Review of Grand Hyatt Washington DC for Fourth of July

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During a recent stay in Washington DC for the 4th of July we split up our stay between two different hotels – the W Washington DC that is located virtually across the street from the White House, and the Grand Hyatt Washington that was located just a couple blocks away.  We split our stay in part to stretch points/dollars and in part because while we wanted the W for its location on the actual 4th of July, we (accurately) guessed from reading reviews online that it wouldn’t be the most family friendly joint in town.  The Grand Hyatt Washington, on the other hand, was actually pretty family-friendly despite not being an overtly family-oriented hotel.

Location of Grand Hyatt Washington:

The Grand Hyatt Washington is a large hotel with an atrium design that has just under 900 rooms.  It is located on H Street NW which is roughly  a half mile of walking from the W Hotel (full review of the W here), which is nothing for an able-bodied adult, but does make a difference in crazy 4th of July crowds or for tired, hot, and cranky kiddos.



C really wanted to swim in the atrium decorative pool!

What the Grand Hyatt really has going for it in terms of location is that it is located literally on top of the Metro Center stop.  This is hugely convenient for getting anywhere on the Metro and means you can get on and off the Metro without even going outside in the oppressive summer heat and humidity.


Indoor walk to the Metro


The Room:

We reserved a “standard” room via a very good rate on Travel Pony, and received a requested king bed at check-in.  They also seem to have lots of rooms with two double beds available if that arrangement works better for your family.  Our room was located down a pretty long hall (almost Vegas long!), but it was also very quiet, so no complaints.

The room had an updated look with plenty of plugs all around – even close to the bed, which I love for all of our electronic gadgets.  Compared to the W, the room was downright spacious!



Bad picture, but awesome plugs!

In addition to a larger room than the W, the Grand Hyatt Washington also had a tub/shower combo in the bathroom that is more useful than the shower-only W style for those with younger kids like us.  The bathroom was also a traditional bathroom that is private from the main room as opposed to the frosted glass style bathroom that isn’t quite as private at the W.


One thing I remember about the Grand Hyatt that we loved is that it was super easy to keep the the room very cool at night, which we love.  Some hotel thermostats are set in a way that makes me feel like I have to battle with them over temperature settings, but not this one.  A cool and dark room (thanks to good blackout curtains) perfect for naps was no problem.

Grand Club and Other Amenities:

The hotel is a full service Hyatt that includes a Grand Club on the 12th floor.  Since I have Diamond status we got complimentary access.  If you don’t have complimentary access thanks to elite status you can book a Club Floor room for additional points or money if you think you will get that value back out of having club access.


We were so busy either seeing the sights or sitting with my kid while she napped that I didn’t get to visit the club very often, but we did grab breakfast from the club one morning and raided it for sodas and waters a few other times.


Breakfast in the Grand Club

Just like the rooms, the Club seemed very modern and clean.  There were employees in there helping you find what you needed every time we went in.  Of course that makes me feel worse about snagging an arm full of waters and running, but they were nothing but nice and helpful.  The Club did have a section that was labeled just for adults, so even those without kids could have a section to themselves (sadly, it was not a sound proof room!).


The written instructions we received when we checked in indicated that each room only came with Club access for two and that more guests would be an additional fee.  That didn’t make any sense to me since I had always understood it to be all guests of the room get access, but it didn’t impact us in our situation.

Another amenity that the hotel had to offer was complimentary access to a gym and indoor pool that was located near the entrance to the Metro Center station.  We didn’t have time to actually use it on this trip, but I did sneak a quick picture of the pool so you can see what it is like.  Indoor pools can be a fun way for kids to burn off some energy year round, though in the summer heat I’m pretty sure my kid didn’t have any extra energy to burn off!


You Can Do it Too:

The cash prices for the Grand Hyatt Washington were very reasonable the week of the 4th of July so using points would have felt like a waste.  We paid about $108/night + tax.  I ended up booking one night via hotel discount booking site Travel Pony and one night directly with Hyatt for a variety of reasons, but one bonus of doing it that way was receiving elite status credit by having the night booked directly with Hyatt attached. My parents booked both of their nights via Travel Pony and got the $35 off for their first $200+ Travel Pony booking as a result.  This brought their per-night rate even lower.

