Earn Big Miles in Shopping Portals Today

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There are many online shopping portals offering increased mileage bonuses at popular retailers today – several of which are higher than I have seen in a long, long time.  10x for J Crew anyone?  I suspect these will be very short lived, and in some cases “today only”.

I personally just use stuff like this if I have something I have been meaning to buy anyway, but there are those that take this further than me to effectively buy miles at discounted prices.  For that, head here or here.

Remember that points in the Southwest portal count toward the Companion Pass and some retailers (like Sears) will award points for both buying and using gift cards through the portals.

Have fun earning extra miles on stuff you were going to buy anyway!

Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping

Nordstrom 12x

Sears 9x

Home Depot 6x

eBags 18x

Kiehl’s 9x

Last Call by Neiman Marcus 12x

Shoe Mall 15

Piperlime 9x

ProActiv 30x


AAdvantage eShopping:

Bloomingdales 6x

JCrew 10x

Sports Authority 10x

The North Face 10x

west elm 6x


Alaska Airlines MileagePlan Shopping

Sears 9x

Nike 10x

Petsmart 10x


If you are new to online shopping portals:

If you are new to racking up miles by shopping online via shopping portals then know that doing your online shopping via a shopping portal is an insanely easy way to really rack up miles for purchases you were going to make anyway.  It is one extra step to go from a portal like the American AAdvantage eShopping portal to get to the retailer websites you know and love, but it is a step that can earn you thousands of extra miles each year!

The numbers below show above indicate how many extra points or miles you will earn for your purchase.  For example, if you buy something for $100 from a portal that is paying out at that retailer for 12x then you will get 1200 extra miles or points for that purchase on top of the ones that you earn for using your rewards credit card.  It can take a purchase that would have only earned a handful of points on a credit card to one that earns a significant number thanks to using an online portal.  You can use www.cashbackmonitor.com or www.evreward.com to compare payouts in various portals (though I would do some manual checks for large purchases).

You can often stack coupon codes, free shipping, or in-store pick-up on top of the points or miles earned for shopping through a portal, but that isn’t always the case.  I recommend getting the best deal possible for an item first, and then worry about the miles and points second.  Usually you can do both at the same time.

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  1. What’s the final word on buying e-gift cards from Sears, again? I know it’s changed a few times. THe T+C allow for gift cards, but I want to make sure e-gift cards work.

  2. I was also wondering about the printable gift cards. I need a refrigerator TODAY as mine died. I am going to Sears right now to pick it out, but I wanted to make sure that the printable ones would work.

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