IHG Rewards Into the Nights Promo Released: Two Free Nights or 50,000+ Points

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IHG Rewards has brought a new version of a fun hotel promo for fall 2014 travel called “Into the Nights“.  In a time when many hotel promos are weak, targeted, watered down, or non-existent, IHG has made things a bit more interesting with offering at least 50,000 IHG points, two free nights, or 10,000 airline miles if you complete a series of tasks and stays.  How good your offer is will depend on what IHG has bestowed to your account – some have to jump through more hoops than others to earn the points/nights.  You can log-on here to find out what your offer is.

In my case it seems that five IHG nights by December 31st will get me two free nights to use at any IHG property. 

My specific offer is:

  • Stay 5 night(s) at any of IHG’s 4,700 hotels worldwide – 8,400 points
  • Take survey – 100 points
  • Stay two Saturdays – 8,000 points
  • Download and sign in to the IHG App and book a stay – 1,900 points
  • Complete all activities for 31,600 bonus points for a total of 50,000 points or two free nights.

IHG Into the Nights

Since two of the nights could be on Saturdays it seems that I could complete all four tasks assigned to me with just five total nights.  Of course I also have to take the survey and use the app to book a stay, but those are easy (and free) tasks.  If I have even a couple of actual IHG stays by the end of the year it would make sense to push to get the rest of the way there with cheap “mattress runs” if I had a good use for the two free nights that the promo would award.

IHG Into the Nights Dashboard

I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly how the two free nights or points situations works so have reached out to IHG for a little clarification on that, but on the surface this looks like a very solid promo, at least in my account.  If I could earn two nights to use somewhere like InterContinental Paris – Le Grand, InterContinental : London Park Lane, InterContinental : Sydney, InterContinental : Hong Kong, or Intercontinental Times Square (that I personally enjoyed in June), then that is worth a lot to me since those properties go for up to 50,000 points each.

Remember you can “unofficially” buy IHG points for .7 cents each, so don’t over spend trying to earn points via this promo.

What was the offer you were given?  Do you think you will be participating in this promotion?

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  1. Into the Nights website keeps giving error and won’t let me in – can log into my account at the main site and it shows the promo in my promotions and even clicking through from there won’t work. Gotta love launching a promo with faulty IT.

  2. Mine was similar, but smaller points offer. 28,400 Points or 2 Free Night(s). Just about all your line-items tasks were the same with small differences in the points next to each. One thing interesting, they know I have the app installed on my phone (and I’ve had it for awhile). So on that line item for me, it just reads “Book on the IHG App”.

  3. Chris, weird – worked for me, but maybe they are getting more traffic now?
    Ryan, I bet you have at least 50k total points as that is the minimum. Add the bonus points + the ones for each task and I bet it equals 50k.

  4. Same for me – got this error message “We are sorry, but there was an error. Please try again later.” for two accounts that I was checking.

  5. Mommypoints,

    If you can find out what “two free nights means” that would be very valuable. My offer of 28K points or 2 free nights is a no-brainer if I can use my “two free nights” at an Intercontinental hotel. Otherwise, not so much.

  6. I have to complete 4 out of 5 offers to get 24,900 points or 2 free nights:
    * Stay 6 night(s) at any of IHG’s 4,700 hotels worldwide – 8800 points
    * Stay 2 Saturdays at any of our IHG hotel brands – 4800 points
    * Book and pay for 1 stay(s) with your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card and earn 1,500 points – 1500 points
    * Stay at 2 Holiday Inn hotel(s) – 8000 points
    * Book 1 stays using the Bonus Points Package with breakfast rate to earn more points faster – 2000 points

    Depending on the 2 free nights, this could be a great deal.

  7. Mine is ridiculous! 50K points for 20 stays, 18 with breakfast plan, 3 Saturdays, etc.

    I have not been since the end of the Big Win, which was not worth completing, and this certainly doesn’t entice me back.

  8. Mine is for 18,000 points or 2 free nights. Weird. The strangest task I have is “stay at 3 EVEN hotels in Norwalk, CT or Rockville, MD” I live in one of those towns. That seems awfully specific.

    • 18,000 for you meet all requirement than you got 32000 bonus, not only 18,000.

      I think mine is better
      1.4 nights any IHG
      2.2 nights in IHG express
      3.take a survey

  9. One of mine is “Stay at 2 Holiday Inn hotel(s).” Any idea if Holiday Inn Express is included in that?

    If so, I could get the 2 bonus nights with just two Saturday night Holiday Inn stays which would be a pretty good deal.

