Earn Transferable Points with No Annual Fee via Amex EveryDay Card

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Please note that www.mommypoints.com has financial relationships with American Express. 

This year I have had the opportunity to work closely with American Express on their new EveryDay Credit Card products by being an Amex EveryDay Ambassador.  I even got to give a presentation on how to use Membership Reward points to other mom bloggers and Amex folks at the American Express Tower in NYC…crazy, huh?!  


I think that these cards, and specifically the annual-fee-free American Express EveryDay Credit Card, are very well suited for busy parents (and grandparents) who want to earn points, but aren’t to the level yet of wanting to deal with multiple rewards cards or an annual fee.  As part of this partnership, I have written a series of sponsored posts related to the cards that may be shared here, as well as by Amex in their channels.

If you already know everything there is to know about the EveryDay cards, then this post may not be for you.  However, if you or someone you know is still getting into the points game, or aren’t yet familiar with the EveryDay cards, then read on!  Also, to be totally transparent, there are no affiliate links in this post, but it is part of a larger ambassadorship agreement between myself and Amex – goodness knows I didn’t make those fancy graphics by myself!

Keeping it Simple with Amex EveryDay:

I have more rewards credit cards than I sometimes like to admit. I also have a pretty complex system of using lots of different cards to maximize my earnings for different types of purchases. I activate rotating bonus categories, earn points in tons of different programs, track annual fees on multiple cards, hit annual spending bonuses on various cards, and basically am a bit obsessed. Frankly, that kinda crazy and kinda complex system works for me, and that’s okay. I’m sure it works for some of you, too.


However, ultimately I know I am a bit of an outlier. Most “normal” people don’t want or need that level of complexity in their lives – or their spouses don’t want or need that level of complexity!

At the core I like simple, and that is why the American Express EveryDay Credit Card was so intriguing for me when it came out earlier this year. It ultimately isn’t the card I applied for (I went for its sister, the Amex EveryDay Preferred), but I love that the EveryDay card exists and here’s why.

  • It earns Membership Reward points that transfer into many hotel and airline programs such as British Airways, Delta, Hilton HHonors, and Choice Hotels– sometimes with a transfer bonus.
  • It has no annual fee but still earns transferable Membership Reward points. This is the first time a card has earned transferable points into hotel and airline programs without having an annual fee.
  • Earn 2x Membership Reward points on up to $6,000 in purchases each year at US Supermarkets – 1x on other purchases.
  • You get a bonus for how often you use the card, not how much you spend.
  • Earn 20% bonus Membership Reward points when you make 20 or more purchases in a billing cycle. Yes, you get a 20% bonus on the 2x supermarket points as well!
  • 10,000 Membership Reward points after spending $1,000 in the first three months. That isn’t huge, but it’s a start.


I have so many friends and relatives that want to earn some sort of rewards for their everyday spending, but they aren’t into complexity, spending a ton, or paying annual fees. For someone like that, this card might be a good fit. In my mind, it might also be a “gateway card” for some that entices them to get into the rewards game further once they see how valuable Membership Reward points can be! Even if this is as far as someone gets into the reward game, it is still a solid option.

There is a handy tracker that tells you how close you are getting to 20 transactions in a billing cycle, so it is super easy to know your progress. And yes, authorized user transactions count! I have the EveryDay Preferred version that requires 30 transactions to trigger the monthly bonus points percentage, and even hitting that amount was pretty easy just with everyday things like coffee runs, groceries, dry cleaning, gas, and other errands. If you truly are using the card for everyday expenses, 20 transactions a month is nothing for most busy families.

EveryDay Tracker

To put some numbers to this, if a family had the Amex EveryDay Credit Card, and used it to buy an average of $500 in groceries each month plus $1,000 in other miscellaneous charges like gas, clothes, food, cell phone bill, etc. then they would earn 28,800 points a year if they activated the 20 transaction multiplier each month. That isn’t a ton of points, but it is a decent start for an annual fee free card. Of course, I want more points, so…


The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card is the one that is perfect for folks like me who are okay with annual fees (since I can easily do the math and determine whether I am coming out ahead or not), and who want to earn more points in more bonus categories.

The EveryDay Preferred version pays out 3x Membership Rewards points at US supermarkets, 2x on US stand alone gas stations, and 1x on other purchases. However, that is before the 50% bonus that kicks in if you have 30 transactions in a billing cycle. If you trigger that 50% bonus you are effectively earning 4.5 Membership Reward points at supermarkets, 3x at gas stations, and 1.5x on everything else. The Preferred version awards 15,000 Membership Reward points after spending $1,000 in the first thee months and comes with a $95 annual fee.


