New Best US Airways Credit Card Offer: 50,000 Mile Sign-Up Bonus (Targeted)

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“Everyone” knows that US Airways is merging with American Airlines.  That means that the US Airways co-branded credit card issued by Barclaycard will cease to take on new applicants at a certain point in the not terribly distant future (in other words, likely months, not years).  I do not know that exact date that will happen, nor am I 100% clear on what will happen to existing US Airways cardholders at that time in terms of what type of card the former US Airways card will become.  However, I am certain that your US Airways miles and American Airlines miles will merge together at some point, so that means that the focus (for me) is on making sure everyone in my family gets the US Airways card while it is still available.  You can already redeem US Airways miles for American Airlines operated flights. 

The public offer for The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® is really pretty decent as it awards 40,000 miles after the first use of the card and payment of the $89 annual fee.  That also gets you a free checked bag, 5k mile discount on awards on US Airways operated flights, and a companion certificate for two guests to fly on a purchased US Airways operated flight with you for $99 each (plus taxes/fees).  You can read more about how to use the Companion Certificate here, but it is actually pretty valuable for family travel.

That offer is certainly good, but there is now one floating around out there via targeted offers that is even better, and that I have never seen before this week.  The targeted offer is for 50,000 US Airways miles upon first purchase and payment of the annual fee!  I had seen targeted offers of 50k miles with a $1,000 spending requirement, but never without the spending requirement.  Getting anything these days without a spending requirement is unusual, but 50,000 miles would be outstanding!

best us airways credit card offer

US Airways 50,000 mile offer photo from @mvanja1

Normally mentioning targeted offers is just like rubbing salt in the wounds of those not included, but I wanted to mention this one because it is new as far as I know, and it seems that Barclaycard is ramping up a (final?) push for US Airways card sign-ups based on reports of increased advertizing in some areas and these bonus offers going out.   I have not received the targeted increased bonus offer myself, nor has anyone in my family, but I would stay on the lookout for the offer and personally I’d apply in a heartbeat if they wanted to send me one.

Have you seen the 50,000 US Airways miles offer available after first purchase and the payment of the annual fee?  Do you plan to get the US Airways card at some point this year?

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  1. My wife received this targeted offer a few weeks ago, applied and was approved. After approval she received another targeted offer in the mail. Do you think I could apply in my name using her new targeted offer code (we both have similar excellent credit scores)?

    • Same thing happened to me. My wife got a targeted offer in the mail. I called the number on the card 866-928-3096 and explained that my wife received the offer and I am applying. The rep said that the offer can be used by the spouse or children. I repeatedly asked and he confirmed the same with confidence. Provided all the details and approved. YAY!!! Hope this helps someone.

  2. Yes, my wife was targeted and we will be taking advantage of it. She has 0 dividend miles currently and never flies US Air anymore so not sure how she was targeted. She is gold on AA. She also signed up for the Citi Exec AA card a few months ago so maybe that got their attention.

  3. I am interested in knowing your strategy for applying for cards. Are you applying every 3-4 mos or are cherry picking the best offers?

  4. I got the offer – don’t know why I was targeted. No status on AA (anymore) or US Air (ever). I haven’t even flown US Air in many years.

  5. When it says “awards 40,000 miles after the first use of the card and payment of the $89 annual fee.” does that mean you have to wait a year for the sign up bonus miles or do they charge the $89 annual fee immediately?

  6. Last spring my wife and I got the personal versions on 40k offers. Does anyone know whether the biz version has ever offered more than the current 25k? The 25k is worth the $89 annual fee – especially if the card is discontinued in 2014. Thoughts???

  7. Hi All. I applied recently for the 40K offer for one last hurrah, and was approved. After reading this post, I PM’d Barclays and I called asking to be switched for the 50K offer. I was denied both times. Well, actually, when I called they told me that if I had the offer # they could apply it to my account, but I wasn’t targeted so don’t have an invitation code. Anyone have any luck who wasn’t targeted?

  8. Thanks MP. I just applied for this card a month back and got approved for 40,000 miles after first purchase. Today I requested a signup bonus match and now got confirmed for 50,000 miles after $1000 spend.

  9. I got the $40,000 card in June. Called yesterday to ask for the match, called 3 times (got the same gal in Maine twice, hours apart!)told me NO, that I received the offer of that specific landing page. The rep said I had to apply for a new card to get the $50,000. (what?) so called the retention dept to cancel (not really) and told her I only wanted the extra 10k. She too said no but said I could get an extra 5,000 retention bonus if I spent $1,000 in the next 3 mos. I told her I had already received a promo that if I spent $750. each of the next 3 mos for 15,000 miles- could I double dip and get both? She said yes, one is promo, one is retention so come Jan- I will get $20,000. (I better!)
    Still thinking about getting a second card. Are they churnable? Hope this helps someone else.

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