Good Prices to Hawaii, Flu Shots Delivered by Uber, and More…

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Thank lower oil prices, an off-peak travel season, better sharing on social media, new routes, or plain old good luck, but we have been seeing some pretty nice airfares recently.  I mean, $99 to London?  Really?  Those great fares on Wow Air are still available today on limited dates for 2015 travel!

IMG_4151.JPGSadly, I haven’t found $99 tickets to Hawaii (yet), but prices are a couple ticks below normal out of various cities, so I wanted to share them in case you have an itch to head west to paradise.    Here is a sampling of what I have seen in terms of round trip prices to Hawaii on United:

Boston – Maui $527

Portland – Maui $415

Houston – Honolulu $673

I searched using ITA Matrix and on using the “flexible date calendar” as that is where I first noticed the advertized the Hawaii sale.

Flu Shots Delivered by Uber Today Only:

If you want to try and stay healthy for your trip to Hawaii, or wherever your travel plans will take you, then check out UberHEALTH as it will be available today, October 23, in Boston, New York and DC from 10 am – 3 pm EST.  Uber users can request this service within their Uber app and upon arrival, you will receive a flu prevention pack and the option to request a flu shot from a registered nurse for up to 10 people – all at no cost.  Flu shots delivered to you for free?  This seems too good to be true, but what a win for busy parents in Boston, New York, and DC!

Flu vaccinations (for ages 4 and up) will be administered by a registered nurse through Passport HealthPager. All consent information and paperwork stays between the recipient and them.  Uber will also donate $5 to the Red Cross to support vaccination efforts for children including its Measles & Rubella Initiative.  If getting a flu shot has been on your family’s “to do” list, then I would absolutely give that a try if I were in one of those towns today.

Uber Free Flu ShotGetting 7,500 Miles for Test Driving Cadillac Getting Easier:

I mentioned this promo already, but initially getting through to the Cadillac Concierge at 844-469-2234 to set-up the Cadillac test drive appointment to earn 7,500 bonus American Airlines miles was taking hours due to very high call volume. Given then the large response, you would think there must be websites on the internet that just talk about miles and points promos all day long or something…  Now that the promo has been going on for a week or so, getting through seems to be much easier.  My husband called today and got through with no delay, though the was told on the phone that they were getting a larger response for this promo than expected.

American Cadillac Promo

A test drive may or may not be worth 7,500 miles to you, but I’m excited there was finally a mileage earning promo that my husband was way more excited about than me!


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  1. Regarding the AA/Cadillac promo, I got registered last week and did my test drive last Friday. I felt really bad for the sales associate at the dealer. When I got there he acknowledged me that I had registered for the AA promo and asked if I was interested to by the car. I said I wasn’t. He asked me to wait couple minutes and left. He came back after a while and told me I was all set and my miles should post in 4-6 weeks. I was surprised and asked about the test drive. He even more surprised asked:”But do you want to test drive the car?”. I responded I wanted to test drive since that was part of the promotion. He looked at me and said I was the first customer that had showed up there for this promotion that was interested in at least see the cars. He said everyone else just wanted the miles. I felt bad for him since I believe this promo is a huge distraction to the dealers and I doubt they will sell one car just because of this promotion.

  2. Santastico, they will sell cars because that’s how promotions work, but I agree at least most people are trying to do the right thing and being up front with the reps to not let them waste their time that could be used making a real sale. I plan on telling them the same thing this weekend. I signed up yesterday and took me about 10 minutes of hold time only.

    • I know there are some (many?) who will do the promo just because of the miles and will never consider purchasing a Cadillac and are basically wasting the dealerships’ time. That just happens with these promos. But, there are also folks who are going 99.9% for the miles, but may actually end up considering a Cadillac for their next car if they like what they see. Heck, there is probably even that .01% that will end up a buying a Cadillac just because they initially went in for the miles. Obviously my stats are totally made up, but you get the idea. I’m not going because I just can’t deal with the idea of a car dealership if I’m not really actively in the car buying market, but my husband loves test driving cars, so he is doing it. He is going because of the miles, but we will be in the car market in the next year, and if he loves something we will certainly at least look at Cadillac when that time comes.

      • Dealerships and car manufacturers do similar promotions all the time: test drive our cars and get something – gift cards, sports tickets, etc. It must be working, since they keep doing it.

  3. @FreeTravelGuys: Yes, maybe I am exaggerating they won’t sell any cars based on this promotion. However, I find hard to believe that someone would put the miles as second priority and go through all the process to schedule a test drive just because they wanted to try the car since they heard for the first time on the promotion. In my case, I would never consider a Cadillac even if it was way cheaper than other cars. It is just not my style. However, I went there for the miles and since I like cars I wanted to test drive it.

  4. Not worth the pain in the butt. I fell for a “timeshare” ploy once from Hilton. Sorry, you can’t pay me enough. I ended up having to tell the salesman off and it ruined one day of my vacay. I’m a really nice person until you irritate me and then you will REGRET pushing me.

  5. Took 5 minutes – when I told the Cadillac salesperson I was more interested in the AA miles than the car he went away and came back with my confirmation saying I had completed the test drive.

  6. Fares to HNL are always around the US$ 535 (or CAD$ 600) mark from Toronto-EWR/IAD/ORD/etc.-HNL, check out ITA.

    Also allows you to fly on the 764 international config fully lie flat biz seats on the EWR/IAD-HNL leg.
    How about a Toronto getaway to start your Hawaii vacation?

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