Caribbean Sale: Flights for About $200 Round Trip from Houston and Newark

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I hinted at this amazing sale on airare to the Caribbean here, but as it is still going on (thanks to @theflightdeal for the tweets), I think it deserves its own post.  If you live in or around Houston or Newark, and have a desire to head to the Caribbean to locations such as St. Lucia, Grand Cayman, Montego Bay, Antigua, and more you can do so through 2015 (on select dates) for around $200 per round trip ticket on American Airlines and US Airways operated flights.

Caribbean Deal Newark

Prices for tickets to the Caribbean can fluctuate, but a ticket in the range of $400 – $500 or more is pretty common, so $200 all-in for a round trip ticket is very good.

To search I have been using ITA Matrix calendar search to look for dates that might work at the lower fares.  You then have to actually go to another site to book as you can’t book from ITA Matrix.  I have been going to American’s website to book as you can put flights on hold there for 24 hours to think about it and/or look for something even better.

Caribbean Deal Houstn

The only downside I see to these Caribbean sale fares is that most of the dates require an overnight in route somewhere to get the lowest price, often Miami (though I have seen Dallas, too).  Also, some of the fares on ITA Matrix without overnights don’t actually seem bookable.  I was able to recreate some of them by using multi-city search on AA’s website, but even then some of them don’t seem to work.  I have a friend who was able to book tickets out of Houston to Montego Bay without an overnight, so it is/was possible, but most of the super low fares will require overnights coming and/or going.

Houston Caribbean Sale

That will be viewed as a big negative for some, while others may thing of a night or two in Miami as a bonus!

Very good airfare opportunities such as this are part of the reason why I strongly suggest having points you can use at a fixed cash value for travel in addition to traditional airline miles.  I recommend using traditional airline miles when the price of the ticket you want to buy is high and points that can be used at a fixed value like cash such as via the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® when the airfare prices are very good.  Those type of points allow you to take advantage of great sales while still keeping money in your pocket – plus you will actually earn airline miles on the flights that you can then use to help pay for another ticket in the future.

These fares are also a great example of why I believe in the saying “chase the fare, not the destination“.  This means you will usually come out further ahead if you are open to different destinations based on which low fares you stumble across, rather than being fixed on one specific destination on one specific set of dates and you have to just hope a low fare will appear for your exact needs.  That can happen, but pouncing when you find a low fare to a place that sounds pretty great often results in scoring a better price.

I’d love to hear if you book one of these fares so I can be super excited for you (and a little jealous)!


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  1. “Chase the fare, but not the destination”?

    That doesn’t even make sense.

    I live in Houston, and I was looking at those Jet Blue fares to Boston the other day. I went through the booking, and then realized that I don’t even like Boston all that much. Why would I book a flight to Boston, just because the fare is cheap?

    Do I want to go back to Boston at some point? Yes. I have a friend who lives there that I haven’t seen in a while. But,I’d rather go back to Boston in the summer when the weather is tolerable, rather than go in the winter just because a cheap fare cropped up. My point: Boston is pretty low on my travel bucket list, so I wouldn’t book a trip there just to “chase the fare.”

    However, these Carribean deals seem solid, so thanks for posting. Like your blog.

    • Guy, well of course you shouldn’t book a good fare that isn’t when/where you want to go. However, if you keep an eye in good fares, and then book when you see one you like, that is what I mean. 🙂

  2. @guy:

    I think you are Taking the “chse the fare not the destination” comment way to literal. It is kind of like a conversation with my 5 year old:
    Me: “Daddy will always be there for you”
    Her: “Then why are you going to work?”

    She did not get the bigger message.

    What MP is saying makes perfect sense. I had no plans on going to BRU in Oct 2014 but once I found the $177 ai fare, I had to go.
    If a deal pops up to a cool destination, jump on it. Don’t wait for Rome to go on sale in August

  3. On ITA flights from
    EWR- GCM 3/30-4/6 are $1202 for four. Once I go to AA it’s $3284 for four. Each time I run ITA it comes back each person at $300 and AA is always $821. Why?

  4. Still going strong … though the number of available dates are dwindling. Just got IAH UVF for $196 in late March 🙂 Thx for the tip!


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