  10. Just logged into my husband’s account and he got a pretty good offer. He needs to just stay a total of 3 nights to get the complete offer. Two of the nights need to be Saturdays, two stays half to be at Holiday Inns, and he has to download the mobile app and then book two stays on it. So this could be done in two stays, both booked through the mobile app at Holiday Inns, one just for a Saturday and one for a Saturday/Sunday.

  11. Very odd, I logged into my offer and it just has two bars that say complete one offer for 25,000 points or one free night, but no offers are showing up. I logged in and out a couple of times, but nothing. I guess it’s an IT issue?

    • Lyssa, I had the same message on both my account and my husband’s account. Perhaps they are uploading the offers in batches, and ours will post later. Cheers, Penny

    • Same here. Two household accounts. Both were able to register for the promotion, but we each have “0 available offers.” Any insight?

  12. 50,000 or 2 Free Nights
    -500: Download and book on the IHG App
    -1000: Stay more (Stay 3 nights)
    -1000: Book with IHG (Book 2 stays direct on ihg.com web/mobile sites or IHG App)
    -1000: Stay 2 Saturdays
    -1000: Stay 2 Holiday Inn hotel(s)

  13. I’m faced with the usual Priority Club IT disaster. I’ve not managed to log into the site to see what my offer is but I have managed to register. When I log into my account I know my offer is for 50k or 2 nights. This one is probably going to be a no-go for me based on what others have to do for 50k. I have 60 nights coming up in hotels but there is a good chance Priority Club will get zero from me. Their IT is so bad it is embarrassing.

  14. My offer was 4 nights, 2 Saturdays, 1 booked with bonus points. The total will bee 50k. Im curious about the two free nights too. I have a feeling they’re using it like you’ll get enough points for two free nights at their lowest property. Though hopefuly would something like up to 2 free nights. I might take up the offer as i have a trip to NZ coming up and IHG is one of the few big chain hotels there.

  15. I checked my mom’s (who has not had a stay since I signed her up a few months ago). It says 25K points or 1 free night for completing one offer. It shows this TWICE, but does not show the offers.

    Has anybody received an IHG email on the offer (I haven’t), or is everybody just checking since they already knew about it?

  16. Mine said 50,000 bonus points if 2 offers are completed too, but no offers… That does mean we are sort of not included in the promo?

  17. My offer – Complete 4 of 5 and get 31,200 bonus points (for a max of 50,000) or 2 free nights.

    1. Stay 8 nights
    2. Take the survey
    3. Stay 3 Saturdays
    4. Pay for a stay with IHG credit card
    5. 1 Bonus Point Package

    Ugh. Any thoughts on double-dipping? For example, could one stay count toward #1, #3, #4, and #5? If not, my offer is a serious dog.

    • Yes, one Saturday night stay, and the bonus rate, paid for with the credit card would count under all four of those challenges.

  18. Complete 4 of 5 offers to get 37,500 points

    Stay 6 nights – 8,800 points
    Book 2 stays through app – 1,900 points
    Take survey – 100 points
    Pay for 1 night with IHG credit card – 1,500 points
    Bonus Point Package Reward: Book 1 stays using the Bonus Points Package with breakfast rate to earn more points faster – 2,200 points

    My offer was the above mentioned. Can you book a bonus points package with breakfast on app? If you can I can do my offers in 2 nights.

  19. I am a Platinum member, but like a few others, keep getting an error message when I try to register and see the specifics of my offer.

  20. I signed up today and received a confirmation email at 1:34pm with:
    500 download app
    2000 stay 3 nights
    2000 book 2 stays web/app
    4000 stay 2 Saturdays
    2000 stay 2 holiday inns
    I wrote it down, but didn’t think to take a screen shot!!! I just got another email at 4:16p to register with WORSE requirements
    9200 Stay 7 nights
    6700 download and book app
    2400 Book 2 stays w/ Bonus Points w/ breakfast rate 2000 apply for IHG CC
    100 Survey

    What the heck!! When I try going back to the link it doesn’t do anything or show me either. Take a screenshot!!
    I prefer my first option staying 3 nights with 2 stays over 7 nights!!

