$100 Visa Card for $82 + 409 Points via Staples and Visa

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Update: This deal is already operating differently than it did an hour ago for me, so let’s let the dust settle and see what happens.  Lots of gift cards are now out of stock and the $25 discount doesn’t seem to be working the way it did earlier this morning.  I’ll update if/when the dust settles a bit.  Man things get hit fast these days. 

If you want to purchase a $100 Visa gift card for $81.95 without leaving your house or messing with any coupons and potentially earn about 409 points in the process if you pay with a card that earns 5x on the category of office supplies, then listen up.  That’s some free money and free points and a great way to start a Wednesday morning.  All you have to do is use Visa Checkout and the $25 coupon for Staples online purchases will automatically be added to your cart.

Visa Checkout

It took me maybe 60 seconds to get set up with the Visa checkout system and then the order processed with the $25 discount.  When you go pay for your Staples order just select the Visa checkout option.

Visa CheckoutAs you can see below, the coupon was automatically included once I selected the Visa checkout option and a shiny new $100 Visa gift card is heading to my house.  I’m sure some folks will find a way to ‘maximize’ this and it could result in the rules changing, but for now it worked just fine.  Of course you don’t have to order a $100 Visa gift card – you could order a $200 Visa gift card and earn 2x the points that a $100 gift card would earn.  You could also order a gift card to one of the many retailers such as Southwest or Home Depot (which have no fees for email delivery), or whatever else.  The $100 Visa card is just an example.

Staples discount

Thanks to @microflier for tweeting me about this opportunity!


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  1. I think this deal is dead or being altered. I tried ordering Home Depot gift cards, but didn’t get the discount for Visa Checkout. I then emptied my card and just tried ordering a laptop computer, and it still wouldn’t offer the $25 discount for Visa Checkout.

    • It didn’t work for me either 🙁 Read somewhere else that Staples said that they would reactivate the deal sometime tomorrow. No clue if it’s true or not but I will try again tomorrow!

  2. Agree this deal seems to be either changing, changed, or the Staples site is just getting nailed. I didn’t think it would last long the way things go these days, but wow!

  3. Not only are all Visa GC’s out of stock, but the $25 discount is not applied on any barnd of gift card.
    Can’t say I blame them.

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