How to Get a Hotel Suite For Less With Travel Pony

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say that pretty much all family travelers like to spend less and get more.  I guess that is actually a universal in every arena, but in this case I mean spend less money on hotel rooms while at the same time getting extra space for everyone to spread out.  A discount hotel booking site I have used for a few months now is Travel Pony, and when I needed to get creative for some family hotel bookings in NYC recently I turned to Travel Pony if they had a good option.  I hosted a super fun one night mini family reunion/slumber party for my daughter and her Connecticut cousins in NYC last weekend and while I had secured a big two bedroom suite at the Andaz 5th Avenue for the kids and their parents (more on how I did that in a subsequent post), I still needed a room for the grandparents + some extra space if the slumber party didn’t work out quite as well as we hoped.

Hotel slumber party success

Hotel slumber party success

I wanted more than just a small base room since there were three families involved in this gathering, and we didn’t want to spend a ton of money or points on this room.  I wasn’t sure if what I wanted was realistic, but I searched on Travel Pony and saw the Andaz 5th Avenue for my date available at a fair price – and they had a suite available for $302 + tax.

Travel Pony Booking

That is a bunch of money, but it’s not a ton when you look at the regular selling prices of a hotel suite in NYC and stack other discounts Travel Pony makes available.  I didn’t post about it at the time as I wasn’t convinced we were really getting a suite for pretty much the same price as a regular priced room, but we did!


Andaz 5th Balcony Suite in NYC

By using some Travel Pony credit on top of the already fair price, my in-laws scored a one-bedroom balcony suite at the Andaz Fifth Avenue with a full bedroom/bathroom plus a real living area with balcony.  This booking was done in my in-laws name with no elite status with Hyatt, so it is really just the room they booked through the discount Travel Pony site.  So, when you are searching for rooms on Travel Pony don’t forget to also check out the going prices for a suite.  They will be listed along side the regular rooms for a given hotel.  Ours was the only option at the Andaz 5th Avenue that appeared when we searched for four people on the reservation.  Suites may not always be available or reasonably priced, but every now and then you may score a solid deal like we did!



Remember with Travel Pony you can get $35 off your first booking of $200 or more when you are referred (my referral link) +  you get a $25 credit for every person you refer who complete a stay (so be sure to refer your spouse, family members, coworkers, and friends!).  They also periodically do sales that offer an additional % off, and they have one going on right now that gives an additional 8% off when you use the code JULYMYSTERY through July 10, 2014 at 12PM Central.  Last time I tried, you can stack the % off discount with referral credits, but no longer with the $35 new customer discount.

Travel Pony

Have you been able to book a hotel suite or unique room type via Travel Pony deals?

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  1. Would you say they still don’t have enough hotels listed on their roster? I looked up Las Vegas and it hardly had any of the hotels on the strip.

    • Savvy, I think it all depends on the city/date. They certainly don’t have all the hotels in an area, but I’ve generally been able to find something that would work when I search (except in Alaska – that was very limited outside Anchorage).

      • Thanks for your response. Yes, I sorta found it interesting that while they had discounts listed on rooms, some of the hotels that were listed as “upscale” in Las Vegas weren’t really upscale in the truest sense.

        • Savvy Consumer, yeah I don’t know if Vegas is the best line-up of hotels they have. The Fairmont in Vancouver and Andaz 5th in NYC have been my favs so far.

  2. Do you get elite benefits and points for booking on a pony? How do you filter for suites, all my searches only showed standard rooms.

    • I don’t know how to filter but sometimes suites have showed up as options. Higher occupancy levels may help tilt the responses toward suites. Hyatt has honored elite benefits for me on Travel Pony stays. Points are going to be iffier. I have had success combining a longer stays with some TP and some directly booked rooms.

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