Take My Free United Club Pass, Please

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Lounges in airports vary in quality dramatically from places I would intentionally skip entirely, to destinations that I will cross the airport to visit – especially for free spa services in the DFW Amex Centurion Lounge.  Even when I don’t use a lounge, I am still glad that several of my rewards credit cards get me in various lounges either on an ongoing basis or via a couple of passes each year.

I especially appreciated lounges that had family rooms when my daughter was young, mobile, but not yet at an age where she followed instructions to stay close very well.

United Family Room

United Club Family Room

I just wrote about getting into various lounges in the airport via different rewards credit cards for Money Talks News, so feel free to check out that post if you are interested.  Or just take a one-time use United Club pass I have off my hands and get in free that way.

The only catch is that it expires on August 31st, so you need to be traveling next week to be able to put it to use.  I’ll drop it by the post office tomorrow so it will get to you as soon as possible – even happy to send it priority if that will help it get to you in time.

If you can use the United Club pass before August 31st just leave a comment here and I’ll pick someone randomly tomorrow morning (8/23/14) at 9AM Central and then shoot you an email to get your shipping address.


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  1. Going to Montana with a connection in ORD on Friday. I have one pass, and it’d be nice not to have to switch off with my fiance!

  2. You are so nice! (I don’t need them though, don’t count me :))

    I am just wondering how strict will UA lounges be about expired passes. I have 6 expired passes (because now I have the UA Club card). Not sure if this is hard coded into UA lounges’ system, or it’s up to the agent’s decision.

  3. I could use the club pass because I am traveling monday 25th from Hobby to DFW then on to Knoxville. I don’t think I would get much use out of it being that with The Platinum Amex card I have gets me access into the DFW American Express Centurion lounge, The Club at DFW as well as the Delta Sky club at DFW. I have a 3 1/2 hour layover in Dallas on the way there and back so im psyched to get a pedicure at the Centurion lounge manicure and maybe a facial. No real reason to stop at any other lounges at DFW. One of the reasons I love British airways as well as AA because I can route through DFW anytime I want.

  4. Believe it or not, my family of four is flying to Hawaii on August 31st! We have two passes, but would love a 3rd so we could all go in (our youngest is under two). We have 3 hours in SFO, and it would be perfect! – Although sad that the Centurion club isn’t open yet!

  5. This is fantastic, traveling coast to coast next week with stops, this will be incredible to have and make the journey better. Thanks dear.

  6. I don’t need the pass (so don’t pick me), but always drop my expiring passes (and “free drink” coupons) at the local airport’s USO lounge. They seem very appreciative, and I’m confident that it will go to better use than giving to a random person.

  7. I’m on 4 planes a week. Don’t know where I’ll be going but I’ll definitely be on a united plane going somewhere.

  8. Would love to have a free United club pass. I’ve been able to enjoy one lounge in all my years of travel. It was actually my husbands and he let me use it while he stayed out in the waiting area. So sweet. It was with EVA airlines in Taiwan and really was a peaceful place to spend a few hours. I was also blessed by all the free food and drinks they offered. It was truly refreshing.

  9. Thanks guys for helping take this pass of my hands. Sure do wish I had a few dozen of them to hand out to everyone. Love the idea of sharing passes with the USO. Honestly my take is just don’t let little things like this expire without making sure they go to someone. Plenty of travelers out there that can make their journey a tiny bit more comfortable.

    Winner announced here http://mommypoints.boardingarea.com/2014/08/22/take-free-united-club-pass/

    Safe and happy travels everyone!

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