US Airways Card Awarding Bonus AA Miles After Merger

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Yesterday I posted about The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard and a new pretty great targeted offer that some are receiving.  I also mentioned that I would absolutely get this card soon-ish before the merger with American Airlines, as they will eventually stop accepting new applicants at some point.  I mean, I can’t imagine a future where you continue to issue a US Airways MasterCard when US Airways no longer exists?!  One thing I said I did not know is what would happen to existing cardholders after the merger in terms of what type of card their US Airways MasterCard would become, but today we get a really awesome clue.

An email that went out to some current cardholders, myself included, states that:

With your US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard, you receive 10,000 Dividend Miles every year on the anniversary of your account opening. We’re happy to let you know that once the US Airways and American Airlines loyalty programs combine in 2015, you’ll continue to receive this benefit in the form of 10,000 AAdvantage miles.

So my US Airways card issued by Barclaycard is going to award me bonus American AAdvantage miles after the merger!?  Interesting…

The email goes on to say that:

You will also get a 25% discount on food, beverages, and headset purchases on US Airways and American Airlines flights in the form of a statement credit.  You also will earn 2x miles not only on US Airways purchases, but also on American Airlines purchases.

I haven’t seen them explicitly advertize the version of the card that comes with 10,000 bonus miles at each anniversary in a little while now.  I have had my US Airways card for a a number of years, and it is a version that comes with 10,000 miles each year, which I will happily accept in exchange for the $89 annual fee.  I would love to know if newer card members also got this same email.  I’ll do some digging myself, but this is certainly good news for those wondering what will happen to their card after the merger.

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  1. I applied for this card roughly a year ago and got my 10k anniversary bonus miles just a week ago. After reading this email this morning, I’m quite excited and will certainly renew for at least another year.

  2. Just an fyi too – if you’re thinking of canceling the card due to the annual fee, just give them a call. We’ve had very generous retention offers the last two years that have swayed us to keep the card.

  3. So I received the email about the 10,000 mile anniversary bonus but I have a question. Wouldnt it be smarter for me to cancel my card and just apply for a new US Airways card and get 40,000 miles for $89 rather than 10,000 for $89?

  4. What am I missing here? From what’s been said, it seems to me the current US Airways Barclay Card survives as the new American MasterCard and the Citi AAdvantage MasterCard will disappear. If that’s the likely case, shouldn’t you be applying for the soon to disappear Citi card ASAP?

    • Rich, no, it’s been said that Citi will continue their relationship with AA after the merger (though nothing to say someone shouldn’t be sure to get that card, too, as we saw the United/Continental card become a new product after the merger). What is unique is that it is sounding like the Barclay Card will also survive in it’s own way, at least for existing customers.

  5. Matt– I do not think it is a good idea to cancel the US Airways card with the 10k anniversary bonus as you cannot get this deal anymore. You are essentially buying 10k “AA”miles for $0.089 which is a steal! I envy those who have 2-3 of these cards in their portfolio! You can always try to apply for the current version and not cancel the old card.

  6. Ray – Pls. explain how to get 10K “AA” miles for something a little less than 9 cents.
    As for my previous posting, Citi’s current Platinum AAdvantage credit card offer is 50K after $3000 spend within 3 months. First year free.

    • Ray had a small typo. I think he meant the miles are $0.0089 each. Each mile is less than 1 cent.

      $89 / 10,000 miles = $0.0089 / mile

      My wife and I both got the same email and will be holding onto our cards for a little while longer.

  7. I got the email re: anniversary miles for my card, which I opened in February 2013. My husband’s card was opened in July 2014. He got an email that mentioned the 25% discount on in-flight purchases but it did not mention anniversary miles.

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