Finding Park Hyatt New York Award Availability

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Given my affinity for New York City, Hyatt Gold Passport points, and the Park Hyatt brand, it’s no shocker that I have been anxiously awaiting the opening of the flagship Park Hyatt New York.  The large rooms.  The soaking tubs and heated floors in the bathrooms.  The indoor pool with underwater music.  There were delays and setbacks, but the doorman flanked doors are now open and the puddle of drool is pretty much covering my keyboard as I look at photos and information about the property.  I know, I know, too much info right?!

Park Hyatt New York Bathroom

Park Hyatt New York Bathroom

I’m going to be in NYC some this week and came ever so close to booking a night at the Park Hyatt New York to check it out, but thankfully my better judgement took over and I stopped short of spending some serious bucks.  If you didn’t know this already, the Park Hyatt New York has had virtually no award inventory for standard rooms since a couple of weeks before it opened.  I’ve looked close-in for award nights, a year out, on random days, and nothing.  With Hyatt if a standard room is available for cash, it should be available to book on points, but in this case the standard rooms aren’t even availability for sale with cold hard cash, so of course they aren’t there on points.

Park Hyatt New York Pool

Park Hyatt New York Pool

I don’t like it when one of my favorite hotel programs starts getting murky with availability, so I reached out to Jeff Zidell (head of Hyatt Gold Passport) to get the scoop on where the award availability went for the Park Hyatt New York, and when it is coming back.  The story from him, and others I have talked to, is that the hotel is unsurprisingly very popular, especially among Hyatt Gold Passport fanatics.  It does not have very many standard rooms to begin with (heck almost half of the 210 rooms are suites!) and to make matters worse, “the hotel is in ramp up mode and not all standard rooms have been released in inventory at this point.”

Based on the reports of ongoing construction at the hotel on some floors that I have read on Flyertalk I think “ramp up mode” is code for “still finishing the rooms” mode.  Based on what I saw, have been told, and have read, standard rooms were there to be booked with points for months before the hotel actually opened.  Some folks booked standard rooms on points during that time.  As opening day got closer and the hotel realized not all of the rooms were going to be 100% complete on opening day, the standard room availability that was left was all pulled.  Thus far, it has not come back across the board, but presumably it will once “ramp up” mode is complete.  I was told by Hyatt that pockets of availability have sprung up, but then those nights often been booked again within 24 hours.

All of this bring me back to finding Park Hyatt New York availability.  As I mentioned earlier I fought the urge to splurge to try this property out this week (and of course share a review with you guys).  Instead I started checking rates for a week I will be back in NYC in November, and what would you know.  There it was.  Availability on points for a standard Park King room.  It was just one room available and it was just there for one night, but that’s all I needed.

Park Hyatt New York Availability

Park Hyatt New York Availability

Hyatt’s story is legit.  There really are small pockets of availability that pop up (presumably when someone cancels) for the Park Hyatt New York.  Dumb luck and obsessiveness led me to finding an award night in November.  In some ways I wish it was for this week because I’m excited and impatient, but I’m also happy to let the hotel work out a few ‘new hotel’ kinks between now and November.  Hopefully there will be a day in the not too distant future that award availability for standard rooms is more common.  Until then, keep searching.  You could also try out the Hyatt Alerts Tool that Wandering Aramean built.

Spending 30,000 points for one hotel night is a little crazy, but it is only 5,000 points more per night than most of the other Hyatt options in NYC.  So, if you were already okay with spending 25,000 points for a night at the Andaz Fifth Avenue, Grand Hyatt New York, Hyatt 48 Lex, Hyatt Times Square, etc. then this isn’t a big jump from there on points, but I fully expect it to be in a class above some of those (already nice) hotels.  It is a bigger jump if you were planning on staying at the Category 5 Hyatt Place Midtown for 20,000 points per night or were looking into a cash and points stay.

I’m thrilled to have kept money in my wallet, secured an award night, and that I get to look forward to the stay for a couple of months.  That makes the whole experience worth more as it buys me weeks of excitement.  Don’t get me wrong, travel isn’t primarily about where you stay at night, but that can be a very, very nice added perk.  Park Hyatt New York, here we come…in a couple months.

