Planning for the IHG Into the Nights Promotion

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It’s not secret that most of the fall hotel promotions this year are not very exciting (or rewarding).  Occupancy rates are up, and the need to lure points junkies like me through the lobby doors any more than normal just isn’t there.  I like fun ways to strategize and earn points, so I wish there were more exciting promos to pick from, but there is one standout that is worth some extra attention.

The IHG promo “Into the Nights” has the fun “gamey” aspect of promotions that I like and it can be actually rewarding, which I really like.

The promo came out a few weeks ago, but I’ve been dragging my feet deciding whether to go for it for my own family.  Part of the hesitation was to ensure that the two award nights you can earn would pull from availability that is actually available and not some super-duper-restricted-promo-only availability, and I have received confirmation from IHG that they do indeed pull from the same availability as the award nights earned via the IHG credit card.  The other hesitation was to make sure I could align some fall travel with the promo as doing it all via “mattress runs” would not really be worth it in my view for my particular version of the promo.

If you haven’t looked at the IHG Into the Nights promo yet, I recommend first reading this post and logging into your IHG Rewards account to take a look at your specific offer as they do vary.

My offer is:

  • Stay 5 night(s) at any of IHG’s 4,700 hotels worldwide – 8,400 points
  • Take survey – 100 points
  • Stay two Saturdays – 8,000 points
  • Download and sign in to the IHG App and book a stay – 1,900 points
  • Complete all activities for 31,600 bonus points for a total of 50,000 points or two free nights.

IHG Into the Nights

Stay 5 night(s) at any of IHG’s 4,700 hotels worldwide – 8,400 points Take survey – 100 points Stay two Saturdays – 8,000 points Download and sign in to the IHG App and book a stay – 1,900 points Complete all activities for 31,600 bonus points for a total of 50,000 points or two free nights. – See more at:

Your offer may be different than mine, but the “prize” for completing your individual challenge will be a minimum of at least 50,000 total bonus IHG points, two free nights, or 10,000 airline miles.  I would be playing for two free nights as those can be worth up to 100,000 IHG points, depending on where you redeem.  Two nights at any IHG property sounds very nice, but before you decide if you want to play, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Remember that IHG points can be purchased for .7 cents each at anytime, and sometimes for less than that.  If you are spending near that target in order to earn the “free nights” I would advise backing away.  I would shoot for no more than half that price out of pocket.  The caveat is of course if you really needed all of the IHG stays for actual travel and they were indeed the best choice for your travel patterns.  In that case this promo is just a (great) perk you are picking up along the way.
  • Booking via third party site will not count toward the promotion, so you may be forgoing some savings in order to have stays that qualify for Into the Nights.  This is my current hold-up as I have IHG stays booked for less via Travel Pony than I can get directly with IHG.  To go for this promo I will have to cancel those and rebook at higher rates with IHG.  The payoff can still be worth it, but you need to add those totals up closely to make sure you are coming out ahead.
  • Your free nights will expire on December 31, 2015, so be sure to have at least a pretty decent idea of how you will use them.  This is also true because using them at lower tier properties changes the points/value equation.  I have a trip to Europe on the books for 2015, so there are top Category properties going for 50,000 points in cities like London that would give me a big return for my reward nights.  Domestically, I have enjoyed the Intercontinental Times Square and wouldn’t hesitate to use my reward nights there in 2015, but you need at least a basic redemption plan before worrying about how to earn the nights.
  • If you do book IHG stays, be sure to go through a portal that will earn you cash back or extra points when making your bookings.  This is not the same as going through a third-party site that won’t count as you are still booking directly with IHG.   I recently saw IHG as high as 8% cash back via Ebates, but highest I am currently seeing 5% cash back via Top Cash BackThose are my referral links. 

I can find rates around here for Holiday Inn Express stays for as low as about $70 per night, and I bet that could dip into the $60’s on very off-peak days.  If your offer awards two free nights anywhere for just 3 out of pocket stays (as I have seen), then this promo is hugely valuable.  Mine will require 5 stays, but if I can get 3 or 4 of the nights to line up with nights I already needed, then this promo will be worth it for me.  I’d like to keep my “extra” out of pocket costs for this promo to no more than $200 beyond what I would have spent on hotel stays between now and the end of the year.

If I can keep costs low and hit the requirements of my “Into the Nights’ promo, then I’ll be earning the two free nights, the regular points for the stays, cash back via one of the portals, some bonus points via the promo, and hopefully have some fun in the process!

Are you going for the IHG Into the Nights promo?  If so, I’d love to hear your strategy!  I’ll share more about my strategy as it is finalized!

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  1. Pretty sure I won the lottery on this one as I can get the two nights for a grand total of -one- night’s stay in a Holiday Inn (at the breakfast rate).

  2. I’m not bothering. The free nights are great, but we can get nights at places that are nice “enough” for us a lot easier.

    I’m with you in saying that it’s not worth it just to mattress run, and we don’t really have any fall travel that aligns well.

  3. I’m bothering only because I had 2 stays where work paid for it. So for me it’s worth it. But I can tell you this – it’s not enjoyable at all. The dashboard doesn’t update with any regularity and when it does, it is usually incorrect in some fashion. Then they send you an email to “track your progress” which doesn’t match the dashboard in the website!!!! In fact – both the website tracking and the email tracking are totally wrong (but different from one another). Absolutely inferior promo to other IHG promos in the past. My favorite one was MEN IN BLACK. The website seemed to synch correctly and it was a lot of fun. That is actually the promo that got me hooked with IHG! Such a shame on this new one. Oh well. I guess whoever used to write their web code quit or moved on, and now we get stuck with amateur coders who just grageeeated from college.

  4. My offers are 2 stays for 1 free night, 2 more stays for 1 more free night. My fall travels only call for 1 IHG stay. I’ll probably book 1 more stay to get a free night. Not sure if I’ll go for the 2nd free night; it depends on whether the free nights would use the same availability as point redemptions, or if they would use a more restricted inventory. Although you write “I have received confirmation from IHG that they do indeed pull from the same availability as the award nights earned via the IHG credit card”, other people on Flyertalk have reported the nights would use a different, possibly more restrictive, inventory the T&C seem to indicate as well.

  5. With Park Hyatt Vendome now 30K points, I’m using my two free nights at the Intercontinental Le Grand Opera, which is beautiful and classic with lots of Louis XIV furniture.

  6. I’m not going to bother. Too many issues with the Priority Club website, reports of peeps have to chase credits from previous stays, I’m going to save myself the time and heartache and concentrate on programs where I know my points will post.

  7. Could someone interpret the following offer? It seems very ambiguous. The “Term” does not make it clear.

    “Stay 5 night(s) at any of IHG’s 4,700 hotels worldwide.”

    Is it one specific property for 5 nights? Or, is it combination of one or more properties, for any length of nights, as long as they add to 5 or more night?

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