com for more details, and to view your FREE SPIRIT account balance.

Thanks to Million Mile Secrets for sharing news of this fun hate thousand mile giveaway!

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  1. The magazine idea is a great idea. I have seen this posted a few different places today and thought it would be useless because I wouldn’t fly Spirit for anything. I would consider doing this for the magazines. My son had a nightmare experience a few months ago coming home from Costa Rica and it ended up costing a lot of money and costing him and his two friends a whole lot of time. Spirit handled it horribly. I don’t care how cheap their flights are, I wouldn’t give them a chance ever! Trust me, I love a good but not when it cost me precious time or safety.

  2. I did not have any complains about Spirit until we traveled from Chicago to Las Vegas. We were supposed to have 3 days in Vegas from Sunday early afternoon to Tuesday night. The weather was excellent but our flight from Chicago got delayed and then cancelled, and we spent Sunday in the airport. We had tickets for the show on Sunday night and of course we missed it and lost money on that too!

  3. Is there any way to get rid of the huge BA banner at the top of the page that has been plaguing this site for days now? It takes up 1/4 of my screen (iphone 5). Seriously kills some of the joy of reading your blog 😉

    • Phil, I know they are tweaking/testing some BoardingArea site changes right now, so I’m not sure there is anything I can do except pass along your feedback – which I will do promptly. On mine the BoardingArea banner is the same as about three lines of text (maybe 1/10th of the screen in portrait). Eeek if yours is really 1/4th of the screen – I’m guessing you are looking in landscape. It does kind of dominate in landscape! Thanks

      • I don’t know why I have to use landscape, but I do lol

        Appreciate you sending on the feedback. Now they might actually take it seriously 😉

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