Fly Over 1,000 Miles for $32.60

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You probably read this website, at least in large part, because you want to save money on travel.  You probably want to save money on travel, in large part, because airfare is expensive.  It can be expensive, absolutely.  But today I can’t get over how cheap it can be.

Before I get to the cheap part, let’s talk a bit more about the expensive part.  I live in Houston, and believe it or not, that is actually one of the most expensive airports in the country to fly out of based on average ticket price.  If I want to fly somewhere (especially nonstop) I better just expect it to cost an average of just under $500.  Of course, that is not my average ticket price thanks to closely monitoring sales, using miles, etc. but I believe that $500 number to be 100% accurate based on my own experiences.

However, for every $1100 fare purchased, there is someone paying a lot less.  It may just be that $49 one-way Houston – Dallas ticket on Southwest that is bringing down the average when someone spends over a grand on their ticket, but it isn’t always.

Check out these actual one-way prices available as we speak to fly in an airplane nonstop at 36,000 feet. 

Houston – Kansas City $32.60

Houston – Minneapolis $32.60

Houston – Denver $36.59

Houston – Las Vegas $66.59

Houston – Orlando $61.59

Houston – Los Angeles $41.59

Houston – Chicago $41.59

Houston – Detroit $41.59

Houston – New Orleans $32.60

Houston – Atlanta $51.59

You don’t need to be a travel hacker, or a mileage expert, set price alerts, or watch Twitter all day in order to book fares at these prices.  I found all ten of those prices in less than five minutes total, and you absolutely can, too.  You just need to be okay with a small seat and your clothes stuffed in a backpack.

Yes, they are all on Spirit Airlines.  Wait, wait, don’t click off the post just yet, hang in there.

We all know Spirit Airlines has its drawbacks, but maybe we just need to get over most of that.  If you can fly over a thousand miles (IAH-MSP) for thirty-two dollars and sixty cents, then maybe a small seat isn’t that big of a problem.  Heck, if the seat is a total deal-breaker, splurge the extra $40 and get yourself the equivalent of a domestic first class seat via the Spirit Airlines “Big Front Seats”.  My husband did just that this week (on his first Spirit flight) and he didn’t have anything to complain about after the flight other mentioning that there were some nearby crying babies. Trust me, if the experience was truly terrible he would have been a big crying baby himself, and he wasn’t.

Cheap Spirit Flight

I have heard the horror stories about Spirit flights that are cancelled and then folks are stuck somewhere for days.  I recommend just having a stash of other types of airline miles you can use in those situations to get yourself where you need to be on another carrier.  That can protect you much of the time if one of the “Spirit horror stories” happens to you.

Seriously, if you want to travel domestically, don’t care about elite status, can tough out a few hours in a small seat, and don’t want to spend a chunk of your life “travel hacking”, then just fly Spirit.  Forget everything else you have read to this point, and just fly Spirit whenever possible.  Use their calendar when booking flights to quickly spot the cheapest day to fly, and go.

I see these prices and they look like what I might expect a bus ticket to sell for, and yes I do think that Spirit is kind of the “bus of the skies”, but $32.60 to ride on a flying bus is still one-helluva-deal.

Spirit BOGOOh, and if you think that somehow $32 to Kansas City isn’t a good enough deal, then Spirit agrees, and they are offering a Buy One, Get One Free deal to/from Kansas City.

My blog hasn’t been hijacked, I haven’t fallen and hit my head, and I still prefer fancy seats and elite status when possible, but the reality is sometimes the cheapest and easiest way to get from Point A to Point B is truly the best.

Don’t over-complicate things when you and your backpack can fly 1,000 miles for $32.60.

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    • All of us who live here in Cincinnati aren’t surprised that we’re #1! When Delta and Northwest merged, and then gutted the hub operations here, they took out many of the flights, but they’re so big that historically they have just crushed anyone that tried to come in to CVG.

      With Frontier and now Allegiant coming in, hopefully that can start pushing down the fare costs. It would be nice to have Southwest flying out of CVG too…

      • Amen. CVG as the #2 Delta hub was a blessing and a curse. If you or your company could afford the fares, it was great because we had nonstops to most destinations in the eastern US and the big cities in the west, plus 5 cities in Europe. But people got used to driving to DAY, SDF, CMH, IND, or LEX because the fare difference was often $100 -$200 – even on DL which often ironically connected you thru CVG. for a family of 4, that is significant. DL tried to capture some of those drivers with a “Simplifares” tiered price structure that mimicked the LCCs, but they abandoned that approach after about 6 months (and the promised “last minute” $599 RT fare to LAX promptly went back up to over $1K on some flights). Now that we’ve been nearly de-hubbed, some of the LCCs are starting to show up. It would be nice to get Southwest, JetBlue, or Virgin (not sure I’m ready for a Spirit experience) but the airport board has been too busy spending their funding in questionable ways so I’m not holding my breath.

  1. Thks MP. The bad thing is their network is not as extensive as others. I just moved to Seattle so Seatac is the home airport now, and Spirit does not fly here. I am looking beyond 2015 since my wife has SW CP, but after that, we have to find alternates.

  2. I fly out of DTW. Spirit has a hub there. I fly them often. I fly them when I go to Florida for a month. I fly with my backpack containing flight necessities. I put my clothes in my brother’s car when he comes home for Christmas. Its not like I’m going to be needing summer clothes in January.

  3. I think you’re being a bit disingenuous. Those aren’t spirit normal prices only when they have big sales do you see it at that rate.

    • There is no special sale right now to my knowledge. I booked that $32 price to Kansas City a couple weeks ago and it’s still there. Sales would drop them even lower with additional percent off or bogo as mentioned. The key is date flexibility to get the lowest prices.

    • sale or not MP only points out because spirit is well known & cheap so its worth a look. use ur common sense & do ur own homework, dont expect everything to be spoon fed to you.
      bloggers share info &experience, dont expect this to be a “entitled benefit” from ur gov.

  4. Not very many choices left since im already in LA flying back to houston sunday so looking for flights for holidays spirit isnt bad guys just remember to bring a sweater nice and cold, check in online before your flight and pack personal bag with snacks water from the airport and gadgets of entertainment

  5. I bought three tickets for myself and two sons to go on a spring break cruise out of Houston. Everything great for about two weeks, then suddenly they call to say my flight has been changed to the Wednesday prior to our Saturday am scheduled departure. I asked for concessions, a Friday flight with hotel, but would give me nothing. They are insisting there is no plane flying that day but I believe they realized they sold me $19 tickets over spring break.

  6. I really like the magazines I got from them. 🙂 If you get a cheap flight, just don’t expect a ton and it will probably work out. If you absolutely have to get home book a refundable fare on a different airline simultaneously.

  7. If you take a bag NW usually comes out very close. The risk with Spirit is sudden gotcha fees…like a boarding pass etc. Ultimately they have too big a practice of canceling non full flights. I prefer to gamble in Vegas not airports.

    From WAS to Florida and other places Frontier is usually cheaper and marginally less risky.

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