UberFAMILY Expands to New Cities!

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Apparently my “Christmas in July” wish has been fulfilled – uberFAMILY is expanding to new cities!  I used this service that provides car seats in Uber cars for the first time in their launch city, New York City, last week and loved it.  Being able to strap your kid in a car seat to safely and effectively get to and from airports (or anywhere else for that matter) truly makes family travel easier.  Much easier.  My only wish is that they expand the family friendly service to more cities, and now they have.


Strapped in her uberFAMILY car seat!

It was announced that uberFAMILY is expanding to Washington DC and Philadelphia effective today.  This is big news not just because you can now safely strap your kids in car seats in select Uber cars in those cities, but it hopefully means that the service was successful enough in New York City that we will continue to see it expand to more and more cities across the country. and maybe even around the world.

UberFAMILY provides one forward-facing car seat for a child who is at least (a) 12 months old, (b) 22 lbs. and (c) 31 inches. A child is too big at 48 lbs or 52 inches.  Obviously this won’t help out with infants, but it sure makes a big difference for the toddler and pre-school ages!

There is typically a $10 surcharge for each uberFAMILY ride, but this fee is waived through July 20th thanks to Care.com.

To use uberFAMILY, follow these steps:

  • OPEN your Uber app and choose uberX or Black Car. (uberFAMILY is available on both!).
  • TAP the ‘FAMILY’ button above the slider.
  • REQUEST your ride.
  • RIDE with your child safely buckled up in a car seat. Note: a $10 surcharge will apply to all uberFAMILY rides.

Of course you can also take advantage of the current first ride free (up to $30 promo – my link) to try this out without spending a bunch of cash. As I mentioned in this post, if you sign-up then refer your spouse and other family members who might be on your trip, your group can get multiple free rides.  Free rides for new customers, $10 surcharge waived until July 20th, and the safety and convenience of UberFAMILY, what could be better?  Whether you are using the service while visiting an Uber city, or simply using it to head to the airport as you start your next journey, it is a family travel game changer.

This continues to be my favorite family friendly travel innovation for 2014, so a massive thumbs up for something that is convenient, family friendly, and mostly affordable.

 Thanks so much to Mommy Points reader Garrett for alerting me to the uberFAMILY expansion!

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  1. I wish there was an option for more than 1 seat. Mine are 1.5 and 4, and at 40 lbs, my 4 yo will still need a car seat for a while. Do you think we can trust their car seats to be accident-free, non-expired, installed correctly, etc.?

    • I agree with Karen. I have a 1.5 and 2.5 year old and it would be nice to have the option for two seats… travel with kiddos is rough sometimes.

    • Yes their car seats are safe…. it is the IMMI Go that they are using…and I spoke with a CPS and they said it is just as safe as any other car seat…

  2. Two seats would be great – I totally agree! Maybe we will see that one day if lots of parents use this service. In terms of whether you should trust their seats, obviously that is a decision every family has to make. My one experience was good – the seat was obviously in very good visual condition though of course you can’t visually know its accident history. Truthfully I think lots of parents in this situation with cabs or uber often go with no car seat, so having something over nothing is a vast improvement.

  3. Great news! This is awesome for so many! I’m still not clear if Uber is an “on the fly” type of transport or if they are a company with which I can make a reservation in advance for them to pick me up at home to take me to the airport for a schedule flight? Thanks for replying. We live in a city serviced by Uber.

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