If you take the same $500 in monthly grocery spending and $1,000 in other categories we used in the EveryDay example and put it on the Preferred version of the card (assuming you hit the 30 transactions per month bonus), you would earn at least 45,000 points per year, and probably more if some of that spending were at gas stations at the 2x bonus.

Whether you are just getting into the world of rewards credit cards and want an annual fee free card that earns transferable points, or whether you are a full fledged points addict like myself that simply wants as many points as you can get, at least one of these credit cards may be a very good card to consider for your family.

If you have been using one of these cards the last few months, I’d love to hear how you are liking it so far!


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  1. To start, I have no problem with affiliate links since BA bloggers provide countless hours of entertainment and advice to me at no cost. I assume all links are affiliate links and it does not bother me. However, based on the disclosure paragraph I am guessing you are a being paid directly by American Express. I may be wrong about the compensation system, but if not, then this article may be more of an advertisement than blog post. Even if you believe everything you wrote, if Amex is paying you directly (as opposed to affiliate links commissions) to promote these cards I think a more direct disclosure is required.

  2. This sponsored post should have a “sponsor post” on top. I am surprised amex didn’t tell you mp. CFPB will have a field day with this.

  3. Like the author, I have a number of cards I use in the daily course of purchasing stuff. I find the AMEX ED Pref very easy to hit the 30 purchases a month for the 50% bump. The 4.5x points for groceries and the 3x for gas is quite generous for a no-fee card. With the Chase Freedom presently at 5x for gas, I’ll use it until the rotating categories change. The ultimate goal is to roll those ED points over to Jetblue which I fly frequently. How about you?

  4. Most bloggers are in it to get paid. They’ve chosen this as their job. I always use their links when I’m churning. They have collectively saved me ten’s of thousands of dollars (getting close to six figures). I assume every blogpost on all sites is an advertisement to sell me something. Let the reader beware. Read what they have to say and do your own analysis. While this card isn’t for me I know a few people that it would be great for as a “gateway” card. MP provides great info. She clearly stated she is a brand ambassador. Why is everyone “shocked shocked” that sales are going on? Bloggers do all the work and we can reap the benefits. Keep up the good work MP.

  5. Has anyone tried to get the 20% extra Membership Rewards points on 20 purchases in a billing cycle that were all manufactured spending?

  6. Since you’re working with them, let me put in a plug for getting that signup bonus to a more attractive level. I have an interest in that card, but it keeps slipping down the priority list as competitors present more lucrative offers. When we look at the total points you tally up here after doing 20 or 30 transactions each month for a whole year, it still doesn’t add up to what one can get right away other places. I don’t MS, so I need to choose products judiciously. Thanks.

  7. This is my go-to card for Costco. I will use this card more regularly when I am finished meeting min spend on our 100K AA.

  8. I have the fee-free card. I’ve enjoyed using this card to earn points for eventual transfer to BA for Avios to use on AA, since I travel mostly domestically and in coach. WIth the bonus 20%, this card earns almost as much as the Chase BA visa (1.2 vs. 1.25, not to mention groceries). And I can alternately transfer to Delta if they have a flight I want instead.

  9. My concern — is this card TOO lucrative? I’d hate to see the 50% bonus go away.

    My hope — when will Chase come out with a UR card that has no fee? (and transfer partners) Sick of paying $95 a year when I can earn BA Avios for free!!!

  10. Sorry for not responding to any of these comments sooner, we were traveling all day yesterday.
    First, sorry if it wasn’t clear this was a sponsored post. I thought I erred on the side of over-sharing the relationship in the interest of disclosure, but if that wasn’t clear for some reason happy to clear it up.
    That said, I have written about this card before, and will after our relationship. I personally have the Preferred version and am doing quite well earning points with it. The fee free version was perfect for my mom and aunt and they are enjoying it.
    Everything in the post was written by me (though I didn’t make the fancy graphics) and I believe every word of it. Since blogging is my full time job, it is handy when a company decides to help pay the bills for something I was going to say anyway, but I understand that sponsored posts can rub some folks the wrong way.
    As far as the card being too lucrative, you never know. It’s not possible to hit the 20 or 30 transaction without some pretty frequent use so hopefully they found a model that can work for them and us. I know it is working for me!

  11. Hi MP! My husband has had this card for a few months & I really like it. I’m an AU so we’ve had no problem with the 30 transactions per month. I transferred the points to Avios & we’re going on a kid free NOLA trip this spring. Woohoo! My question is the 6k bonus spend at grocery stores per calendar year? I applied through your link for my own card yesterday & I will hurry & do my grocery store spending if it starts over new in January. I’m pretty sure it us but would live your input. Thanks & have fun in the Detroit airport–ha!

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