Is the Park Hyatt New York on your radar?  Have you found availability?




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  1. Booked a room in December using a Hyatt Visa free night award. Only thing available for a family of four was the ADA double room, which is supposedly over 800 sq. ft.

  2. yay!!! glad you scored a room!!!!!! perhaps host a nyc meetup for your readers while you’re in nyc? 🙂 weren’t you here for the us open?

  3. This has been on my radar for a year!!

    I got the Hyatt card while I was in Diamond trial last July & did the spend in late October so I have 2 suite nights expiring Nov. 30th.

    When I tried to book earlier in March I was told I had to wait until Hotel opened to get them to honor suite nights.

    So I just had them book a regular night to at least get it held.

    Then, a few weeks ago I emailed a very competent rep @ Passport & she contacted the hotel & got me a suite night & changed it to a saturday night in November 🙂

  4. This phenomenon isn’t limited to the Park Hyatt. We are going to NYC at the end of September and I’ve been trying to use points to book the Andaz 5th Avenue, but they have no availability either. And I’ve been trying on a regular basis for many months now.

  5. I’m the one who posted over at FT about my recent stay in the construction involved, and I’m not sure it is worth the extra 5000 over the Ondas, except as a possible review source. It’s the kind of hotel that has a hostess greet you and take you to a hostess. As the reviews have said, it’s great if you want to get tickets for the U.S. Open, or hard-to-get reservations, but the diamond breakfast is very limiting, and the beds are rockhard.

  6. Hey MP.

    I am glad you wrote on this topic as I am just starting to plan a short trip to NY for 5 of us (My two sisters, mother and aunt). All of us country girls 🙂 I’m a little intimidated about the planning process as I have never been to NY. We plan to take in most of the attractions and probably a few shows. Do you, or any of your readers have a recommendation of where we should stay?

    • Hi MP. I have some Amex points, not many, some Carlson points and then I have several Ultimate Rewards points. So I really didn’t see a good fit to use points. I guess I will probably be paying cash. On a side note, I just reserved my first plane tickets to Las Vegas for my sons graduation present using points YAY!! I’m really looking forward to that trip as well and so nice to not have to pay airfare.

  7. @Amy, We only went to NY one time. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Times Square. It is right in the middle of everything. I would highly recommend it. Thanks.

    • Nguyen,

      I wanted to stay at Andaz 5th Avenue using points, but since that option wasn’t available for the weekend we’re going, I ended up making a reservation at the Hilton Garden Inn Times Square. It seemed the best “value” considering price, location, and TripAdvisor rating. I’m glad to hear you recommend it as well!

  8. Rather stay at the consistently welcoming Intercontinental Times Square when in NYC. MP, I’ll be curious if this Hyatt becomes your new “favorite hotel”.

    • Rich, I did enjoy my stay at the Intercontinental Times Square way more than expected earlier this year. We’ll see how the Hyatt stays goes in a few months!

  9. Hyatt is starting to lose favor in my book…. Just tried to book a weekend at the Park Hyatt NYC in October – no availability, so I tried to book the Andaz 5th Avenue – again no availability… So I looked at the Ritz Carlton Central Park – yep. No problem.
    Then I tried to book a weekend at the Andaz Costa Rica in mid January 2015. Again no luck.
    SPG is my #1, Marriott #2 (because of Ritz, Autograph and JW – even though their elite program sticks) Hyatt is now #3. They do have a good elite program but what is the use if you can’t use it on great vacation properties!

    • Tim,
      I’ve had the same problem trying to get rooms at the Park Hyatt NYC and Andaz 5th Avenue. It’s very frustrating and disheartening.

      • I agree it is frustrating, though I continue to believe the Park Hyatt property specifically is somewhat of a temporary issue. I have been told, and believe, that once all the standard rooms are ready that there will be much more availability. However, there aren’t that many standard rooms in the first place, so it will never be a slam dunk for availability. I have heard the Andaz 5th has several “minimum stay” times going on, so try booking a couple of nights and see what happens. Unfortunate, I agree, however if they are treating paid standard rooms the same way then it is just something that comes along with full hotels these days.

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