Hyatt Times Square Suite Review

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Once upon a time there were only a handful of Hyatt Hotels in NYC.  Then in a flurry the last couple of years, we are up to eight Hyatt Hotels open in New York City (by my last count), with numbers nine and ten soon to open (woohoo Park Hyatt NYC)!  I had already stayed at the Grand Hyatt New York, Hyatt 48 Lex, and the Andaz Fifth Avenue, but with so many out there now, I wanted to try out one of the newer properties, the Hyatt Times Square that opened in late 2013.


Location and Hotel Details:

The hotel is located on West 45th Street in the Times Square area, and is pretty large with 487 rooms, including 49 suites.  While Times Square is a popular tourist attraction, I know it isn’t really where many people want to lay their heads at night.  The good news is that this hotel is removed from Times Square just enough to not be too much in the middle of all the crazy.  I don’t think it is one of the more charming neighborhoods of NYC, but it is still a convenient spot for many visiting tourists.

Like many of the Hyatts in New York City, this is a Category 6 Hotel that goes for 25,000 points per night.  On our one night stay I was able to find a pretty low rate of $160 via a My Elite Rate and I then applied a confirmed Diamond Suite Upgrade to get our family a little extra room.  I do want to mention that $160/night is not normal at this NYC, hotel and I have seen prices at this hotel more commonly in the $300 – $500 range, but sometimes you get lucky and need a stay on a very off-peak night.

Check-in and Lobby:

The hotel lobby is pretty small, so there were often a good number of people in the lobby making it feel like a pretty busy space.  The man checking us in was very nice and polite and kept his cool even though they were obviously very busy at that moment.  One thing I found interesting is that one of the Diamond amenity options was a short massage (I believe 20 minutes) in the spa.  This would be the hand’s down winner for me, and they did have same-day availability, just not at a time that worked for us.


The Room:

We were given a base suite using our confirmed Diamond Upgrade on the 48th floor.  The hotel has a very small footprint with only 10 or 11 rooms per floor, so each floor is pretty calm, and indeed I rarely saw or heard anyone else on our floor.  A little trivia knowledge is that this is the tallest Hyatt Hotel in the world.


This was a newly constructed hotel, and the color pattern selected was bright with dark wood accents, which is a bit different than the rather sleek lobby.


The suite itself had a pretty small living room area – especially given that we had just come from the spacious two bedroom suite at the Andaz!  However, the living room space was immediately useful as my exhausted four year old instantaneously passed out on the (kind of uncomfortable) couch, and we didn’t have to play the quiet game the way we would if we were all just in one room.


In addition to the relatively uncomfortable couch, the living room had a work desk, empty mini fridge, and large TV.  It was nice having our daughter nap in there, as well as having somewhere to eat the take-out we brought in for dinner, but it wasn’t the sort of space we really wanted to just hang out in.  It just felt kind of cramped and uncomfortable.  I also wish that the suite would have had a pull-out couch, though based on the website it seems that the Executive Suites do have pull-out couches so our type of suite was just a little unlucky in that department.


My favorite feature of the living room was the view out of the huge windows!


The bedroom in the suite had one king bed, but it is worth noting that some standard rooms have the option of two queen beds, which is fantastic for families.  The bed itself was quite comfortable and well appointed with reading lights and electrical outlets next to the bed for all your phones, iPads, laptops, etc.  I was also quite grateful for the very good blackout curtains!



The bedroom was not overly large, but it was an adequate size for Manhattan, and for whatever reason was a more comfortable space to hang out and relax in than the kind of crowded living room space.  From looking at pictures and reviews of standard rooms, they seem to also not be huge, but be a decent-sized space for Manhattan.


The bathroom in the suite was an interesting design that I think really worked.  There was only one sink, but there was usable counter space above the sink for all of our family’s toiletries.  There were both a shower and a tub, but while they were both behind the shower door, they were separate.  That meant you could either use the shower or the bathtub without having to use a shower/tub combo.  I’m a shower girl myself, but there is no doubt it is easier to bathe kids in a tub, so I love when hotels give the option of both.  I do not think this is the standard in all rooms at the hotel, so inquire if a bathtub is important for you.



Hotel Amenities:

The hotel has a large Timeless – Marilyn Monroe Spa, a workout area, and a rooftop lounge that we did not have time to visit on our short stay.  However, we did have a chance to take advantage of our Diamond breakfast in the ground floor t45 Midtown Diner that serves made-to-order items as well as offering a takeaway service.



The diner is decorated in a retro style in colors that matched the hotel decor as a whole.


The menu had a good number of choices for breakfast, but it doesn’t come cheap.  This isn’t a real issue for those dining via the Diamond Breakfast benefit, but would be if we were paying with “real money”.  $19 for biscuits and gravy!




My kiddo went with her standby order of pancakes while I had yogurt with granola and fruit.



I was very happy to have a convenient (and free to us) breakfast, but I wasn’t in love with my menu selection.  C’s pancakes were fine and the service was okay, but not fantastic.

