IHG Into the Nights Promo Terms Changed in a Bad Way

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Happy Monday morning!  Today that means dealing with an exhausted kid (and mommy) from a busy weekend, getting dressed for school, packing a lunch, and dealing with a changing terms on the IHG Into the Nights promo!  After some debate, I decided to go all-in on this promo recently and have completed four out of five needed nights, including both night Saturday stays.  All I needed was one more stay that I complete and book via the the mobile app to earn my two award nights bonus.

Sounds easy, right?!

Well, it should have been, but after seeing the tweet and post from Miles for Family about how her terms had changed regarding the mobile app requirement I just knew the odds were high that it had happened to me too.

I give you exhibit A, my original set of tasks that includes booking a stay via the mobile app.

IHG Into the Nights

My original IHG promo offer

I now give you exhibit B, today the promo in my account clearly says complete two stays booked via the mobile app.  That is 100% not what it said as recent as at least a week or so ago when I double checked it.

IHG promo changed terms

You may wonder why not just book all of the stays via the mobile app just in case….well, for one I’m not thrilled about having more apps than I really need, but that also means forgoing the cash back I earned on booking the stays by first going through ebates.com, so I only want to do that on the stays that it is 100% necessary.

ebates cash back

An IHG Supervisor reportedly wasn’t willing to honor the original offer for Miles for Family’s husband after she called in, though they did award him 10,000 points as a courtesy.  I have not yet reached out to IHG, but I will today and will report back.  I can say that 10,000 courtesy points won’t cut it since I am already so far in, though I’ll remain hopeful that there is a happy solution for this until proven otherwise.  In the meantime, check your offers to be sure they haven’t changed on you.  Developing….

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  1. This happened to Lucky as well. I just checked my offer and it has not changed. I printed the offer out, just in case, for future reference. But this cannot be legal.. to change the terms of an offer mid way through the offer.

  2. Juno, yeah just saw his post, too. I’m really hoping this is a tech issue and not intentional. Either way, really really hoping they have a reasonable fix. Glad yours didn’t change.

    • Oh by the way, I didn’t get to say Hi in person, as you seemed to be inundated with hordes of fans, and I am sorry for walking out in the middle of your (and Darius) presentation on the Basics. 🙂

      • Juno, you didn’t belong in a beginner presentation so glad you took the advice to not stay if you weren’t a beginner! Wish I could have met you in person!

  3. My offers haven’t change either (still says book 1 stay via the app, everything else is the same). Now I’m hesitant to book in case the terms change. Yes, please report back!

  4. according to flyertalk, some people have to book like 50 stays with the app by the end of the year according to the new terms. I’ve got to think that is a mistake as it is ridiculous. For me, the only change was that I have to book three stays with the app instead of one, which is manageable. But changing the terms after the promo started is disgusting.

  5. This is so messed up! My husband had to book one stay with the app, now it’s three! We already have everything booked, I don’t want to keep changing bookings at this late date. I don’t feel I can trust this promo at all now. What if I complete everything and they change it again! This is crazy!

  6. As a data point, my offers have not changed, though it doesn’t matter as I have decided not to take part in the promo.

    Still, it’s super troubling for a company to just change things in the middle of a promo. I’ve GOT to imagine it’s a glitch

  7. I completed all my 5 requirements (5 nights; 2 online/app bookings; App download + 1 booking; 1 ‘Bonus Points with Breakfast’ booking; 2 Holiday Inn Express nights) by Oct 7th and was credited with all 20,300 Bonus Points on Oct 15th & have option to choose the 2 Free Nights or 29,700 points on the ‘intothenights’ page.
    Last week I was shown an additional offer of 20,000 bonus points for completing 5 of 6 new activities (including a stay between 12/24 & 12/31 and redeeming some points). NOW the offer says I have to complete all 6 activities for those points….
    Not as bad as what you are seeing but still a change of offers….

  8. Mine also changed from 1 to 14 after I had completed everything including applying for the Chase IHG card which I probably would not have otherwise done. They also offered me 10,000 points as compensation. On the other hand, they know they messed up and I bet there are high level meetings at IHG right now trying to figure out how to fix this mess.

  9. I CANNOT believe this! My offer was to book 1 stay via the app. Now it says that I must book 14 stays with the app! One of my tasks was to stay 16 total nights, so I am wondering if this is why mine has increased so drastically? Most of my stays are for business, and I have to book through our company site. I have already booked my stay through the app for next month, so I’m going to call and complain, as surely this is a mistake!

  10. I signed up as a brand new IHG rewards club member, and my offer was for a single book. Thankfully I had already completed the offer to book through the app, so I didn’t see any change. *phew*

  11. My offer changed from book a stay using the app to book 7 stays with the app. I called and they offered me 10,000 points. After an hour on the phone and speaking to the supervisor’s supervisor, they additionally offered to credit me 4 qualifying stays so that I could complete my total stays task, a task I wouldn’t have otherwise completed, and still allows me to complete the promotion. This was a fair outcome for me, but won’t work for everyone.

  12. My offer was book one stay get one free. That was it. Pretty easy. Already had something in mind. After reading this I logged in and found I needed to stay 2 nights to earn one free.

    I called in and they offered me 15,000 pts. compensation.

  13. Hmm, looks like an IHG rep chimed in on flyertalk to say they will honor the original offer for people who already registered.

    • Chrs, indeed. Thank goodness. Of course they also sent out emails to people (myself included) saying they were not honoring the old terms. Crazy stuff. Just put a new post up with the update info.

  14. In my experience, IHG’s big promotions have been run notoriously bad. They are super slow to report tasks as being completed. In the last Big Win, my survey task was marked as complete, but it was not counting into my total offers completed. I cannot tell you how many times I contacted them about this during he promotion, and most of the time I received no reply at all. When I would call, the answer was always that it could take 8 weeks to post. After the promotion ended, I just had to demand that they look into it while I remained on the line. I finally got my points, but it was a painful process, to say the least!

    I think changing the promotion midstream was an incredibly bad decision, even if they did rectify the change for most people. We have a total of 16 stays that we need to complete, and we are halfway through this task. I *think* that I am going to be okay because I did book my 1 stay through their app for travel in November. I would be upset if I was this far into the promotion and then found out that they changed the terms to booking 14 nights on the app.

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