Creating Truly Priceless Family Experiences

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Airline miles can fly you almost anywhere.  Hotel points can get you a place to lay your head.  Dollars can buy you darn near anything, including a ticket into the World Series.  But, no mile, point, or dollar can by itself buy you an amazing memory with your family.  Those you have to get on your own, and they can be much harder to obtain than some miles or points.

I’m so proud of my husband’s family for making a priceless memory together last night at the World Series.  “Priceless” is a word thrown around way more than it probably should be, especially when it comes to sneaky ways to get you to spend more of your money, but sometimes it really is the most accurate word available.

Attending the World Series

At the World Series

If you have a family of your own, you probably know how incredibly unusual it is for two adult children living in different parts of the country to get together with their parents for an evening of just fun.  No spouses, no children, no grandchildren, no funerals to prepare for, no weddings to attend, no holiday event, no birthday party, just the core family of four ready for an evening of fun on a random Tuesday night in October.

The odds of getting four working adults to step out of their everyday lives, board planes, leave their own families, and join together as a nuclear family unit for a night of enjoyment are just so low.  Painfully low.  It-just-doesn’t-happen, low.  I asked my husband when was the last time it was just his family of four together without spouses, girlfriends, kids, etc. and he didn’t know.  He is 40 now, and his best guess was that it was at some point in college.  That’s two decades ago.

Something as simple as an evening out at the ball field with your family of four can become so hard and complicated as the winding path of life takes you all in different directions.  It is easy to say that it shouldn’t have to take your childhood baseball team getting to the World Series to bring you back together for that one magical night under the lights, but sometimes it just does.  Sometimes it takes something special enough to break you out of the routine of the ordinary and into a truly priceless experience.

The Kansas City Royals didn’t play well last night, but based on the conversations and emails I have exchanged with his family, that doesn’t matter.  The special event was the catalyst for the impromptu reunion, but I’d bet my dollars, miles, and points, that the World Series isn’t ultimately what will make last night memorable for the four of them.  Long after the last ball is pitched in this series, the special hours they shared in the stadium together as a family of four will remain.

Miles, points, dollars, flights, and hotels were the logistics that made this all possible, and for that I am thankful, but they aren’t the important stuff.  Those moments together are the important stuff, and I’m so happy for his family that they had that priceless time together.

If this blog never does nothing more for you than push you to create the opportunity for those moments with your family to happen then I’m okay with that.  I’m more than okay with that.  You will treasure those moments more than which type of lie-flat seat was on your flight, the number of square feet in the hotel suite, or the extra stopover you squeezed in on your award ticket.  Use what you learn online about miles and points to create these special moments, but don’t get confused into thinking the travel itself is the special moment.  It’s usually not.  It’s the people you are with.  It’s your family that is priceless.

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  1. What an absolutely precious photo — a real treasure!! I could not be any happier for your family, Summer. Josh’s folks must be over the moon!! I also know someone in NY who grew up in KC and flew back home to attend the game with his father, also a longtime Royals fan. When I told my husband about it, I got all choked up because this is what really matters in life: time with family. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Even without the stipulation that it be without spouses, kids, etc, it happens way too rarely. I see my parents and sisters often (several times a year), but it’s much less often that we are all together at the same time.
    The last time my husband was together with all 3 of his siblings was at our wedding… we are coming up on the 10 year. Again, not that they don’t see each other, but for them all to be together is a rare and special thing.
    Kudos to your husband and his fam for getting together. And well done to the Royals for helping make it happen 🙂

  3. MP,

    Very true,glad to see your family got together to do this! We did the FinalFour down in Dallas this year with my family and it was a blast, miles and points for flights and hotels and it may still be my best travel memory this year!!And we just returned from Oz, New Zealand and Bora Bora for 3 weeks so that is saying a lot– it also helps when your team wins the National championship,and having 2 kids graduate from UConn makes it more special. Really hoping to see KC continue their postseaon run!!

  4. I’m glad they were able to enjoy the game together! It was a rough outing on Tuesday night…..a lot of nerves, pressure, and a tough SF pitcher. But it was the 1st World Series baseball game in that stadium in 29 years. Incredible.

    I was there with a good friend; and we still enjoyed the entire experience. And then yesterday, Wednesday, I was able to go to Game 2 with my wife and my dad. Sharing that experience together with my wife was incredible, but sharing it with my dad, his 1st World Series baseball game, was extra special too. A night to remember forever!

  5. As the one on the right side of the picture, and an obsessively die-hard Royals fan, I couldn’t imagine having so much fun at a game where they lost- but everything Mommypoints described is ABSOLUTELY right. A magical, wonderful, pinch-me-’cause-I-can’t-believe-I’m-truly-here moment and memory. The pic I have saved to my phone is from AFTER the game, and we’re smiling just as big as before. Thank you to Mommypoints for helping make it happen. What a blessing.

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