More Free Money from Amex via Small Business Promo in August

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If you have been around this or other deals related blogs for any length of time, then you have undoubtedly heard of American Express Small Business Saturday.  If you haven’t, it happens the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and for the last several years American Express has given a statement credit on each of your unique American Express cards (including authorized user cards) when you shop at a “small business” on that date.  For a while it was a $25 statement credit when you spent $25 or more in one transaction – which was huge!  Last year it dropped down to a $10 statement credit per card which was a bummer, but hey, it’s “free money”.  How cool when the credit cards we got to help us travel want to give us bonus free stuff?!

Anyway, looks like the Small Business movement is spreading to beyond the holiday shopping season and into…August, at least in select cities.  The select cities include the metro areas of Houston, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Philadelphia, and Sacramento

Shop Small August

According to this site, between Aug 1 and Aug 31, 2014, American Express is offering cardholders the opportunity to get a $5 statement credit when they register any eligible American Express Card and then use it to spend $5 or more in an in-store transaction at a qualifying American Express Card accepting small merchant listed on our Shop Small August Offer Directory in the metro areas of Houston, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Philadelphia, and Sacramento. Limit three $5 statement credits per card. The offer directory will be available starting on Aug 1, 2014. Offer terms apply.

Rules for getting some “free money”:

  1. Limit three (3) statement credits per American Express® Card. To be eligible, Card Members must register any eligible American Express Card for this offer at Corporate Cards and all prepaid Card products (other than American Express Serve®) are not eligible.
  2. The number of registrations is limited. Registration opens at 12:00 A.M. MST (Mountain Standard Time) on Aug 1, 2014, and will continue until 11:59 P.M. MST on Aug 31, 2014, unless the registration limit is reached sooner.
  3. Qualifying small business locations will appear in the Shop Small August Offer Directory, available beginning on Aug 1

I’ve been meaning to get some authorized users added to a couple Amex cards we recently acquired, and this may be a good time to go ahead and do it so I have more cards to get more free statement credits.  Getting Authorized Users added will also enable me to be able and transfer Membership Reward points to their frequent flyer accounts!  Getting $15 worth of free goodies per card in August is great, and fingers crossed that the real Small Business Saturday is again pretty lucrative (thanks to Million Mile Secrets for telling us it is coming back!).

If you live in, or will be traveling to, one of the included cities in August then stay tuned for some additional details when registration opens on August 1st!  Who else will be dusting off their Amex cards for some statement credits in August?


Thanks to Mommy Points reader Lyn and this Doctors of Credit post for sharing this info. 

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Given the small rebate involved, what I think they want you to do is get in the habit of using your AMEX card at your local small businesses (that’s why it’s 3x per card) — and convince these businesses that accepting AMEX is good business for them.

    If you live in one of the selected cities, the best “trick” would be to find a local business (perhaps where they already recognize you as a customer) and buy a bunch of $5 gift cards from them with your various AMEX cards. That’s what I did last Thanksgiving with the $10 promo. Admittedly, it’s going to take some patience on the part of the store owner/cashier to run up a wad of $5 gift cards, but money is money, and if they know you, they’ll probably do it for you.

  2. A possibly easier way to do that, if you have multiple cards registered, is to buy one larger gift card and split the transaction over multiple credit cards. If the business is comfortable doing so, you might buy a $25 gift card (for example), and split the transaction into 5 purchases of $5 each (assuming you had 5 different registered credit cards).

  3. Jac —

    I think that could be a good alternate strategy — and perhaps a good one to suggest to the cashier. That said, I think the odds are long that a cashier in most “small businesses” will know how to split a credit card transaction. Very few people would obviously have a need to do this, so it’s not a common skill. I know the few times I’ve done it — like at Staples when there’s a promo that makes it advantageous to spend $100 on each card and you want to buy a $200 gift card — split the transaction usually invclves finding the one guy at the store who know how to do it!

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