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I love writing daily blog posts about miles, points, and travel that are available for free on this site so anyone can read them at any time they want.  The downside to this method of information sharing as the site grows is that there are now more than 2,300 active posts written over a period of three and a half years.  As time goes on this total will only grow, which is great, but also presents a challenge for those just starting out.

I have a Beginner’s Guide on the site, a list of trip reports and hotel reviews, and you can look at different categories of posts on the right hand side of the site, but it takes some work and searching to piece together how to get from A – Z when planning a specific trip using miles and points.  I’m not changing my schedule of writing new posts here daily, but I do want there to be alternatives for people who want a simpler way to get all the information they need to plan the trip they want using miles and points.

New Line of Frequent Flyer Toolkit E-Books Launching This Month:

For the last several months I have been working together with a co-author (hi Andrea!) to write a series of comprehensive e-books that put a pretty bow on almost everything you will need to earn and use miles and points to get to a specific destination.  I don’t expect these books to be all that helpful for those who have been at the miles and points game for a while, but for those newer to the hobby they should be a fast-track way to plan the vacation you want primarily using miles and points.  In fact, you should be able to start the books with virtually no experience earning or using miles and finish with an action plan of how to get the flights and hotel you want for minimal out of pocket cost.

Now that the first two destinations are oh-so-close to being ready to launch, I wanted to let you guys in on this project.  Later this month the first two destinations to go on sale will be on Hawaii and Orlando.  These books will have information on different methods of earning miles and points, and then very detailed information on using them to get to those respective destinations.  We look at different award chart sweet spots, routing options, availability patterns, aircraft types, hotels pros/cons, and more.  We also look at some of the different big attractions in those locations and have some bonus chapters in each book specific to the various destinations.

Orlando for Nearly Free and Hawaii for Nearly Free

Later this year we hope to have the book on Paris ready to launch, with more to follow in 2015.  E-books are a brand new world to me, so this has already been quite the learning experience, with more learning to follow I’m sure.  Luckily for me, my co-author, Andrea Rotondo, is not new to writing e-books or miles and points.  She is as big of a mileage junkie as I am, so the collaboration was a good match and a bunch of fun.

Free Tools for Joining the Mailing List:

Mommy Point's Beginner's Guide to Earning Nearly Free TravelAs we lead up to the launch of the e-books we have put together a free downloadable 10-step Beginner’s Guide, an Excel based miles and points tracker, “Getting Started” podcast, and more for those who subscribe to our Frequent Flyer Toolkit email list.  We have also set up a new Facebook page and Twitter account for the Frequent Flyer Toolkit project, so be sure to follow along there if you want to be kept up-to-date on the E-books.

Of course I will also post some basic updates on the toolkits here – hopefully even with some special goodies or discounts for you guys as a big thank-you for your support.

If you know some friends, relatives, coworkers, neighbors, enemies (hey, if they are traveling, they are away from you), or anyone who you think could really benefit from a comprehensive guide on earning and using miles and points to get to a specific destination (so they don’t have to keep bothering you!), then please let them know about this series of e-books.

As always, thank you truly for your support, and I look forward to getting the first two books out there very, very soon!


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  1. Great idea, making things easy from 1st time travellers’ perspective to these destination! I’ve focused my travels on Asia, this will definitely be valuable, looking forward to it. Thanks MP!

  2. DJ, thanks and let me know what you think if you get a chance to read one!
    William, thanks – hope it helps some folks speed to their next big trip!

  3. What’s the price for these e-books?

    How is there a testimonial on the website about how great this book is when it’s not even out yet?

    Are you just feeding newbies your CC affiliate links in the e-book for how to earn miles? If so, great, hopefully we won’t have to see so much CC pumping here anymore then. 😉

    • gregorygrady, we have given advanced copies to some people to read and review…including some Mommy Points readers who have emailed in questions on planning trips to Hawaii or Orlando in recent months. There are obviously no credit card affiliate links in the books. There are certainly references to credit cards as that is a crucial component for earning for most of us, but the books go well beyond just earning points.

      The price is still being finalized, but will be in line with similar e-books.

  4. Andrew Doughty’s series of Hawaii guidebooks are probably the best guidebooks in the world. It would be unimaginable to me trying to compete with them — first, you’d have to move to Hawaii and spend years getting to know the place.

    Of course, he doesn’t explain how to get several credit cards and try to get award tickets and free hotel stays, so maybe there’s a niche if folks don’t want to apply the general frequent flyer advice.

    • Iahphx, I agree those are really great. I don’t think this would be competing with that at all. In fact, hopefully a good companion. This will help you actually be able to afford getting there. That will tell you all the great stuff to experience in the various islands. Plus, we have just one book in Hawaii. Others are all on different destinations. 😉

  5. Great idea, MP! I look forward to reading these, and seeing if I can send them to family/friends. If nothing else, they may help them understand what zaniness I’m up to 🙂
    Of course, it may also be helpful to write a book about how to get to grandma’s house during the holidays for almost free, especially if it is preferable staying at a hotel versus with your family.
    Lastly, are you going to write books for various demographics (ie. how to earn points on retirement income, how to maximize points and status for college/entry level young adults and/or lower income families)?

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