Overall Impressions:

Overall I am thrilled to have so many Hyatt options in NYC, and am especially thrilled to have tried out this hotel at such a great rate.  At a rate of around $160/night I would certainly stay here again.  I likely would not use another suite upgrade unless we just had one to burn as we didn’t find the living portion of the suite to be overly helpful for our stay.  The diner downstairs was a convenient place to have breakfast, but it wasn’t my all time favorite Hyatt breakfast, though perhaps other menu items would have been more enjoyable.  The take-away option in the diner could potentially be pretty handy on busy mornings.

The service I received from the Hyatt staff at the Hyatt Times Square was very good, and overall the stay was fine.  This is not my favorite Hyatt property in NYC, but at $160 for our stay it doesn’t have to be.  I do appreciate that the hotel has room options with two queen beds, that it had a tub and shower in our suite, and that it had an empty mini fridge for us to use in the room.  Those are all welcome family-friendly amenities that can be uncommon in NYC.

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  1. Good to know they have worked out some of their service kinks. My experience here right around the time they opened. We did save $600 per night with the two free nights! In all fairness they more than made up for it by offering me 25k points for all our trouble so we were happy with the way they made it right.
    Our room did have 2 double beds, but you’re right. Very cramped. No tub, just shower, but I wouldn’t expect both on a standard room. You’re right, the view was great. My full review here.

  2. We enjoyed our stay here. The location was great as we were seeing a show one evening. With regards to the breakfast we actually enjoy Hyatt’s where we do not eat in the regency club better with our little ones. It was explained to us that each person on the reservation got an allowance of $34 including tax and tip. So each kid splurged and got smoothies along with their meal. I particularly enjoyed my deconstructed bagel and lox entree.

    Also someone stated that these were some of the fastest elevators in the city.

  3. Review is spot on. Was just there last week. No diamond line at check in was a 1st for me, especially noticeable when there was a large line. Room was too small for me. Tub not available in standard room and I had to request this. Not a good idea to use Time Square MTA with young kids during high season because sidewalk were packed like sardines.

    How would you rate this in comparison to Grand Hyatt and Lex 48 at same rate, which was what I was debating before I booked here?

  4. FreeTravelGuys, the service we received by the Hyatt folks at check-in was just fine and we didn’t have any other real issues while we were there other than a little slow service in the diner. Good value for “free” or for the $160 we paid. 😉
    FatCat, same here. I prefer Hyatts that do not have clubs in terms of the breakfast benefit 99% of the time. It is a great location to see a show for sure.
    TM, Grand Hyatt is such a huge property and some of the rooms show their wear and tear. Bathrooms are also hilariously small at Grand Hyatt. Club is good, though. Hyatt 48 Lex would likely be my pick of the three, but location of where you want to be would need to come into play since they are all in different spots. Andaz 5th is my first choice in that points category, though. Look forward to trying out Park Hyatt and Union Square properties in future trips.

  5. If you ever run out of diamond status 😉 the Midtown Hyatt Place had a great free breakfast. The room I got with anniversary night award (double queen) had an unobstructed view of the Empire State building! I was sorry to see them jump a category though, it took them out of the anniversary night options! Going to try out the one across the river next….

  6. The tallest Hyatt in the world is the Park Hyatt Shanghai at over 100 stories! It was the tallest hotel in the world until about 2 years ago. The views from the Park Hyatt Shanghai are truly extraordinary (suites are on the 83rd and 84th floors)!

    I’m very confused why you keep burning Diamond suite upgrades on 1 night stays. That seems like a complete waste! I know every time someone asks you that you day they were expiring anyway… but they don’t expire for over a year, and even then you can book them at expiration for a stay as long as the Hyatt calendar is open (a full 12 months). With the current cash and point stay options which are eligible for suite upgrades I can’t see why anyone would use a Diamond suite upgrade on less than a 3 night stay (I know that I don’t).

    • Interesting. Hard to believe the hotel is bluffing on tallest status…must be a loop hole or nuisance somewhere that they are using to say that. In terms of upgrades we really had them to burn. We had eight and used these before they expired from 2013. We only take 1-2 vacations a year at Hyatts on cash or cash + points stays where upgrades are available. The rest are short trips or don’t qualify for one reason or another so use then or lose them eventually. 😉

      • I find that I use the diamond upgrades on shorter stays than I’d like to as well. I’m not a huge planner way in advance. So, usually when I’m trying to use a DSU it’s not available. 🙁 We don’t often stay in one hotel more than 3 nights either.

  7. Yup. Marks got it right in this one. The hotel either misspoke/advertised incorrectly. Park Hyatt Shanghai is much taller.

    Taken from Hyatts press release when times square location opened “The 487-room hotel stands 54 stories high, making it the tallest newly built, freestanding Hyatt hotel in the United States.”

  8. looks like a category 2 hotel. category 6 is a clear misrepresentation. the only way it could have achieved such a rating is its location in nyc.

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