  21. IHG platinum here. My offer is terrible:

    22 or more nights for 25,200
    Book 3 stays on the app for 8,400
    Stay 3 Saturdays for 8,400
    Book 1 stay with breakfast rate for 3,000
    Stay at 3 Holiday Inn Express for 8,400
    Take a survey for 100

    Complete 5 of 6 for 14,000 or 2 free nights.

    22 nights is kind of ridiculous. No way I’m going to get anywhere near that.

  22. As with all IHG promos, the terms are not clear and the promo is somewhat screwed up. I’m sure IHG will let us know what is what – in about 2 weeks. The biggest issue is by far – free nights = ANYWHERE? Any IHG hotel? Or do they mean just the points that may translate into 2 free nights? Nobody seems to know…I’m going to hop back on to FT tonight and see if they know.

  23. Got a pretty easy challenge (do 4 out of 5 to get 13,600 bonus points):

    Stay 9 nights anywhere, 15K
    Survey, 100
    Book 1 stay with breakfast bonus package, 3K
    Download app and book 1 stay, 16.3K
    Apply for the credit card, 2K

    I won’t be doing 9 nights in any hotels this year unless my plans change substantiall, but if I skip the first challenge I can do the other four WITH A SINGLE STAY. That would get me 35K points (plus whatever other points I got for stay, plus what I’d get from acquiring the credit card).

  24. For those wondering what “two free nights” means, on my registration page I can look at my “Max Earning Potential” as either Points or Nights. If I switch to Nights mode it says
    Offer Points 36,400
    Potential Nights 2
    So, I think the number of nights is what you could theoretically book with the points you earn — at whatever redemption level the need to use to come up with the answer “2”.

  25. Platinum member (from CC) with two 1-night reward stays this year.

    offer points: 48,300
    bonus offer 20,000 or 2 free nights

    4 offers; complete 3 of 4 offers and earn 20,000 bonus points or 2 free nights

    8,400 – Stay 5 night(s) at any of IHG’s 4,700 hotels worldwide
    1,900 – Book 2 stays directly on the ihg.com web/mobile sites or IHG App
    2,000 – Book 1 stays using the Bonus Points Package with breakfast rate to earn more points faster
    36,000 (yes, 36,000) – Stay at an EVEN hotel in Norwalk, CT or Rockville, MD

    So it seems to me that if I were to book the “bonus points package with breakfast rate” at the EVEN hotel in Norwalk via ihg.com, then I would only need to book one other stay at any rate via ihg.com to meet the requirements for the 2 free nights, yes?

    • What does the bonus rate with breakfast mean I got that too…I see a lot of bonus points but not mentioning the breakfast rate…

      • It’s simply one of the available rates on ihg.com. If you’re not seeing it, it may not be offered at the property(ies) you’re looking at. FWIW I could see it at the EVEN hotel in Norwalk, CT.

  26. @LarryInNYC That’s a good point. For me: “48,300 points or 2 potential free nights.” That make sense. And I think I’m in agreement that 2 free night certs would probably be too generous. Too bad.

  27. @MP The way you and Gary read this, the “2 free nights” are at any IHG property. The way my offer reads it seems I just get 50K points. Then since many lower level properties are 25K or less per night, I can get at least 2 free nights. But only as a points booking, not at all 2 free nights anywhere. Those 50K points would be only one night at some European IC locations.

    Since my offer will require spending almost $300 to complete, that might be a deal for 2 nights at a top level IC. But if it’s just one night, that’s not a good deal, since I wouldn’t be spending $300 for an IC property otherwise.

  28. Gary at “View From the Wing” confirmed that the 2 free nights are award certificates “usable at any participating IHG property (as long as reward nights are available) and expire after 12 months.”

    Makes the offer much more tempting.

    • Dave, saw that and that is what I believed to be true but glad he has it in writing. I’ve reached out a second time just now to try and get the same. That is indeed what makes the offer tempting!

  29. Interesting that you “reached out” to them, and they couldn’t be bothered to answer. Gary says he “has it in writing”, but he hasn’t posted exactly what he has in writing. Beyond the possible confusion between what that says, and what we imagine it says, is the question of what to do if we only get the points and not the certificates. Do we email PC and say: “Gary got it in writing”?

    Why doesn’t the PC website spell this out, and where are the T/C for this offer? I’m not doing any extra spend with PC until I get an actual offer spelled out. Speaking of which, my wife’s offer still says “do these two things” with absolutely no mention of what the actual things are she is supposed to do. Talk about not ready for Prime Time.

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