We could have used 20,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points per night or 10,000 points + $125 via cash and points, but again with the low rates that would have been a poor choice.  They do show availability for next 4th of July currently, though there is a two day minimum stay in effect.  I do not recommend using Hyatt points unless you are getting at least 1.5 – 2.0 cents return per point, so with rates this low I would either just use cash or use a fixed value point such as via the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® instead of Hyatt points to pay for the charges.  As an example, at about $126 a night all-in this would have cost just 11,340 Barclay Arrival points (after 10% of the points are returned thanks to it being a travel charge) instead of the 20,000 Hyatt points it would have cost.

Overall Impressions:

This hotel is likely predominately a hotel designed for business travelers and conference attendees as it has tons of meeting rooms, but it happens to work pretty well for family travelers, too.  The decent-sized rooms, standard rooms with two double beds available, friendly staff, indoor pool, bathtubs, location on top of Metro Center, Club lounge, and little touches like water in the lobby all work together to make this hotel a winner for families coming to DC to see the sights!



Taking advantage of the Metro – free for kids under 5!

Bonus tip: if you need to “carb up” for more sightseeing, the brewery/restaurant right across the street serves ginormous pretzel baskets complimentary when you go for a meal.


While this location wasn’t quite as good as the W, it was a better overall fit for our traveling family.  If I had to do it all over again I would have still stayed at the W just for the actual 4th of July night due to the insane crowds, but would do all other nights at this hotel.  Of all the hotels I have stayed at in the DC area so far, the Grand Hyatt Washington is the one best suited for meeting the needs of a family while still being in a very convenient location.

If you have stayed here I would love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. Being a solo traveler generally, I’ve stayed here and this hotel meets my needs as well. It’s usually the first hotel I look up the rates for when I am planning a DC trip. As you stated, it’s so convenient to the attached Metro, but also easy walking distance to the Mall area, Chinatown, the Verizon Center, amongst other sites. I’ve used the gym there as well, and it has an impressive number of weight machines, especially considering the size of the facility. The sports bar on the lower level is fun, and the breakfast served in the atrium is good as well, which you can sometimes get included free with AAA rates.

  2. Love the Grand Hyatt and being right on top of the Metro. Also love the Oceanaire restaurant just across the street on G St. Love DC!!

  3. My son (bright orange shirt) is in the pic of the breakfast in the Grand Club…he’ll think he’s famous now. We thought we saw you there that morning (you and C) but weren’t sure.

    Anyway, thanks for the great review and we’ll keep following your Awesome blog!

  4. Denny, good to know – I could see it being a property that could meet the needs of families and solo biz travelers alike.
    Cher, gotta try that restaurant next time.
    Steve, no way! That’s awesome! Hope you guys had a great 4th of July trip to DC!
    Leah, I’ll be darned if she isn’t. The Club floors are pretty great and convenient for sure.

  5. Hi, I had a question. We were thinking about going to this hotel next month with 4 people in our room. I am diamond. Do you think we will be charged in the Club Lounge for the 2 other people in our room if they eat something in the Club Lounge?

  6. Did I read correct that the rate was $108 + taxes but Hyatt also offered another rate for $125 + 10,000 points? How would they offer that?

  7. Lively, I can’t imagine so if you don’t cause problems or draw undue attention, but just be aware that is what the letter said.
    Blessing, if you make the trip let me know what you think!
    Santastico, it is because Hyatt has fixed point redemption costs regardless of what the hotel sells for that night. That makes point redemptions (and cash and points as quoted) more lucrative when rates are high and less lucrative when prices are lower. That $108 rate also wasn’t available directly from Hyatt but via Travelpony, though the Hyatt rate was not too much higher.

    • Charlie, yes and Hyatt has a reputation for doing that. However, I had booked one night via Travel Pony and one directly with Hyatt that they combined into one reservation. Don’t think that would have changed anything, but still worth mentioning.

    • Diana, I didn’t and wouldn’t. The Metro is just too easy. Uber is also good when you just can’t walk anymore. 😉

  8. Do you know if the Metro Station access from the Hyatt is also handicapped friendly? I see the escalator in your picture, but was wondering if they had a functional elevator as well. Thanks!

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