Getting Included in Hyatt’s Targeted Bonus Offer

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Last week I wrote about the targeted fall bonus offers that came out from Hyatt Gold Passport.  At the time I said “I sure hope this isn’t the real fall Hyatt promo” since so many people were left out, my family included.  Now a few days later, I think that was the “real” fall Hyatt promo, and while I assume that targeted offers can make good business sense, it is a disappointment that there wasn’t at least some global offer available to everyone.

Hyatt promo

I know my own husband, a business traveler, just (re)earned his Hyatt Diamond status a week ago but now will devote the majority of his stays this year to Starwood to try and see if he can hit Platinum again with them.  He was left out of the Hyatt fall bonus, so might as well try his hand with racking up SPG stays since $150 Hyatt Place stays don’t exactly earn Hyatt points at a record pace without some sort of promotion attached.

A Hyatt offer with some bonus points dangled at the end of the carrot might have been enough to make it not worth the effort to try for another type of status since we know he may not have enough trips left this year to get to Platinum with SPG anyway.

However, yesterday morning I noticed a comment on Flyertalk from someone who had not been targeted for the offer, but reached out to their Hyatt Diamond Concierge anyway to see if they could be included.  As a Hyatt Diamond I was recently assigned a Diamond Concierge myself, so reached out to them and asked if there was any way to be included in the fall promotion.  Pretty quickly I received a response from my rep that expressed disappointment I wasn’t included initially, and information that I had now been registered for the offer that awards up to 50,000 bonus points after 20 eligible nights.

I checked back on Flyertalk today and it seems people are having mixed luck with getting included simply by asking, but there are still more yeses than nos, so I think it can’t hurt to try and ask if you can be included.

The promo I got accepted into isn’t some overly lucrative promotion, but it is one that can at least make it more likely to choose Hyatt over another similar option to get to the bonus point threshold.  I know hotel occupancy rates are up, but I am confused as to why Hyatt wouldn’t have at least something out there for people to work toward.  These sort of promotions make being loyal to a program a little more fun even when the payouts aren’t super lucrative.

Hyatt, I love you.  I’m glad some folks are getting included simply by asking.  But come on, cut the Average Joe Traveler a break and let him or her earn a few thousand extra points for spending several of their nights away from their families and in Hyatt Hotels.  It makes them just a bit happier and a bit more likely to choose Hyatt – at least I know that is the case in my household.

Were you included in the promo after politely asking?



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  1. I called the Diamond line (is that the same as a concierge?) earlier in the week, and was told I couldn’t be enrolled. However, after reading your post, I tried again. This time the agent told me that this is a new promotion, that not all of the agents are informed about all of the procedures, and that he could, indeed enroll me. Thanks for the heads up! You made my Fall!

  2. Tom, not the same as a concierge – that is a new thing they are rolling out, however essentially same result. So glad you were able to get in after a second try!

  3. MP, I’m a Hyatt diamond member and I wasn’t targeted either. However, I checked that FT thread and just my put my gold passport number in the 5K after one stay and it let me register!!! Not bad for 1 stay!

  4. I would’ve stayed at a Hyatt for my upcoming trips to Seoul and London, but since I didn’t get included, I booked elsewhere. I’m not offended or whatever by not getting included, but they lost a week worth of nights from me.

  5. Our collective big wallets will hopefully talk. If there are enough people like Kris and Daddy Points, the Hyatt execs will see overall Fall business down X% and wonder why. Then some marketing genius will have to sheepishly raise their hand in the meeting, and say that they didn’t give everyone a fall promo this time. Well, that’s my hope anyway…

  6. Thanks for the suggestion! Rang up for to process some Diamond Suite upgrades, and politely asked. Was put through to Guest Services, who enrolled me. Perfect timing! I have 15 stays booked, now to see if I can scrape the next 5 in (I did last year, netting me a nice bounty!).

    • Drew, so glad to hear it! Hope you have 20 wonderful nights with Hyatt this fall and get a nice chunk of bonus points to boot.

  7. Thanks for posting this. Called the Hyatt Diamond line where they confirmed I was not targeted for any promotions and they signed me up for 20 nights/50K points offer.

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