Save 7,500 Miles or More Via Citi AAdvantage Reduced Mileage Awards

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There are so many tips, tricks, sweet spots, and more within the miles and points world that it can be very hard to remember all of the ones that you don’t use on a regular basis.  One way to save big on American Airlines awards that even slips my mind from time to time are the Citi AAdvantage Reduced Mileage Awards that are available for Citibank co-branded American Airlines cardholders.

These reduced mileage awards are available to select cities each month and depending on what type of co-branded Citi card you have you can get either a 5,000 or 7,500 miles discount on each round trip ticket (half that discount on a one-way award).  Even better, if you have a card such as the Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage World MasterCard that gives 10% of redeemed miles back, then that will stack with the 5k or 7.5k discount.

Citi Reduced Mileage Awards

This means if you have a card like that then you could book Houston – Calgary in September in coach for 17,500 American Airline miles round trip via the reduced mileage awards + you would then get 1,750 miles back via the 10% rebate that comes with that card (assuming you pick dates with MileSAAver availability).  That comes to 15,750 total miles for the round trip ticket to Canada in coach.  That is a pretty big savings over the regular 25,000 mile saver awards!

A few of the destination cities available over the next few months are:

Aspen, Vail, Boston, Houston, Montreal, Nashville, Toronto, Washington Reagan Nat’l, and dozens more.

How to Use Citi AAdvantage Reduced Mileage Awards:

  • Check to see which type of discount your co-branded Citi card will get you and note the discount code.
  • Look at the regularly updated list to see if your destination city is listed.  There are some reports of the origin alone being enough to get the discount, but officially it says destination.
  • Check on the American Airlines website to see if there is MileSAAver availability on American operated flights.
  • If yes then call American to book the award noting the desire to use the Reduced Mileage Award and give them the code for the type of card you have.  Be prepared to pay the $25 over the phone booking fee (though you can always try asking nicely to get out of it since you can’t book these awards online).

The destinations are updated every other month and are valid for economy seats, business class on flights offering 3 classes of service, or first class on flights offering 2 classes of service.  Using these awards could bring the price of four coach tickets to select destinations down from 100,000 miles to just 63,000 miles if you stack the 7,500 miles savings + the 10% redeemed miles back bonus on select c0-branded cards.  That is a big difference for family travelers looking to stretch their miles!

Have you been able to make use of the Citi AAdvantage Reduced Mileage Awards for your family?



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  1. So you can only book these Reduced Mileage Awards over the phone? Seems that AA should have a better system than subjecting cardholders to a $25 fee (though they may waive it, like you said).

  2. for one-way awards, will it work if only the destination city is on the list? i.e. say you want to go 1-way from LAX to CLT in Sept. thanks.

  3. same question as Trey, if I am booking a round-trip and one of the city (either origin or destination) has a “Reduced Mileage Awards” then did I get the “Reduced Mileage Awards” on both legs of the trip

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